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Sunday. 11.8.09 2:54 pm
listening to: American Names
mood: Unusually inspired
thinking about: This filthy room. Obsessing is more accurate.

Somehow, my mother managed to fight with me about a frozen pizza.
I am significantly bothered. It's understandable, because she's been out of town as of late, that she might be a bit crazier than usual on return. I expected this. Entirely, yes.
Just one more year, I tell myself. One more year and I will be away at college. One more year and I don't necessarily ever have to come home again. Just to visit.

Oh, sweet words.

This neighborhood has kind of morphed with the children. We used to basically have toddlers to middle school kids. Not many kids have been born since that time, so we're all kind of growing up and moving out. It's weird how your neighborhood sometimes follows you in its changes. Instead car pools trudging off to drop kids at their respective schools, there are idiot teenagers zipping around like cats don't cross streets all the time. Kids don't pop around outside as much. Things seems a little bit colder, and I'm considering just living in the country, where there aren't really neighborhoods. Just streets.

Anyway. >.> What's been going on. Er...
Not much.
The biggest things I've been thinking about: goals, SAT scores, and school.
It's a pretty lame mentality. It would be really nice to go back to the time when fleshing out thoughts about life was my "thing." But now it just seems like a weird waste of time. We complicate things so much. We want so terribly to leave our marks on the world.

I just want to make a good living and do everything on my life list (some of the bullets: Ride an elephant. Blow up some sort of fruit by any means necessary. Serenade some as he/she stands on a balcony). That's all I want! And to feel young even when I'm fifty-seven.

The thing about lists is that they keep me sane. They keep me...goal-oriented. I don't honestly know what would happen without my big book of lists.

Probably go crazy.

Anyone else just have something that keeps him or her sane? It seems like we all cling to something for sanity.

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Best Reaction Ever
Friday. 10.9.09 9:28 pm

Me: "...Today was my mom's birthday..."

Steigen: "How old is she?"

Me: "Fifty-six."


Happiness happens.

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Sunday. 9.20.09 8:48 pm

There's this new club at our school called the Gay-Straight Alliance Club.

Can you see where this would be a problem?

And I think my psychology teacher has a point when he asks about the purpose of a club like that. What is it going to help, when the only people who go already accept different sexualities? That IS who it's advertised to, and homophobes won't even go near the club. So all the club does is solidify the acceptance. It doesn't add to the numbers.

Why are people so afraid?

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My blog is messed up, right now.
Monday. 9.14.09 9:59 pm
So I shall draw attention to it, obviously.

Nah, just posting this in case anyone comments back and sees a MESS. I'm going to work with the HTML soon enough to make it fit my needs...

Just, right now, I need to do SOME work.


Hey, if you're reading this, tell me one thing that you look forward to. It can be anything--something new that you're going to get to try, something general...even something you do every day that you love. Especially something you do every day.

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