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Here's the Thing
Friday. 7.20.07 7:37 pm


I really, really like NuTang, right? It's a good place to hang out where not a lot of people I know will find me, away from the hustle and bustle of crappy MySpace and such.
But I really love xanga.
I KNOW! A traitor am I. The most treacherous or the sort, to fully admit it.

And yet there is a problem with xanga.

I cannot stop writing blogs, there. In the past four days, I have written close to twenty.

It is horrifying.

So, in my news...I guess I'm happy. Or, content, at least. I've been talking a lot to Seth; he admitted that he likes me, and I actually kind of think I like him. I think I'd still prefer to just be friends, as tense as that may get, at times. I just don't want this to develop into something bad that might hurt us, in the long run. I'm sick of that crap.
So that makes me pretty sure that I'm only going for people I'm sure about, from now on.

Otherwise...it's been quiet, around here. Mike, my brother, came back and is living with us for a while, which I don't mind, because he's usually pretty quiet, other than his jerkier moments.
He does tend to obsess over technology. Today, he couldn't find a wireless connection in our house, so he wandered around the downstairs, staring at his DS for any sight of a signal.
It was funny, seeing him pass back and forth through the hallways.

He finally gave up and took my internet connection and modified it.


Ugh, so tired.


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Tuesday. 7.10.07 7:20 pm


I love life.

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Monday. 7.9.07 4:57 am

I never expected to actually miss being in China. I mean, all those times I complained about not wanting to go? Absolutely how I felt, right up until I entered the country. And then there was energy. I suddenly had an ambition to be there, a need to live like the locals lived, to really understand the language.

And so I guess it's not so crazy that I teared up a little, that last day, when I was folding clothes and looking out the big hotel window. I was leaving a place, possibly permanently, that I love.

But now I'm home.

I'm not so horribly thrilled to be back. Only a few select people brought me back across the border without a struggle. They may know who they are, they may not Some, I have to doubt have any idea.

Tiredness is taking over my body, again. It's five in the morning, and I was planning on just dealing with the rest of the day, by now. But NOOOOOOO.

Stupid sleep cycle. dwslfjkasdjfa.

I miss China.


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Tuesday. 7.3.07 10:32 pm

I just realized how ironic it is that people on MySpace have WHO LOVES GOD? lists going around.


I sit here, bored stiff, wondering if anyone will save me any time soon. I have been led to believe that they will not, since it's the later PMs, where I live.


A message.

From Sean.

I laugh heartily at Stevie.

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