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Sunday. 3.14.10 7:34 pm
Running is starting to become a sort of sanctuary. I started this whole running schedule hoping to just improve my lung function (to help with my asthma) and build muscles (because being a teenager with arthritis spells "suck-ass old age issues" to me), but it's become more than that, I think. I'm excited to get up and run. I'm sad when it's a resting day.

Plus, all these endorphins are making me laugh more at lunch. :] Plus (!!!!!), I've noticed a change in my friends because of that change in myself! How awesome that we can all sit there and laugh with each other. Meg even told me I was becoming a fatty and I didn't get all hurt deep inside. That's a good sort of trust, to know that it just means I'm eating more (because before I ate a snack after school and dinner. I'm not a hungry person naturally).


Speaking of Meg, I should probably tell you what she did:

She applied to Harvard. She was accepted. And...she turned them down.


She says she just wanted to see if she could get in.

We're ambiguous people.

[EDIT 2:15AM]

I just started crying a little when I found the answer I thought would destroy my entire portfolio in the older, crappy version I slapped together in one lunch period. Of all the things I got right in that paper, I did not expect this to be one of them. Hallelujah.

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Friday. 3.5.10 12:31 am

I tell myself, I know you're tired, but you can't give up now.

I'm invested.

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Sunday. 2.28.10 11:43 pm
I'm awake at 11:43PM.

And 11:56PM.

And 12:34AM.

Meh, whatever. I did miss talking with Jason. It's been almost a year since we met, and I think the last time we really talked was in...June?

Maybe earlier?

Either way, it's nice, just talking with someone who constantly talks back.

Speaking of lost connections, I had lunch with Brutaly today, and it was a pretty darn good time! We took pictures, ate food...like old times, but different. It took a while to warm up. That's expected, though, when you're kind of almost re-meeting someone.

I don't know, it was weird! I'm sure some of you guys can relate.

I have to admit...things are so much better than I could have imagined, months ago. I feel purified. I feel like I'm ready to take life on.

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Wednesday. 2.24.10 9:41 pm

I have to start prom dress shopping. The whole ordeal is up there on my list of things I hate, right between People Who Walk Too Slowly In Front of Me, and People Who Talk A Lot When I'm Trying to Learn in Class.

Not fun.

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