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Random Thought.
Wednesday. 11.12.08 10:28 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Friends Who Visit the Beach Often:
Thursday. 11.6.08 7:54 pm


I have so many shells, and I don't know what to DO with them. They're not edible. They're not pencils or paper or anything useful. They're too TINY to use as decorations...!

So stop! Stop bringing me useless things! If you care about me, bring back a towel, or a necklace...anything! I don't care if you bring me back seagull, as long as I have some USE for it! (As a side note, imagining what I could use a seagull for is both rewarding and, at times, horrifically perverse.)

I'm trying to clean my room! Come on! Come back, and take these monstrosities AWAY, and YOU try to find a place for them.

JUST TRY. Because I think it would be really, really entertaining, to watch you try to place these tiny little useless creations somewhere in a large expanse of space.

Pretty? Yes, they're just awesome.

But they have no use.

If you're one of those friends, I would like you to know that you're making my life hell, right now.


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Sunday. 11.2.08 7:00 pm
I had one last night, with Steigenator. It was a pretty good time. :J (yourcupoftea and middaymoon were there, too. Brutaly wasn't because she had to work. We'll get more in-depth with all this, later.)

First of all, it was a really fun party. I'd borrowed Britney's iPod for music to dance to, but it turned out that no one did, in fact, dance. Not a lot, at least. Most of us just played pool, talked, ate, and had fun. Some cuddled. Ahem.

Sarah came. I talked about her a long time ago as an agitated lizard? Yeah same girl. She was happy to not really have to wear a mask. I was slightly soured by this, since she whined forever about having to wear one, and that just...irked me, since it's all fun and games.

And then I was happy with her, compared to her older brother, who came in as a member of the KKK (except in red because that's his graduation gown).


But the rest of the night was great. Kevin acted like a five-year-old, near the end, which meant he was having fun. It was...interesting, haha. I made a new friend. His name is Drew, and I don't think we'll talk ever again. I played pool a lot. I lost an old hat, but I got a cupcake and some extra time with Mr. Boyfriend Pants.

And generally, it was just like a gathering of people. Not a party in it's connotated form--that is, loud music and grinding--but just people talking and having fun together.

So good. I'm glad.

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You want sme candy? Do you? NO. Ugh.
Friday. 10.31.08 10:18 pm

Some kids need to learn some damn manners.

Halloween, of course. I was the one to hand out candy, since I'd gotten sick from some bad banana fritters earlier that day and got to come home early from school. When I get out of school early, I owe not only my teachers but my parents.

Thus, candy handing outage.

And I swear. First of all, the girls were WAY more polite. Something's wrong with parents, these days, if it's that clear to a teenager. And then kids put their hands all over the candy...where were the parents to put down the iron fist? At the bottom of the yard.

I have a pretty big yard.

It was just...stupid.

Though I have to say, the Minnie Mouse girl, Tinkerbell, and two pirate twins were totally the bomb. The parents (YES THERE WERE PARENTS AT THE DOOR WITH THEM WHOA) of the two pirates were like, And what do pirates say?

I was generally pleased. The kids were all, "Aargh..."

And I smiled and said, "YARGH."

And they looked at me like they'd just pissed themselves with pleasure.

Agh, some kids are so cute.

The bad and the good. :J

Let's say something in pirate to Kevin and see what he does.

10:38 start!

Result: generally unresponsive. Researcher was also slapped in the process.

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