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The Water Bottle Incident.
Wednesday. 4.29.09 9:40 pm

So, there's this guy I met a couple months ago. Very nice, very chill, good conversation.

Well, I get nervous around him. He's...English-oriented. Which automatically makes me care.

And, today, Chelsea gave me her psychology group so my group could do more testing. Kayla and I waited patiently outside the door to the class we were testing, and I scanned the hallway for people I could know.

Out of the stairway comes aforementioned male specimen.

In my surprise, I confirm that he's in the class--completely shocked and stupefied beyond repair--then go to cover my mouth because I do that. Self-conscious habit I picked up as a kid.

Unfortunately, I was holding a bottle of water.

Not only did I drop the bottle of water (the lid was on securely, thank goodness). Oh, no. I couldn't stop there. I also have a habit where I yell and FLAIL if I drop something.

...This poor guy comes up to me smiling, just as nice as can be, ready to make a perfectly-formed quip, and everything in my vicinity--including myself--basically EXPLODES.

You're really welcoming, Katie.

Kayla was there beside me to comfort me, though. She laughed hysterically for about a minute. I then decided to go upstairs and check into class, then came back downstairs...

She was still laughing.

She actually continued laughing and making fun of me for quite a while afterward.

...Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure she'll never let me live it down.

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The Eight-Dollar Bra.
Saturday. 4.25.09 11:52 pm

So, they had this thing, back in March, where you got a gift card with a mystery amount on it, if you bought something at Victoria's Secret. The amount was between ten, fifty, a hundred, and five hundred dollars.

I get up to the register, today, with a $58 bra, prepared to pay the full amount for such a beautiful and flattering specimen (I only get one about every 2-3 years, so. It's worth it). I give her the gift card first, and she says in quick English that we'll see what it comes out to be. I tell Meagan that it HAS to be $10.



I'm not going to be thoughtful in this blog! No sir! Because this was a big deal, for me! AAAHHH!

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Sunday. 4.19.09 9:25 pm

You know what's funny?

I've always hated tomatoes, and then I decided to go vegetarian. Suddenly, tomatoes are the most delicious, tempting things on the whole planet. I put them in my pizzas, pastas, salads--whatever. And they're so gooood.

MMMMM, Roma tomatoes on my mozzarella, homemade pizza... YUMMY, tomatoes in my spinach and cheese pasta...

And, right after my birthday, I'm going vegan (and getting that long-awaited lip ring, Mum's approved it), so who knows what'll happen, then?

I'll probably start liking asparagus! Ew but yum!

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Thursday. 4.9.09 9:26 pm

I'm pretty tired of being sorry for things that I'm not sorry for.

So I'm going to stop being sorry unless I really am.

It's time to get honest.

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