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Wednesday. 12.30.10 12:09 am





Now you can read the rest. >>>

I'm only leaving a tidbit of what I wrote from a dream I had:

I said, as though my eyes were seeing for the first time, "Look at them--thousands of stars..." He was wordless, his hands on the wheel. Somehow I knew that I was in love with him.

It was summer, and the trees were moving in the wind. I only remember that feeling--that serenity, that utter freedom--from my childhood. Those years were the only I'd watched trees like that.

Love is new. I'm a strong believer that we become our childhood selves when we fall in love, dropping into our old innocent ways, catching fireflies and watching the sky like life will go on forever, and the stars only for a moment. We sit in the yard aimlessly. We read together in the grass, comfortably placed on one another.

We feel compelled to make plans, not grand gestures.

There's just something about that place.

I have work tomorrow. This time, I have my Kindle to keep me company. Glory hallelujah. All those free books on amazon are going to keep me company when customers so refuse.

Is there anything else?




Oh right. Hey, guess what happened once I got money for Christmas?


A new one is in the woodwork. There goes ALL the gift money.


So yeah, if you see me on here, it might be on the Kindle wireless.

Le suck.

Okayso. Let's review. Wish midday a happy birfday (DO IT), I have lucid dreams, I'm semi looking forward to work tomorrow, and my luck kind of blows sometimes.

<3<3 Unicornasaurus

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holly jolly desk lamp
Sunday. 12.26.10 1:46 pm


This seems to be the Christmas entry.

First off, this was the first Christmas in a VERY long time that it snowed, in my town. People are really excited.

I was just telling one of midday's friends how much I hate those statuses telling me that there's snow, and how I always get the urge to respond with some angry, scathing comment.


It's pretty, though. Would be prettier if I weren't supposed to drive in it.

This is why I'm convinced that adulthood kills beautiful things.

Psychologists say that gift-giving is typically something healthy and necessary to establish and maintain proper relationships with others. I'm not terribly materialistic, but this Christmas, I did start to understand what they meant.

But, I am a strong believer in doing away with Christmas gift-giving, and putting more emphasis on random giving throughout the year.

As long as it's here, it does feel nice to find that one thing that you know someone will love.

As for receiving...I was given a natural spectrum desk lamp, two gift cards, cash, a Kindle, and this chair base with this cushion.

It's seriously probably the most comfortable thing I have ever placed my ass on. I curled up in it, yesterday, and took the most glorious of naps. It really WAS like having a giant teddy bear hugging me.

Anyway, it's time to continue the holiday thing. inhuman and I are heading out to do some shopping in a bit, and then I'm going to--oh my gosh my dad just got me to eat a cheeseburger Dorito, and it tasted like a mushroom veggie burger with some garlic powder.

...And then I'm going to see Harry Potter with my brother and maybe my mom, because we have yet to see it.


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boo at people who stop responding on IM randomly.
Thursday. 12.23.10 12:36 am

So, I found myself, last night, in a peculiar circumstance.

Which I will proceed to outline VERY briefly.

Big fight, packed up, got my stuff outside into the fenced-in yard. New locks meant I had no idea how to get out, so I pulled my car up to the house, and then the doors were locked on me.

Problem: Some of my things are still in the fenced-in area. Bigger problem: They're still in there because they were too fragile to drop over the fence.

So I have to break back into the back yard by climbing a chain link fence. Then, I climb up the fence with my hands full of fragile things so I can lean over the fence and place them on the ground. THEN, once that's over, I climb back over the fence, load the car, and make my escape.

Going, going, gone. I've never climbed a fence like that, I've never just left. I'm one of those people who won't abandon people easily.

Yet there I was, abandoning ship. It felt good. They always say that people in unhealthy relationships don't realize they're unhealthy until they get out. Not always true. Sometimes you just try so long to prove that you'll never stop trying, that it ends up being all you have. To prove that you aren't an abandoner. Sort of like playing Chicken.

I went to the big mall, tonight, with friends. The main goal was to see Santa. We did indeed. I fought it vehemently, but Ethan kept fighting me forward. He has more muscle than I do, but I'm way quicker than he is.

The only reason he won is because, when people rub my back, it's like putting a bag over an ostrich's head. He doesn't know this, nor can he ever.

Sarah was in a mood, tonight, so everything was kind of tense and crazy. Not with her, but just the vibe in general. It felt like a bomb was going to go off. The people I work with say that I'm level-headed...they haven't met Meagan. She was cool as a cucumber through the whole ordeal.

Which reminds me.

Something apparently impressed my boss, the other day, and I still have no idea what I did. She told my mom that I did something or other, but...I really don't know what.

I've been working there all week. If I'd started working on Monday instead of Sunday and was ending Friday instead of tomorrow, this would have been a forty-hour week. Instead it's probably like a thirty-something-hour.




Generally...a weird week.

Would you rather get a gift that you said you wanted, or a gift that's equally useful but NOT what you asked for?

I personally kind of like the surprise of getting something I didn't think to ask for. Otherwise, it's like shopping for myself.

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I am such a CATch.
Tuesday. 12.14.10 11:03 pm

There's this giant, blue paper-covered present sitting on my couch.

My best friend is going to pee herself when she sees it.

So, four o' clock hit like a freight train, today. My boss put me at the museum on both the front desk and the store, which was fine, because most of the day we had volunteers in the store.

Unfortunately, volunteers don't know how to close, and the last one left at 4.

There I went, planning to close the store first, because the front desk works on a different system and it isn't so easy to check new people in once you've closed.

But wait! The front desk system isn't even cooperating with me! Oh no! So I asked my mom in finance about it, and she was like, Okay I guess you can just do what you think is best.

Because I worked at the OTHER site's front desk, and they do it the old-fashioned way because certain aspects don't work there. Something about printing.

Anyway, that problem was sort of solved, but I just know it'll be a headache for people tomorrow. I felt bad, except then I remembered that I'm not the computer and that IT should feel bad for its misdeeds. Onto the store.

And so I went! I had to close the cash register again and again to go places because leaving an open register is asking for it, with the lack of people around.

We have a print a summary of all transactions, then just the credit/debit card transactions from a different machine. Well. The card machine was about a thousand dollars off, which, luckily, would be a problem for FINANCE! Yay for having a mother in an especially useful (for me) department.

So she helped me figure it out. And then we had a late purchase, so I did it all over again. And then I realized that I had no idea where we kept our start-up cash, so I did like at the other store.

All in all, with the lights, locks, and clean-up, it took me until 5:10 to get out of there.

It was a good, healthy test of my abilities, as far as the task-juggling went. I haven't felt that thrilled since I worked on the magazine.

I'm a business junkie.

It's bothersome, when people get me thinking about the future. It always looks so beautiful.

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