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the money monster
Friday. 2.18.11 12:18 pm

Maybe it's just me, but when I hear someone say he didn't get to have "his" coffee/tea/cappuccino/latte/mochafrap with soy and is therefore not feeling up to par, I snort and disqualify him from my list of potential suitors.


So. A lot has happened since I last updated, which is pretty normal.

I just don't feel like typing everything up. And anyway, ideas are infinitely more interesting than personal affairs.

OOH. I did order a cover for my Kindle, though. It probably isn't the best, but I'm a college student and my money is my freedom to travel as I wish. Things honestly aren't that important, but I have a Kindle (Kindles are somewhat delicate and my brother has already cracked the screen in his), and I want to take that Kindle with me. If I see Thailand, it sees Thailand.

It's usually too hard to sleep on planes, anyway (I'm saving up for first class, next time I fly. It makes a difference when you're going eighteen hours). Books come in handy.

The only problem is that most (good) covers cost $40-$50.

There have been some complaints on the one I ordered, but it only cost me twenty-five bucks, and it looks as though it's portable and functional enough to fit my basic needs.

So, awesome!

Now I think I'm going to take the long route to the library with my windows down. Anything by Ayn Rand (with maybe two exceptions) costs big time as far as e-books go, but the library is always free (as long as you turn your books in on time, which I think last time I didn't. HELLO FEES, HERE I COME)!

And then I'll go cash this check. It's been staring at me for a good month, now, but sitting on that type of money freaks me out.

Ugh. Scary giant checks.


(I ended up talking about personal affairs. C'est la vie, non?)

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Tuesday. 2.8.11 6:39 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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they also eat carrots. I hate carrots.
Sunday. 2.6.11 10:27 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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grilled. cheese. sandwiches.
Thursday. 2.3.11 6:33 pm

My computer sciences professor made a mistake, today.

She assigned a project where we need to talk about ourselves.

Relatively, I'm a pretty private person. I'm willing to share my thoughts and my opinions pretty openly, but facts about myself?


So, I'm typing up a page full of bullshit. Blatant bullshit.

It's about grilled cheese sandwiches.

AWESOME MONTH. Now it's February, and I'm all GHWKGKKJFE stressed, right now, but I just defeated the Chemistry Quiz and Math Test monsters. They begged for mercy; I SHOWED THEM NONE.

Economics test? 25% of my grade? Yeah? Really?


Also ooh ooh also.

I've been getting migraines way more often for the past month and a half because I ran out of pills and needed to wait until the new health thing (my dad got a new health thing) was in place. So I called it in and they were all, YEAH GOTTA ASK YOUR DOCTOR.

And I was like, Okay, small inconvenience, CALLCALLCALL.

The nurse proceeded to tell me that I hadn't been in for two years and that I am basically going to burn in Hell.


Not really the last part. But I get to wait another month to go in and get that prescription renewed.


Okay. -sigh-

Finished my elaborate code and am going to watch Jeopardy with Mom so I can know infinite things.

I coded neatly, but I wish my computer sciences instructor luck going through all that, nonetheless.

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