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Thursday. 3.1.12 1:05 am

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caps lock cruise control
Monday. 2.27.12 2:48 am

I laughed out loud when I realized what I was singing, today (this song). So appropriate for everyday use.

I'm the only person I know who works two jobs and has a pre-health concentration added to her psych major...

It was only recently that I realized that there's a reason for this.

It's been an adjustment. I still don't think that I have a huge amount of free time, but I have been finding an hour or so every day that I can use for my own enjoyment. And then on weekends, I can maximize my time by spending time with friends during the dead hours of the night/morning! It can be done! I can still have friends!

Oh, one last thing; some (most) of my friends, down here, keep talking to me about all the great times they had drinking/doing other recreational naughty naughty things.

Hey, guess what?!



If you have to qualify ANY story with, "You had to be there/drunk/otherwise inebriated to think it was funny/awesome/fun..." IT'S NOT A GOOD STORY. It's like saying, "Hey, I didn't invite you out, so let me tell you what a boring time we had, then tell you that you just don't understand how fun it was because you weren't there."


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lots of words then yelling then parenthetical happiness
Wednesday. 2.22.12 12:52 am

Funny I should mention that particular shirt, in the last entry.

My life is really busy. I have two jobs, I volunteer once a week, and I'm taking on eighteen hours per semester...and that still probably isn't enough to get me out of undergrad on time. I'm constantly learning one semester ahead so that, when it starts to get really, really hard, I at least have some sort of knowledge basis. My tumblr dashboard is composed of a couple of friends' pages and several medical tumblr pages, with sketches of tendons, bones, and vessels, and links to old medical books about malformed hearts and other oddities (which I download and consume on a regular basis). I read psychology magazines in my spare time, and probably average five hours per night on sleep. I work out two hours, six days per week, and love to read Japanese literature, as of late.



(Point being?)

The point of all this, my dears, is that I don't have a terribly large amount of time for...well...people. So I kind of wish that there was this awesome type of relationship where I could NOT talk to the guy for weeks--sometimes months--and still come right back to where we left off. THAT, for some reason, IS MY IDEAL.

...Probably because it always works for me! I wander back when I need the extra cuddling and romance...then I wander away again! Very easy concept, don't understand why barely anyone else wants this. Of course there are conversations in between, but I just don't...NEED more than that.

Sure, okay, fine, the idea of coming home each night and crawling into bed with someone else is...nice-sounding. It sounds nice. Nice it sounds, as Yoda would say. But just...

I feel so limited in my own ability to go out into the world, when I have someone else attached to me. I hardly enjoyed Italy at all, when I went, because I was in a relationship with someone and was constantly worrying about his feelings and keeping in touch with him. I hardly enjoy conversations with the same person, if they're so regular, too...it doesn't matter who it is. I see their patterns of speech and start to expect the responses, and it just drives me to insanity, after a while (the problem with a photographic memory--if our main mode of communication is text, I remember everything they've ever sent, and statistics start to reveal themselves; it even bothers me to read my own writing).

So either someone needs to learn to keep up with me and kind of come and go as he pleases, too, or I need to learn to deal with anchors on this particular boat.

--Because, let's be honest, I'm out at sea in every sense of the phrase.

--Just...now is not the time for any sort of emotional connections. Now is not the time to start having feelings. The time now is not.


(I told my dad I declared psychology with a pre-health major, tonight, everyone, and he surprised me. His whole face lit up. He and I talked for hours about the medical field and psychology/psychiatry as they are today. I'm so thrilled.)

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Monday. 2.13.12 1:31 am

"You can't come back expecting people to be the same as you left them," I told him, my left hand playing with the collar of his blue button-down. In his state, he didn't realize the darkness of my statement. On the surface, we were both talking about my lack of expectation, coming back to him; beneath, I was excusing myself from the changes he'd failed to notice in me.

I was told that I was "just glowing," tonight.

There were a few weeks when I was a wreck. No one knew how to help me, which really sucked, because I did need to be fixed.

(It wasn't over a certain person, in case anyone out there reading this is someone I know personally. That was 1) an expected and quite planned explosion, and 2) easy to get past, since I wasn't attached (regrettably, perhaps).)

(But I was kind of sad, for a couple of days, over that particularly.)

I had a small support system, mostly consisting of a fairly new friend--Ben--who knew just what to say and how to react. I don't know what I would have done, had he not been ten minutes away. We're very platonic, but do end up inevitably spending a lot of time together.

So he spent a lot of time talking some sanity back into me.

--Also, he introduced me to a really good grilled cheese sandwich vendor.

Anyway. The point, here, is that I ended up pulling myself back over the edge of this giant, crazy cliff, albeit not without a good amount of help. I think the thing that really did it was realizing that I owned my life and my actions. It's a big responsibility, but at the same time very empowering.

Being so low, too, made me really see the good in little victories and moments. I stopped being so scared to try at things, which is how I beat my personal running record and started using the weight machines as much as any guy in the gym. If I keep going as much as I have been, I'll have a six pack by junior year.

A visible one.

On that same thread, I stopped expecting immediate results. Something about leaving facebook, instant messaging, and most texting made me expect a lot less to come instantly and without effort. (I write my close friends letters, now, and sometimes we talk on the phone for a few hours. It makes me feel much closer to them.) Now, I notice the slight increase in the firmness of my calves, and that's a huge victory. Even the ache in my upper back is a promising result. Nothing comes overnight--which is something I knew, on the surface, but never took to heart.

It's a shame that it took so long, but I'm just so excited for my day, tomorrow, even though it's going to be the most insane, busy day I've had all year. I still feel like a kid waiting for Santa, because I'm excited to see it all pay off, in a few weeks, whether it be through a paycheck (I'm currently working two jobs) or a good grade. I'm also very, very excited to go exercise, after getting off from my second shift.

I'm completely broke, and it doesn't matter at all.

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