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Sunday. 4.22.07 10:13 pm
So I bought this weeks issue of Time magazine, so i could save it. I don't like taking pictures, I figure if I want to remember something, I shouldn't need pictures to do it.

At the same time, I don't think I'd want to remember the "massacre", as the media calls it.

Yes, I'd like to remember the people. I don't care to remember the circumstances, or the media coverage, or any of those awful things. :/

Back to my issue of Time. Firstly, The Great Satan (aka Wal-Mart), had them scattered about in a large box. That's an issue to take up with TGS, and not Time.

My issue with Time is that on page 55, there is a picture of Cho. Yes, everyone is pissed that Cho is "getting what he wanted", and that the media shouldn't be showing these pictures.

The problem I have with this picture?

It's blown up to take up THE WHOLE DAMN PAGE, so it's like he's shooting the gun at you! What kind of crap is that???

It's disgusting.

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Friday. 4.20.07 12:43 pm
I've called Mas, to see how she was doing... she hasn't called back. :/ I'd like to go to Max's funeral.

Anyway, taking a break from being ... blah, I'm going to make a post about the cake.

I went to make Dave a cake for his birthday.

I found a mixer, I was happy! Then I found the beaters!

Doubly happy!

The bowl... gotta find the bowl. Jason had used it for popcorn, and hadn't cleaned it out... Grrr.

So I cleaned it out. Perfect!

One cake-making, underway.

I turn on the mixer... the beaters get stuck, because they're broken. T.T

I try again. And again. Dave comes by, sees me flailing and failing at cake-making, and grabs his drill. He puts the beater in, and we use the drill to beat the cake.

Engineering FTW.

So after we've beaten the cake, I pour it into the shiny clean cake pan. It looked a bit thin, but I figured it would rise.

Apparently not, the cake pan was just too big. It looked 9x13, I guess it was more like 9x17.

I ended up with a cake that was no more than an inch thick.

So I put frosting on it, and wrote on it with the icing, and then I put the candles on it.

There were 8 of those no-go-out candles... I didn't know they sparked as well... :O

Oh well, cake-making was fun, and cake-eating was tasty.

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A Note to the Media, Concerning Virginia Tech:
Tuesday. 4.17.07 9:07 pm
Note: I've mirrored this post here. If you have any problems commenting, please comment there.

I noticed your presence at the student-led vigil this evening. Well, I noticed two of your stooges. I don't know who they were, but they were cameramen.

I was a bit disgusted when people began taking pictures during the moment of silence. Not just the media, but even the students. However, that's not the point of this post.

A girl broke down crying, she was sobbing, as if she knew at least one of the dead. I don't know if she did, if she didn't or who she even was, but for more than one of you to come and try to film her is sickening.

We moved to stop you, and you kept trying.

Well here's something about us. We're persistent too. For you to try to take advantage of one of us at such a time is DISGUSTING. Especially when students have made it known that your presence in such a situation is NOT wanted.

Not only did you get snippy with us, you wouldn't go away. One of use came up to your lens, and started singing. You STILL wouldn't go away. It wasn't until we started a small mob, and moved between your camera and the girl that you gave up. Even after our first movement, you wouldn't go away, and we had to FOLLOW YOU AROUND!

How can you be such a jackass, so inconsiderate, all so you can "get the scoop"?

You weren't the only person to do this. Thankfully, the second guy was short, so it was easier to block his assholiness.

Both of you need to be fired from your positions for being so rude, callous, disrespectful, and inconsiderate of us during such a trying time.

The world knows we mourn. They know we are upset, and they know that we hurt. In the meanwhile, keep your damn cameras out of our faces unless we're okay with it.

Filming a girl crying while her back is to you is low. I don't care that we're in public. I don't care that you've got an almighty press pass.

What the both of you did was WRONG, and I hope you both lose your job. I hope your editors see your footage of us moving to intercept you, I hope they realize that you're an asshole, and I hope and pray that you get it through your heads that it is nowhere near appropriate to act in the manner that you did.

In the future, when you "do your job" to "get the scoop" so you can have footage that someone else doesn't, please, please, PLEASE, be more mindful of what you're doing.

Also, a note to Metro.co.uk:

Titling a story "The girl who led to massacre" is WRONG. I don't care that she's dead and can't contest it. Her family is still alive, and I'm very certain they miss her dearly. I can't believe that such a thing would be said, even if she may have been (in)directly involved in the events that followed. It is in no way her fault that the guy she broke up with (or is rumored to have done so) snapped.

"This is the face of the teenage student who may have sparked the biggest gun massacre in US history." THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FROM ANY MEDIA OUTLET.
(Note: They've changed the title, but the opening sentence is still the same)

Dateline, you are horrible. I don't know if this is actually true, but given how the rest of the media has acted, as well as Dateline's style of reporting, I would NOT put it past them.

Tokyo Broadcasting system, you are horrible. (For those who don't have Facebook, it's a TBS reporter looking for friends of Cho.)

It's going to be pretty hard for healing to start if the media won't go stop harassing students in their time of mourning.

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A sad note.
Monday. 4.16.07 11:16 pm
As most of NuTang knows, I go to Virginia Tech.

My friend was in one of the classes of people that got shot.

She didn't make it.

I'll miss you, Max.

33 people out of over 25000. That's barely one tenth of a percent.

I don't know any of the other people that are dead, but I'm sure their friends and family feel just as crappy as I do.

.1%. In dollars, that wouldn't even be a penny. But 33 people is still such a large number.

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OH NO!!!! How fucked up is this?
Monday. 4.16.07 10:10 am
There's a gunman loose on campus..


I'm not on campus.... Hope everyone on campus is ok.

Hope shooter-person doesn't go into any buildings where I know anyone...

Subj: Shooting on Campus
A shooting incident occurred at West Amber Johnston earlier this morning. Police are on the scene and are investigating.

The university community is urged to be cautious and are asked to contact Virginia Tech Police if you observe anything suspicious or with information on the case. Contact Virginia Tech Police at 231-6411

Stay attuned to the www.vt.edu. We will post as soon as we have more information.
Subj: PLease stay put

A gunman is loose on campus. Stay in buildings until further notice. Stay away from all windows

There's a newscaster on the drillfield... shouldn't she be... inside???? o.O

Dave says that teh fuzz were cursing at people...

Yay Dave! He came back! *does a jig*

Holy shit! They're driving around the town on a loudspeaker! Insane!

We made CNN! Oh us.

I need to go hear what the loudspeaker actually says... it's pretty ominous. They say stay away from windows, but I went near a window just to hear it!


Someone got killed... :/ poor person.

Yeah! Today's exam was canceled!
Dear all,

I just received email about gunman on campus. Today's exam will be canceled. Please stay secure and safe.


Dad is grumbly at me being at Dave's... I told him it would be a waste of 6000 dollars for me to be on campus, dead, than it would for me to be off campus, alive, regardless of the test I'm studying for.

According to the local news, this started at 7am.

We got notified at 9.29 am that there was a shooting.
We got notified at 9.54 that there was a gunman loose on campus.
We got notifed at 10.30 that class was canceled.


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Saturday. 4.14.07 10:51 pm
So as NuTang knows, I'm facing a bit of an issue.

A few years ago, this girl and I were friends. She had a horrible habit of liking guys, ignoring and being rude to me, whining to me how she didn't like the guy, but hated the girl he liked, apologizing when I got mad, and doing it all over again. She ended up going out with my cousin, and being completely horrible (she stopped talking to me completely, ignored me, blocked me on AIM, etc.).

She claims it was because she "didn't know how I'd take it", it being her going out with my cousin, regardless of the fact that at least three of my friends had gone out with him in the past, and I didn't give a damn, because I don't like my cousin like that.

I eventually told her she was too dramatic, and I didn't want to talk to her anymore. I told her her apologies didn't hold any meaning, because she kept lofting them around, but then doing the exact same thing that upset me in the first place. We haven't spoken since then.

A few days ago, she messages me on the great people stalker (aka Facebook), "[my name here]... I miss you. I'm sorry for what happened a few years ago, and I want to be your friend. ...[small inside joke]... ^_^;;."

I'm not sure if I want to say "sure" or "bugger off", given our last communication. I've pondered contacting her in the past, mostly to find out what sorts of shenanigans she'd gotten herself into, not real... friendship.

I look at it like this: If I were told someone didn't want to talk to me, I wouldn't contact them. I also figure that since I'm having such a difficult time deciding, I should say yes, lest I forever wonder. Then again, I figure such doubt is a warning to stay away, she hasn't changed.

It's not like it was a horrible friendship, she just didn't know how to manage crushes and friends at the same time. I imagine that since it's years later, and she's "in a relationship", she's stabilized or cooled down a bit.

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