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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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kyo wa, otousan ga ojiisan...
Monday. 12.26.05 11:36 pm
this post might be better with... line breaks!

pardon my bad japanese grammar, but it makes me giggle.

so we gave my dad serenity for his oldmanness
and he was like "whats this wrapped gift on the bed for"
me: you
dad: what for?
coby: happy birthday
dad: Oh, thats right today *is* my birthday...
dad: i knew it was sometime soon...

i found puzzle fighter for gba, so i got it...
but i couldnt find adv wars... i found adv wars 2, which i guess ill nab next i see it.


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what? silly va tech.
Monday. 12.26.05 2:22 pm
Kwanzaa begins


but they dont say anything about boxing day...
or st... 's day i cant remember the name, but my friend was telling me about it.

and stinky actually smells good for once.

maybe i sprayed too much air freshener at her when she was gassy last night.

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dad the enabler
Sunday. 12.25.05 12:39 pm
so even though ive been overly adamant about not wanting anything for xmas

my dad always gets me something... its kind of annoying, because i really dont want anything.

this year it was 25 dollars worth of one dollar scratch off tickets.

i won 29 back.

i gave stinky a bow

she looked at me like i was evil.

coby gave me his gba, because he has a ds and doesnt really need the sp anymore.

w00t, i get to save 80 dollars.

time go go buy advance wars...

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silly stinky
Saturday. 12.24.05 8:55 pm
whooo, im more bleached than michael jackson.

or maybe not, im still black.
no lightening at all.

i cleaned the bathroom today, because apparently at my house, things only get properly scrubbed when i do it...

meaning that windows wont have been cleaned for years...
other things nto scrubbed for months...

and then i smell like chlorine for days.... >.<

at least the bathroom is clean.

until. :/

and then stinky stalked into pas room and scaled the highest thing she can find.

so shes sleeping on the giant bureau-y chest of drawers thing thats a good 6ish feet tall.

silly cat.

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Friday. 12.23.05 11:18 pm
im clean!
and ready to go!

ive clipped my nails, because they were getting crooked.

now theyre even.

my hairs are washed and conditioned, ready to be shinier than *think* raman's forehead when i wake up

and then i can comb them out and make them pretty.

::flips bounceback beautiful hair::

now that im clean, i need someone to snuggle with.

oh well.

i think im going to invest in some shine-reducing face powder.

or something of the sort, my skin can be oily at times. :/

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Friday. 12.23.05 8:38 pm
ma asked if grades were posted...

im still waiting for my unix grade to be posted... because its factoring a 0 into my gpa... well, another 0. :/

oh well.

i need to find something to do to keep my mind off of things... cross stitching aint cuttin it. :/

and i cant say im feeling to visity or anything...

such is life, i guess.

but thats ok, ill be fine.

its not the end of the world.

or my life.

oh well.

at least im not hated. *weak smile*

my brother has a woman named thweatt for his computer class.

that makes me giggle.

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