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You know, I wonder
Wednesday. 9.12.07 9:41 am
Considering my previous posts, I was stricken with a quandary.

After the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941, did the media refer to it in other news as "incidents like December 7"? Did they just say "Pearl Harbor"? Why doesn't the media say "December 7" or "twelve-seven" in reference to it?

Was the media always this ridiculous?

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Tuesday. 9.11.07 5:53 pm
Of course, today being the anniversary of the attacks on the WTC, the news has been all "the events of 911" or "the Sept 11 incident". WTF?

Then the news did the same thing regarding the VT shooting back in April. "During incidents like April 16".

I'm getting seriously annoyed with this.

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Monday. 9.10.07 5:01 pm
I made a Lolcat.

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Monday. 9.10.07 12:51 am



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A brief annoyance.
Sunday. 9.9.07 3:19 pm
So the Episcopal Youth group in Littleton, CO sent the VT Episcopal group cards after what happened in April.

I was reading through them, because I figured it'd be nice to not have had the letters come in vain.

One thing I noticed, though, was that several said "when Columbine happened"... I thought Columbine was a place, not an event.

I'm not saying that to pick on the youth group, it's a very nice gesture of them to send cards after Shit Happened in April, especially since they were in the same boat a few years ago. I've just noticed overall, a tendency to assign somewhat meaningless names to events: 9-11/nine-eleven/nine one one/9[building-building]/September 11; Columbine; April/Va Tech/Tragedy.

Yeah, it's really shitty that these things happen. I guess in context, it's obvious what the person is referring to, and thusly the names aren't "meaningless". At the same time, September 11 happens every year. Columbine and Va Tech are schools. There are plenty of tragedies that occur every day.

Perhaps it happens more often than I notice where people actually say "the terrorist attacks of Sept 11, 2001" or "the shootings at Columbine High School/Va Tech" or, as Wikipedia does it, "Virginia Tech massacre" and "Columbine High School massacre". They say "Sept 11 attacks", but there could be any number of attacks on Sept 11.

Again, most of the time these events are mentioned, it's somewhat obvious what happened... but even still... is it possible to take the time to actually say what happened, as opposed to giving the even an almost arbitrary name?

Yeah, I refer to the VT shootings as "The Day Shit Went Down" amongst my friends. That's because when it happened, the general consensus among us was "Shit Went Down." That doesn't happen around here too often. If I were talking to someone else that had no real contacts with the school, I'd go as far as to say "The VT Shootings" or something.

It's like people don't want to say things. Sheesh.

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Massa's in de cold, cold ground
Saturday. 9.8.07 10:31 am
I went to the VT auction today, because I wanted some crap. Dave told me to take his car... Harrowing experience, getting out of the parking lot.

I got there, one crap that I wanted was shitty. Decided not to get it. Then I find out that the other item had been listed incorrectly, and didn't even exist!

I got there at 8.50, and I left at 9.10, maybe. Apparently Evil White Thweatt is named Ross. Go figure. I still think EWT is more funny.

I came back, and the spot I had vacated was taken, so I parked in the driveway. We can move the car later.

I went to the church yardsale, that's also today. I ended up buying two kerry/edwards pins from 2004 (wonder where I put them), four books for learning Russian (I can totally be Komrade Yessika now, especially with my super-Soviet "fur" hats... :D), and... a Piano music book. It comes with lyrics, but not under the music, which I think is silly.

I wasn't going to get the book, but then as I was flipping through it, I saw a song entitled "Massa's in de cold, cold ground". Couldn't leave the book there, obviously. Here's some old versions of it.

Here are the lyrics:

'Round de meadows am a-ringing
De darkie's mournful song,
While de mockign bird am singing,
Happy as de day am long.

Down in de corn field
Hear dat mournful sound;
All de darkes am a-weeping
Massa's in de cold, cold ground.

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