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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Thursday. 6.29.06 12:50 am
I totally forgot that Shonan Jun-ai Gumi was being published on the 13th... I needa go to the comic book store.

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Today's Pimpmobile.
Thursday. 6.29.06 12:36 am
I was taking a walk, and aside from the horny bastards down the street who are too stupid to realize that they are very underage and that I am very of age yelling at me, I saw the most awesome pimpmobile yet.

A guy.

On a bike.

With a stereo playing loudly.

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Wednesday. 6.28.06 3:53 pm
She won't stop bitching about the fucking piano. blahblahblahthisthat other.

Well you know what? I didnt' say I wanted to do it.

I told you I wasnt keen on the idea in the first place.

So you know what, if it's that big a deal, you can fucking do it.

Stupid woman.

It's not polite at all to volunteer people for things.

Dad seems to have something bite-y in his car.

And at Curves, some woman said my name was a "white" name.

However the fuck that works.

I guess that since I'm black, my name should be something like clickclickblooddyclickwokkawokkarammalamadingdongshaqueishika?
Probably fleas.

::shakes head and rolls eyes::

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Tuesday. 6.27.06 11:25 pm
I'm feeling fat and unsassy.

I think the next two days will be "no soup for you!" days.

Speaking of feeling fat. There was some guy walking by curves... and he puts his face up to the window and tries to look in!

What a twat!

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Today's Pimpmobile.
Tuesday. 6.27.06 12:44 pm
Ok, I think my goal for getting to 160 is going to be a camera.


So I can upload all of the silly cars I see on the road.

Todays laugh: an Astro van, painted blue, with little flames/waves lapping along where a pinstripe would be if you were to put one on there.

The license plate? MS DEEDS.

My dad needs to clean his room. If he did, I bet the number of fleas would drop.
But no, god forbid he clean his room.

While I was waiting for mum's car to come back from being aligned and oiled, this lady said I sounded like her niece... from Louisville...

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Funny things and mistakes, and awesome.
Monday. 6.26.06 4:17 pm
I remembered one of the things I was going to post.

I saw a truck. A ford. Pickup. Old-ish looking, nothing post '90 or so.

It had.
A NOS sticker.
On the back window.
I died.

On a medium note.

I had my monthly weighin at curves.
Lost 6.5 inches, the lady read the scale wrong, so she said 178 when it said 177.
Whatever, I know how much I weigh.
They didn't account for the three pounds of weave, either.

Now the mistake. I told my mom about my "9 lb" lost, which was really 10(from the scale being read wrong), which was really more like 13 (weave), in a month.

She won't get off of the starting weight...

::rolls eyes::

A gross:

Mum seems to be a flea vector. (Of magnitude n and direction x)
Every time she comes into the room, I find/pluck about 6 of them. They must be in the kitchen, or something.
I can deal with them about the house, we had the mini-stinkies.
I can almost deal with them harrassing me, that's what they do.
But I can't deal with them being on mom, who always comes, sits on my bed, and leaves a few. That's just gross.

My traps have caught a decent number of the creepy little bloodsuckers.

Now she's on the "You're too fat for a car" bullshit again. She says I have to get down to 150. Time to not eat for a week, haha.

It's starting to storm. :/

She keeps saying I need protein...

I could use some protein. *nod* Perhaps of the cookie-flavored shake variety.

Oh, and my grandma wants me to play for her church next Sunday.
1. I'm not terribly fond of church.
2. It's a black church. I don't do black church, I read music.
3. I haven't touched the damn piano in years.
4. Even though I've performed for nearly 15 years straight, I haven't in about three.

I'm debating if I should do it, it's an "easy" 50 dollars.


Now shes thumbing through my hymnal and singing and picking out songs. Just because she likes to sing it doesn't mean I can play it.

I wish she'd STFU. Seriously.

Because I have to do it because of this that other and such and such.

Yeah. Right.

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