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Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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I'm such a loser.
Wednesday. 7.25.07 9:43 pm
Ever since I saw the Japanese Pokerap video, I've been singing it, and imagining Imakuni? dancing around during the chorus.

I was accosted by one of my boss-people while I was working a few days ago, I thought I'd messed up, but no, they were soliciting my abilities to answer phones and fix problems.

I figure that since they came to me about it, I'd give it a whirl. I'd be getting paid more than I was when I was living in the dorm... for a bit more work. *shrug*

I haven't told my mom yet, she's been griping at me to come home, and I've been telling her I don't want to. I'll tell her eventually.

I need to get my hair done and PAK's (Poor Asian Kid) hair taken out. Yay weave.

I want to play Wario Ware for the Wii so I can do the dancing stage. Stupid brother and his stupid Wii and his stupid Wario Ware and its stupid dancing stage.

Gonna buy WWN until they stop printing, so sad. Gonna take a trek and see if I can find the Asian shops I found on google.

Dave's mom and sister are coming next week, and I'm worried that the kitchen looks a mess. >.<

I wonder what white chocolate pudding tastes like.

Crispbread/flatbread is tasty.

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Wednesday. 7.25.07 7:04 am
My most favoritest useless waste of money is shutting down!!!

I'll have to buy the last issue.

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Stupid Target.
Tuesday. 7.24.07 8:50 pm
They're supposed to sell trendy, hip things that are all super "ZOMG ASIAN FUSION! GYPSY FLAIR! ORIENTAL AWESOMENESS!"

They sold nothing remotely resembling a chopstick case. They sold a wok, with chopsticks... several woks, actually. But nothing hip and trendy and Asian fusiony.

On top of that, I bought a cool Warheads tin with Warheads in it for a dollar. It only had six warheads in it. :/

Stupid Target.

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Grr/Maybe Kuri et. al can help
Monday. 7.23.07 6:54 pm
I want to buy a pretty plastic chopstick case for my chopsticks. I can't find a decent case anywhere, other than this one, which is cute and not horribly expensive, and these, which some in many different colors, but it's 6 dollars shipping on orders up to 14.99.

I like them both, but if I were to pay 6 dollar shipping, I'd want to order more stuff, to make the shipping more worthwhile. I'd want to get the fork, then I'd want the two-tier bento, then I'd want the one-tier bento, then I'd want the kinchaku! I can't forget the bento belt...

I'd get the two-tier, the belt, and the chopstick case, but I won't ever take the bento anywhere, because I don't normally take food with me. It'd be 12.77 before shipping, almost four times more than what I wanted to spend!

Most of the stuff I find is on not using disposable chopsticks, which is kind of annoying, how am I supposed to not dispose of the disposable chopsticks if I have nothing decent to carry my own in?!

Maybe I'll get the ebay one. maybe I'll see if I can find a toothbrush case or something. That might work better.

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Monday. 7.23.07 11:11 am
In addition to the cute mini-pies and chopsticks, I bought an Easy-bake no-oven-required dessert kit. (I took the picture myself! :D) I thought it was cute, because I'm going to be working in the "fishbowl" soon, but moreso because it's got gummy sharks on the front!

It comes with everything needed to make it, I hope they're tasty and not too sugary... even though there's sugar on the top of the cup. Oh well.

I notice that during orientation, people's nametags hang down around their boobs. I always feel weird looking at their nametag, because they're always wearing a lowcut/revealing shirt... and then I feel dirty. Silly girls being fashionable.

I've got this weird lump on my arm, I hope it's from where I walked into the door the other day. I'll douse it in alcohol so it doesn't kill me. Perhaps I'll douse my whole body in alcohol, so I don't catch a flesh-eating bacteria. That would suck.

Oh! And while I was looking for a chopstick case on ebay, I found... The Chopstick Fork! It's so cool, it's a chopstick and fork in one! :D

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Sunday. 7.22.07 6:53 pm
I went to The Great Satan, aka Walmart.

They used to have this large circular/bubble-shaped tank, there was plenty of room for all of the lobsters to sit. It looked like one of these. Plenty of room to gallivant about, even when there was a decent number of lobsters in the tank.

Now they have a tank that looks just like this, and the lobsters can't move, and there's not enough room for them to run if another lobster comes by to fight or anything! It's so small!

They were stacked in two layers, with the poor lobsters on the bottom looking even sadder than they would in the old large tank, and there were two lobsters fighting, even though they couldn't move around to smack each other with their rubberbanded claws.

I feel bad for the lobsters.

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