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This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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This is quite weird.
Sunday. 12.31.06 12:08 am
So as anyone who knows me knows, I abhor soup, and I abhor noodles.

They scare me.

Then why, oh why, is it that I am having a craving for Cup Noodle ramen, a combination of both soup and noodles???

I want to talk to the store tomorrow, buy a cup of the chicken flavored one, and eat it.

They have the shiny Korean bowls, and some other stuff as well, but it's this damn Cup Noodle that my mind is set on.

Maybe it's the salt in it that I'm wanting?

I don't want to be like this person cup ramen and diet coke is NOT a healthy meal...

Maybe ... wait, they're closed. Damn.

I figure this:

If I eat the noodles, then I can't eat my potato. But I've been eyeing that potato for the past since Wednesday.

If I eat the potato, then I can't eat the noodles. But I've had this noodle/soup craving since before Wednesday.

I have to eat my salad tomorrow, no matter what, so salad is breakfast/lunch, and noodles/potato are dinner. Or I could eat noodles/potato for breakfast/lunch and salad for dinner.

This is *not* me.

And for anyone in the ECE department at Virginia Tech, when I say noodles, I don't mean Sanjay Raman.

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Saturday. 12.30.06 1:38 am

So I went to order my adapter today, Paypal wants me to verify my account to send money that's already in it.

That's ridiculous, all I want is my adapter and soda gummies, AND I CAN'T HAVE THEM BECAUSE PAYPAL IS A TWAT!!!!!!


I ordered new glasses today, faxed hp the certificate, they emailed me and said I was missing something, then said it was alright... oh HP.

I called the insurance, I should be insured by Tuesday, and then I can change my birthday back.

I need to see where Fuhrer is, he left today.

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I'm going to cut HP.
Thursday. 12.28.06 10:15 pm
So I call to ask if I should ship my HDD with my laptop. I figure, it's all hardware/physical problems, shouldn't be a problem. Nope, gotta send in the HDD. Busy taking porn and other stuff off now. :p (not really with the porn)

Then I'm told that there are 17 days left on my warranty.

There's no way in hell this could be correct, I purchased the super mega hyper ultra warranty from HP! It's registered! I checked it OCD style for at least a week! I KNOW it's registered!

I call back ask what the hell is going on, and am told that I need to fax a paper to HP. I got a case number and a fax number.

So I schedule a pickup with Fed-ex, go get the Care Pack, and call HP after checking their website to see whether or not the stupid warranty was registered. It's registered and associated with my laptop, and my laptop is associated with the warranty. The only problem I can see is that the warranty registration wouldn't let me put in #ABA, the last 4 characters of my Product Number. Even still, the serial number shows up with this laptop. Why do I need to fax the certificate if HP lists my warranty as registered and associated with this computer? Why is it that I have this box with an "Priority Overnight" label? Surely 1 year limited warranty doesn't call for that.

This guy decide to ask for an order number. I ordered the pack back in January, and have reformatted MANY times since then. Of course I forgot to save/backup that email. But it was in January, it's listed on my acct that my mother paid for it, and I've got it in my hands.

So then he asks for the order number that begins with "ach/atch"(like watch with no w). I have no clue what number starts with that, so I'm frantically searching my papers, and find an order number on the Certificate. So then he tells me, like I'm stupid, that. the. number. begins. with. ATCH. Whatever atch is.

So after much whatever, he then decides to tell me that it's The Great Evil's job to update the warranty. IT'S NOT THEIRS! o.O I tell him this, and he goes off in search of more information.

Eventually I manage to explain it to him clearly enough that 1) I bought the computer from Evil. 2) I bought the warranty in January. 3) I don't have the shipping/order info, because I bought it over 10 months ago. 4) I have the Care Pack and certificates sitting right in front of me. 5) I just want to know why it is that their website lists my warranty as Registered and associated with this computer, but yet it's not in their system, and I have to fax them something.

So he gives me a number to Warranty Services.


So tomorrow, when I wake up, I have to call 1) HP Warranty before Fed-Ex comes to pick up my laptop; 2) Cigna, because a) my birthay is WRONG, and 2) I've managed to lose coverage, because Va Tech can't send letters of verification of Full Time Status.

I need a face that sighs, closes its eyes, and shakes its head.

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Thursday. 12.28.06 12:58 pm
So, I bid on a new violin. If this one doesn't work, then it's the adapter for sure.

I've been having some odd dreams, I don't remember what half of them were about, though. :/ Dave's been in them, that's always nice.

I had something else to post, but I don't quite remember what it was.

Oh well. Oh! I remember.

I'm debating how I want my hair done.
I like this style.

But I also like these.


I thought this style was nice as well.
I'm getting tired of people not flushing the toilet. Yes, I may forget sometimes, because I'm thinking about five different things at once, but when I go to use the toilet, I expect the water to be clean..... :/

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Wednesday. 12.27.06 8:26 pm

J-list is having a free shipping on all Domo-Kun products!!!!! Until the end of December!

Maybe I won't be getting that adapter...

After the adapter I'll have 4.01... maybe I'll buy something small.

Maybe not, the only thing I can buy is a 3.80 notepad.

Though it might go nicely in my new pocketbook.

Her highness asks me today how I manage to put up with my brother.

Well, since I'm not allowed to glare at him, tell him to shut up and leave me alone, smack him when he won't go away, or do anything otherwise to protect my sanity, I just gave her a "I can't believe you just asked me that" glare.


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Oh well.
Tuesday. 12.26.06 1:09 pm
So I've decided:

I'm going to spend this violin money on the adapter, and save up this money for the entire year.

Then at the end of the year, I WILL buy the violin.

It's just that now, at this point in time, all of the violins on ebay are going for at least 40 dollars, and I'm trying to pay for it with ReveNue.

My brother left with his cousin, good, he's out of my hair, bad, he picks up all of his ass-tacular mannerisms. Ugh. At least if I go anywhere... chances are I'll get to go by myself. Unless her highness decides to tag along. :/ And yell at me from the back seat, because she doesn't know where she's going.

I'm not sure which is worse, her driving, and I have to make sure she doesn't go the wrong way (e.g., left is < and right is >, not the other way around), or me driving, with her yelling at me to go this way, go slower (when I'm five below the limit), stop here, find there, slow down (when I'm 10 below the speed limit), slow down (when I'm going 30, the nearest car is a good 100+ feet ahead of me and applying it's brakes, and I've already started applying mine)... Oi.

You know, it's funny how the whole world seems to celebrate a holiday that most of the world technically doesn't believe in.

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