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A Note to the Media, Concerning Virginia Tech:
Tuesday. 4.17.07 9:07 pm
Note: I've mirrored this post here. If you have any problems commenting, please comment there.

I noticed your presence at the student-led vigil this evening. Well, I noticed two of your stooges. I don't know who they were, but they were cameramen.

I was a bit disgusted when people began taking pictures during the moment of silence. Not just the media, but even the students. However, that's not the point of this post.

A girl broke down crying, she was sobbing, as if she knew at least one of the dead. I don't know if she did, if she didn't or who she even was, but for more than one of you to come and try to film her is sickening.

We moved to stop you, and you kept trying.

Well here's something about us. We're persistent too. For you to try to take advantage of one of us at such a time is DISGUSTING. Especially when students have made it known that your presence in such a situation is NOT wanted.

Not only did you get snippy with us, you wouldn't go away. One of use came up to your lens, and started singing. You STILL wouldn't go away. It wasn't until we started a small mob, and moved between your camera and the girl that you gave up. Even after our first movement, you wouldn't go away, and we had to FOLLOW YOU AROUND!

How can you be such a jackass, so inconsiderate, all so you can "get the scoop"?

You weren't the only person to do this. Thankfully, the second guy was short, so it was easier to block his assholiness.

Both of you need to be fired from your positions for being so rude, callous, disrespectful, and inconsiderate of us during such a trying time.

The world knows we mourn. They know we are upset, and they know that we hurt. In the meanwhile, keep your damn cameras out of our faces unless we're okay with it.

Filming a girl crying while her back is to you is low. I don't care that we're in public. I don't care that you've got an almighty press pass.

What the both of you did was WRONG, and I hope you both lose your job. I hope your editors see your footage of us moving to intercept you, I hope they realize that you're an asshole, and I hope and pray that you get it through your heads that it is nowhere near appropriate to act in the manner that you did.

In the future, when you "do your job" to "get the scoop" so you can have footage that someone else doesn't, please, please, PLEASE, be more mindful of what you're doing.

Also, a note to Metro.co.uk:

Titling a story "The girl who led to massacre" is WRONG. I don't care that she's dead and can't contest it. Her family is still alive, and I'm very certain they miss her dearly. I can't believe that such a thing would be said, even if she may have been (in)directly involved in the events that followed. It is in no way her fault that the guy she broke up with (or is rumored to have done so) snapped.

"This is the face of the teenage student who may have sparked the biggest gun massacre in US history." THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FROM ANY MEDIA OUTLET.
(Note: They've changed the title, but the opening sentence is still the same)

Dateline, you are horrible. I don't know if this is actually true, but given how the rest of the media has acted, as well as Dateline's style of reporting, I would NOT put it past them.

Tokyo Broadcasting system, you are horrible. (For those who don't have Facebook, it's a TBS reporter looking for friends of Cho.)

It's going to be pretty hard for healing to start if the media won't go stop harassing students in their time of mourning.

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elessar257 Silver-dot- LostSoul13 Mockiller middaymoon Nuttz Dilated catatonicloki

Reporters do that crap.

I have yet to meet a courteous journalist!
» kkama67 on 2007-04-17 09:21:41

i dont even have real words right now...
» invisibleinkling on 2007-04-17 09:53:59

that's awful. And "assholiness" is an awesome word. "And now to introduce His Assholiness, the Bishop of Broadcast Journalism"
» Zanzibar on 2007-04-17 10:36:18

I agree with what you're saying. It's rude to take pictures of someone who is in that kind of emotional state. Sure it may make the readers feel more from the article because of the picture...but still. And that whole "The girll who led to massacre" thing is wrong. She should not be blamed for something someone did.It's not like she forced him to perform the shootings. It's kind of hard for me to explain it.
» Ajibalaji89 on 2007-04-17 11:05:13

stupid lappie...
I reccomended this entry and it didn't show up. Anyway, you're totally right. They're asses. I can't believe they kept on trying even when ya'll were perfectly clear that you wanted them AWAY. Idiots...
» Silver-dot- on 2007-04-17 11:07:37

some people are just incredibly insensitive. what Zanzibar said is pretty funny; assholiness is an awesome word.
I agree completely. no one should be blamed for causing that guy to do this. Its all his decision and no one else's. Its really ridiculous the things people say sometimes.
» LostSoul13 on 2007-04-18 04:25:11

Just as a droplet of information, the ones who are generally the highly despicable ones are magazine, tabloid, and broadcast journalists. I'm not saying that you wouldn't have found newspaper-print journalists there to trying to get pictures in, but in my experience, the majority of those folks would be more tasteful than trying to be on top of a girl sobbing her eyes out. I'm not saying there aren't sharks who'd try to use that girl's tears as a lever for some human interest story, but for the most part it's always the other bastards.

But beyond that, I'm sorry for your losses and the catastrophe, but I'm glad you're alright. I'm worried that you guys are going to be hounded since people are trying to play it up to show it on every news channel they can. Take care, live long and prosper.
» DarkDragonKnight on 2007-04-18 01:25:27

yeah the media are like that. It's terrible but they don't care.
» Southern on 2007-04-18 11:49:00

This is a product of trying to make news media profitable. These people are doing a job--unfortunately the saddest picture or the scoop as you call it pays the biggest bucks. Our media sources need to be self governing in these situations and it seems lately they will go to any extreme to get what pays the bills. You would be surprised at the astounding quality of work that can be achieved while still maintaining respect for those involved in the story.

My heart goes out to you and those around you. Thanks for having the courage and strength to make your opinion be known
» tsmalls ( on 2007-04-19 02:39:05

I have nothing much to say
This is great. Some people just never learn.
» middaymoon on 2007-04-19 11:29:38

You're right, that was disrespectful to tape someone crying at a major vigil. It's nice to hear that you and others stood up for her right to her own privacy.

It's sickening, what goes on in the world, these days.
» Unicornasaurus on 2007-04-19 11:32:58

These guys are totally sick. I wonder how would they like it if someone does the same thing to them when they're mourning. If that's the case, the world leaders should be blamed for global warming, proverty and war.
» Nuttz on 2007-04-20 06:54:07

haha =D

I enjoyed watching pokemon, and collecting the cards.. but I never liked playing the games. The only ones that interested me where the stadium one and pokemon snap =D But it's been solong since I've seen anything that deals with pokemon lol. I was just thinking about pokemon snap, and I checked youtube. There are a few videos of it there. There's even the tv commercial! I watched it a few times in a row =D I definitely would buy it if it came out on the Wii. I don't think I'll find it on the N64... unless I check Ebay or something. Sooo I think I'm going to pray to the Wii gods so they make a pokemon snap for wii =D The problem is that I'd have to buy a wii and the game, but it'd be worth it.
» Ajibalaji89 on 2007-04-20 01:11:14

someone needs to stop these animals everyone calls the press, I feel for you ikimashokie, I hope you and that girl are okay.
» catatonicloki on 2007-04-30 05:07:41



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