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Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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It's rare
Thursday. 4.3.08 2:18 pm
that I call women in the media awesome, but this woman, she is awesome.

Note: I am serious. This "ZOMG WRAP LITTLE TOMMY IN BUBBLE WRAPS AND LOCK HIM IN THE BASEMENTZ!" business is obnoxious. People whine that kids need outlets, but don't let them do anything. People gripe that ZOMG pweshus was kidnapped, but continue dressing their toddlers like they are 20 and going to a club. It's ridiculous.

Note-note: I seem to forget that my sarcasm overlaps my non-sarcasm and that it's hard to tell whether or not I am being serious or not... I should work on that :D (seriously)

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I drop in to post links
Saturday. 3.29.08 6:09 pm
and then I scurry away.

One day, I will make a decent post.

Today, I will point anyone who is interested in the direction of this shirt.

I bought a brownie mix. Normally, brownie mix is for 8"x8" pans. (no t! :D)

This brownie mix? 9"x13". Huge. Mega. Brownie. WTF.

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A brief thought about fierce.
Saturday. 3.22.08 12:02 pm
Ok, so everyone knows about whatshisface winning whatstheshow, the kid who is exceedingly toolish and says fierce every five seconds.

Of course, now this is an phenomenon, "fierce".

I'm slightly annoyed, because now whenever I go to sing "My Hair looks fierce" by Amanda Lepore (not quite work/home safe, I saw a booble hanging out somewhere), I'm going to have to stop and explain that no, I am not attempting to be cute and cool and whatever else it is they decide that dude from whatevertheshow is, but instead I am singing a song by a transsexual.

Whoa! She has a store!

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Best. Commercial. Ever.
Wednesday. 3.12.08 11:47 pm
T! A! R! A! K! O!


There is something about this kid... I don't know what.

Also, the camera work is hilarious, and the song is catchy.

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Slimquick commercials.
Wednesday. 2.27.08 8:15 pm
I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it here, I'm sure I have in my myriad "zomg weight loss commercial!" posts.

There is this stuff called slimquick, they have commercials with cartoon-people.

When it first came out, I realized that the woman's thighs did not appear to touch. This struck me as weird, here is this woman caricatured to be obese, but her thighs do not touch. How can you be "fat" but not have touching thighs? Yes, I know, you could carry your weight up high or something. But even "not fat" people normally have touching thighs. Wtf.

So several months later, tonight, I am watching telly, and this commercial that I have decided is weird, comes on again. What do I notice, other than her having massive collarbone pokeage. This strikes me as odd, as last I knew, super-prominent collarbones meant you were a walking toothpick.

Silly Slimquick and their commercials.

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100 Percent Vegetable juice?
Friday. 2.15.08 4:57 pm
So after drinking a can of my superawesome spicy V8, I realized that the can says "100% vegetable juice", but there are ingredients other than vegetable juice in it, like ascorbic acid, salt, flavoring, and citric acid, but not in that order.

Reading "100% vegetable juice" makes me think that the contents of the can are 100% vegetable juice. Not 99% vegetable juice and 1% other stuff. This label is misleading.

Sure, it says "From concentrate with added ingredients", but then it's still not 100% vegetable juice. It's 100% vegetable juice with added ingredients", which is not what it seems they are trying to use as the selling point. They're trying to say that V8 is 100% vegetable juice.

Also, what is the deal with "flavoring"? What is it? I can't complain that it might exist in crazy quantities, because it's the next to last item on the list.

I think I'm going to have to email V8 and ask how it is that 100% vegetable juice is not 100% vegetable juice.

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