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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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No, Stop that!
Friday. 5.16.08 10:52 pm
Ok. I've had this crazy song stuck in my head.

Not just any song.

The Winnie the Pooh molestation song from when I was in elementary school. They showed it to us at least once a year.

Lo and behold, just for you(!) I have managed to find:


The Winnie the Pooh molestation song!

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Out of state Gambling.
Thursday. 5.15.08 11:07 am
So Dave and I are in NJ for my Robot Galaxy party tomorrow.

On the way up, we stopped in PA for gas. I decided to go play the lottery and buy a scratchy ticket. There was a pac-man ticket, but for two dollars I would have had to break a twenty, and I didn't want to do that. Hopefully I can get one on the way back.

I go to buy this Powerball ticket, and I realize two things. The first, it doesn't seem like any adjacent states on the east cost have the same multi-state lotto. The second, I don't know what they call their computer-chosen choice of numbers. Easy pick? Auto pick? Quick pick? Machine pick? Comp-draw? Kwyjibo? I don't know!

So here I am in this gas station, and I end up asking the attendant for a "random draw of whatever the multi-state lottery happens to be". Which ends me up with a Powerball ticket.

Then we get to NJ, and continuing to follow my mom's logic/corollary to "gamble out of state/away from home because no one from home ever wins the lottery" (she is certain there is some sort of keep the winnings out of the ghetto conspiracy), stop by the local grocery on the way back from breakfast so that I may gamble.

I buy a scratch ticket, and I win nothing. Pooh. I go to buy a Mega Millions (because it is the state after PA, so they do MM, haha), but I realise, what is it that I want? Computer? Easy? Quick? I don't know!

It seems if I ask for "just one" of "whatever the multi-state major lottery happens to be", then I will automatically get one set of randomly selected numbers. Perhaps this is my best method of obtaining a lottery ticket.

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Fat donut Bitch.
Sunday. 5.11.08 1:46 am

Yesterday Dave, his family and I went to get manicures. I have a delightful pink/purple/fuchsia color, with some iridescent purple/blue. I also got my eyebrows waxed. I'd still like to get them threaded.

Then we went to Goodwill. There I found ... the doll... that I have been searching for since high school. I have the other four, because I had the barbies, and so I needed the dolls.

What doll was this? The Lance Bass N*sync marionette. The big one. $2.50. The whole set for under $15.

None of my friends believe that I collect the N*Sync dolls, but it's only because I have the barbies, which I have because I thought they were quite ridiculous.

Now on to Fat Donut Bitch.

My parents decide to get lost on the way to Dave's to park for graduation. I make it to graduation, late, obviously, and Fat donut bitch decides to point out the obvious. "You're really late". No shit i'm really late. Shit happens, go back to your donut since you are obviously too high and mighty to help me get to where I need to be. So I tell her in that 'what the fuck are you thinking to so obviously state the obvious' sort of way, "yeah. i know." and walk away from her. Stupid woman.

So I'm sitting in my seat, we eventually get to go up to the stage.

Guy infront, Hanson. Me, Har-yeah. Han OBVIOUSLY comes before Har, and I am OBVIOUSLY the only "jessica"/girl, so OBVIOUSLY I must go after guy who has the last name of "hanson". Nope, we need to switch places.

So we get to the stage. Bevlee calls "hanson" while I am standing there. So she shoots a dirty look at me, like it's my fault her cronies don't know their heads from their asses. I'm graduating, I'm pretty sure I know my alphabet left right up down and kitty corner.

Then my parents leave without telling me they are leaving, and I spend an hour and a half looking for them before I give up. GRR. Oh well, mom had to work. *shrug*.

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Monday. 5.5.08 5:53 pm
Firstly, my ball of hair/shiny tinsel that I found is gone. I don't know if something took it or someone removed it. Hopefully a bird found the red-shiny shiny and awesome enough take it and use it to get some bird-lovin'.

I have one final left that I need to study for, fields.

I should email the teacher and ask him if I can bring ear plugs, because that guy was in my final today, and AGAIN *eh*





I seriously wonder if/what is wrong with this guy.

So apparently I haven't posted about this guy. I thought I had, sorry.

Anyway, there is this guy that is in two of my classes. The first quiz of the semester I hear a weak half-cough. Not a throat clearing, not a wheezing, just a weak "cough". *eh*. *eh* *eh* *eh* some silence for maybe 30 seconds, then *eh* *eh* *eh* no more than 1 second apart, most of the time.

The next quiz: *eh* *eh* *eh*

Difficult midterm: *eh* *eh* *eh

Yet another quiz: *eh* *eh* *eh

Another testy midterm: *eh* *eh* *eh*

Yet one more quiz: *eh* *eh* *eh*

Today's final: *eh* *eh* *eh*

Tomorrow final: *eh* *eh* *eh*

and it's not like I can sit on the other side of the room from him, the rooms are SO not conducive to sitting away from noisy people. I would think that by the time one gets to taking a senior level class, they'd be aware of what they did during tests. Then again, I can't say that, I know some damn oblivious people. Either way, this *eh* *eh* *eh* goes on for the whole damn exam. Never during lecture.

Doesn't happen during class, just during quiz/tests.

I think tomorrow I am going to take some earplugs and ask if I can use them. This guy and his *eh* is so obnoxious and distracting.

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It's that time of year again...
Sunday. 5.4.08 4:32 pm
Time for free birthday foods! Yeah!

So far I have a free burger from red robin, a free ice cream at coldstone, a BOGO ryan's meal... I think I was supposed to get some other stuff.

Oh well. It might show up, it might not.

I need to bake a batch of cupcakes, I don't know what kind I am going to make. Maybe spice with white icing, or little carrot cupcakes. That would be nifty. They'll have to be delightfully... cute. Halloween cupcakes, yes!

I've decided that since my hair sheds so damn much and I can't grow it to donate or anything like that, I'm going to start putting the shedding outside for birds. I think it's a good type of hair for birds to use. We'll see if they take the ball that I left outside of the window.

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Course reviews
Thursday. 5.1.08 12:43 pm
It's the time of the year to do course reviews. WOo.

They've decided to put them all online, which I find to be annoying. Sure it saves trees, but damnit, it's so much easier to do when they give you a sheet of paper.

So you have three surveys to fill out, they only let you fill out one at a time.

You can't have all three running, so you can tab back and forth between them and "compare them to other classes you've taken at Va Tech", as they like to put it, no.

You go through all the bullshit of filling out one of the simultaneously open reviews, get to the end and WHOA! ERROR! so the 10 minutes you just spent filling out a damn survey are wasted. There isn't even a "don't try filling out more than one at a time" warning. What crap.

Now that I'm done bitching about the administration of the surveys, I'm going to bitch about the surveys.

It always annoys me that they ask you to label your gender and ethnicity. I assume this is because it is more often than not that I am the only black female (african american, as they like to say, UGH) in a majority of my classes. So even though the surveys are "anonymous", should the race/gender statistics be given along with the answers, then it's totally fucking obvious who I am. WTF. I need to find someone to complain to about that, as every year I have griped about it.

Either I'm the only girl or the only "african american" or combo of the two, more often than not I am the "quota meeter", the minority minority.

I guess I'm taking it too personally, but for any girl in the department, and generally any minority... it's obvious. Girl in fields, they'll know who she is. Mas, they'll know who she is. VLSI, ok, there was me and Alina, a little bit more difficult. Except maybe not.

You know I'm annoyed when I am pulling out the "ZOMG I'M CALLING THE DIVERSITY GROUP!", but seriously. What is the point of an "anonymous" review if you put identifying information on it?! Sheesh. Why don't I just email the teachers and tell them what I think point-blank?!

The reply: "
It is not a requirement or necessary that one complete the demographic information on the survey; therefore, you could just leave that section blank.".

No. I can't leave the section blank. The dropdowns either day "Male/Female" or "African-American/Hispanic/Not hispanic white/other/???". There is no option to leave it blank. You can default to an african-american male (yes, that won't be obvious at all, an african american male? Maybe the girl just checked the wrong one)...

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