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Thursday. 7.13.06 10:17 am
Haven't gained any of it back so far.... Last time I'd put 2lbs back on in a day...
So we'll see tomorrow.

Edit: After a nice healthy poop, I'd lost two! That's a lot of poop. :/ But it's still much better than putting them back on overnight.

I was having an awesome dream about dave(s). Dave and I were watching Chappelle's Show, with some girl that was blonde. It wasnt zr0ma, but it wasn't minijen either. Nor was it that cute girl from my programming class last summer. Oh well.
It was still an awesome dream.

My brother stinks like rotting eggs.


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Wednesday. 7.12.06 6:45 pm
I forgot to post about yesterday's pimpmobiles.

The first was a BMW. Wha'ts so pimp about a BMW? It had a body kit. :/

The second was... it looked like an older eclipse. It had been so pimped that I didn't quite know what it was. It had one of those spoilers (the carbon-fibery weird shaped ones), and a body kit. It had one winning point. It was white, blue, and purple.

Grr, I ate an apple, and now I feel ill.

Stupid apple.

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Wednesday. 7.12.06 11:55 am
I broke 165.

I doubt I'll keep it for long, though. :/

I'm not as tired today, but I'm definitely going to take it easy.

No walk, no curves, no weight.

I'll putter around the house and clean a bit, maybe.

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Tuesday. 7.11.06 8:59 pm
I'm damn tired.

I couldn't get out of the bed this morning fo ranything, and my dad was being a whiny ass about it.

I'm going to sleep early tonight, hopefully I won't be so tired tomorrow.

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Monday. 7.10.06 8:07 pm
So, I took my daily walk.

I walked by some people who tried to sell me one damn cute puppy for 80 dollars.

Man that was a cute puppy.

Then as I was walking away, they said "he knows how to follow pussy".


I was amused and disturbed.

Oh well, I'll see cute puppy on my walks tomorrow.

I took the mummobile out to see how far I'd been walking.

One way is 2.6mi.

The other way is 1.75mi.

I went the 2.6mi today, I think I'm going to alternate between the two.

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Nothing out of the ordinary, not at all.
Monday. 7.10.06 11:29 am
So now my dad is bitching that he's going to get rid of the stinkies.

Because you know, there aren't any fleas at all in the house.

Heavens no.

He's not dragging them through the house through his room that he doesn't keep clean, or from the front room that no one's going to help me clean.

Again, he's the only one getting bitten, yes.

He pisses me off so much, it's not even funny.

Then he comes in and starts yelling that we need to wake up, it's going on the next hour, when it's only five minutes after the current hour.

That shit pisses me off.

I do know this, and anyone who reads this has my word.

If the cats go, his cigarettes and weed are going.

Because damn if I don't suffer because him and that damn smoke.
I don't care if he spent this that and other on either of them.

I'm torn between flushing the weed and trying to make a few bucks from it.

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