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Today's Itinerary
Friday. 1.25.08 11:10 am
9AM get out of bed ~done
11AM belly growl ~done
1116AM decide to call for food
1117AM decide that today is CHORE DAY!!!! Hooray. (not my idea, btw)

Today, I will spray the flowers, pour out the fish tank since the fishies are dead (not to worry, no carcasses), throw out garbage, tidy my mama's letters and newspapers, make recycle piles, and dust/wash the floor.

Then take shower and hopefully, sleep.

Oh, and knit! Remember how I had been out a few days last week with a virus? My grandmama taught me to knit. ^-^ I shall knit now! Er, later. When a few SOME of the things are done.

Hehe. *wide innocent grin*

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Me in the Now
Thursday. 1.24.08 7:48 pm
Well, well, well. I missed last week's Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey. ={ I hope I don't miss this week's: Mansfield Park. ^-^

Think I'll find it on YouTube? I can only hope...*sigh* Off to watch Smallville (elyech) and Supernatural (yay) for the first time in forever.

Have a nice night, folks~!

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When I was emo...
Thursday. 1.24.08 3:25 pm
Ever find yourself in a one-sided love? Where you give & give and continue to hope, but the other side does nothing. You're uncomfortable and the air is awkward as you know it shouldn't be. The little glances you catch and the gestures you note all laced with degrees of forced normality. One minute things are fine, the next it isn't. One day everyone is happy and you're like "Wow!" You feel so good, so at ease, at home, unsuspecting. The next, you rack you brain for a reason and have no idea why things are different. It's like a roller coaster with all the tension, shivering butterflies, and none of the whoops of glee.

Only you can't send your mother a text. "It's not you, it's me. OVER." You're stuck for life.

---old blog written on that morning's newspaper at my gran's house. ^-^ About a week old?

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Afternoon, Ladies.
Monday. 1.21.08 12:47 pm

It's tomorrow. Great. Ever so excited.

In other Dot News, the dot has now got a penpal! Well, not yet since I haven't replied properly, but I am going to. ^-^ Any 'tangers wanna be mine? Of course, there's the postal fees to think of, the countless forms to fill, the stamps, postal hours, etc., etc.

Oh, and Lunar New Year is coming up. Which means the performance which equals rehearsals and we only have three more practices before the real thing. And the dances aren't finished yet. Damnit! So much to remember, so much to dance, so little time. (Bet you were expecting that XD)


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My ugly big fat mouth!
Friday. 1.18.08 3:31 pm
I was out for a few days. With a virus. *sniff* *pout* *WAITS* HEY, WHERE'S MY PAT & 'POOR GIRL'/'GOOD GIRL'?

Anyway. XD Today was the last day of finals. >.> Great. Trying to do 20 laps in 5 min. around a tiny track in a poorly ventilated area is not how I expected to start my day. BTW: twenty laps = one mile, that's how small it is.

I mean, great! Now that I have about a week and a half before going back to that prison. Except for one thing. I opened my stupid big mouth this morning. Oh, if only I hadn't. But I can't take it back now. *sigh & shakes head* Anyway, I needed to get something cleared up and changed, what with it being my record and all and might effect my gradutation and/or college stuff and/or etc., etc. But I might've been better off without opening my lips.

See, I went up to the teacher first to try and clear it up. Instead of helping me, she goes and pushes me onto her superior. Of course, this person is totally new to me and my situation. After spending half an hour in her office, I left with nothing but a card in my hand and a meeting next week. During my break! With my mother! What for?! She doesn't know a damn thing.

Oy. Oh my god. For goodness sake. Eh, like I said, I would've been better off not openin' my mouth. The little card thing WAS somethin good and I don't know how I would've gotten it otherwise. But it still doesn't make me 'okay' with that meeting ahead. *eyeroll* It doesn't stop me from wishin I didn't open my mouth.

*exasperated sigh* *eyeroll*

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I sit here with my non-alcoholic beverage
Sunday. 1.13.08 7:40 pm
...named by me to be 'blutini'. That is, blueberries in a glass of Sierra Mist (it was Pepsi products' turn ot be on sale last week).

I had been thinking of eating my blueberries and cranberries (dried) in bed or sofa while reading a book. But alas, it was not to be. I can't wait for Masterpiece Theater's: The Complete Jane Austen, starting this week with Persuasion. *jumping around ecstatically*

But of course, whether or not I get to watch it is up to you-know-who.

I am now just waiting for nine o'clock to roll around. As you can see up there...Oh my goodness! It's not that far away! I so didn't know that. *laughs at self*

*happy* Yay!

Good night.

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She says...
Friday. 1.11.08 4:29 pm
**WARNING: Cursing below**

"Everyone is asking where you're going to college and I don't know what to say."

I say: "We don't find out until March or April."

"Then, I'll have nothing to say when they ask again in March or April."

I say: 0.o "EVERYONE doesn't know until March or April. (Except the Early stuff) Not just me!"

"Shame, shame..."

I say: "SHAME WHAT?!"

Fuckin' bitch...I mean, shut the hell up. What the fuck are you implying anyway? Go to hell. You can fuck yourself. God.

Eh-hem. Excuse me.

I have an interview later this evening. ^-^ I'm helping a friend out with her college thesis. Later, everyone.

I say: "I'm taking a year off before college."

"Shame, shame." "Won't they ask why?" ------> as in because I couldn't graduate on time and that's the only possible reason in the whole god damn world for taking a year off. Even after I had told her I had been thinking about a year off since freshman year. And about Peace Corps. I mean, god damn it! Shut up! You don't know a freakin' thing! She's so narrow-minded! God. Crap. Ugh.

BTW: I love Nuttz. A big fat kiss. I could just eat her, she's so cute. Why? Read her comment below. ^-^

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Screen your calls....Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!
Thursday. 1.10.08 9:13 pm
I just watched the original--japanese--version of "One Missed Call". Apparently, according to my bud(we watched it at her house), the american version is better. For once.

Normally, the Americanos screw up the story and the jap version is so much better--namely, scarier, perhaps gorier, etc. She's a horror freak. ^-^ Goth, blood, werewolves, ghosts set on vengeance, you name it. Except she's not goth. No all black attire, crazy make-up, boots, jewelry, worship of Satan, etc. ;)

I liked it. The movie, I mean. It's okay, I suppose it could be scarier. I'm just glad it has a happy ending, unlike the Americano version. Oops, did I just spoil it? Eh, I don't think I gave away much. You don't even know what a happy ending is or even what a happy ending could mean to me. I may like a happy ending with lots and lots of gore. I may not. I may like a 'happy ending' of no gore and all solved by exorcism. Or not.

You don't know. ^-^ So I'm happy, I didn't ruin it for ya'll. Yay.

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