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Saturday. 8.26.06 9:42 am
Aw, you've all made me so happy! I feel so welcome here! Thank you!

I wrote up a little piece after finding nuTang. It has nothing to do with nuTang, alright? Just some philosophical rambling that I had to get down. You see, I start thinking in my head when I have nothing to do. In this case, I was in front of my laptop which was pretty lucky. Ususally I draw some sort of conclusion in my head, make a note to remember it, and then forget it the moment I open my mouth. -.-' Anyway, I had gone through a few blogs and saw that you can post things like that up here. I was happy and that got me wanting to join (well, it pushed the rising tide to 'yes!'). So I wrote it up while I waited for to someone to give me an invite code (Thanks, dave!). So go ahead to my Reading and read!

*Note: (Quote from my comment to The-Muffin-Man) It is all speculation. Different ways to think/look at it. (End of Quote)
I just keep thinking and writing while things churn in my head. I start in one direction and end up in another that way. So I could contradict myself. I never know.

Oh, yes, one more thing. Kuri reminded me of something about me. I didn't put this in my profile, but I like comics, too. Manga and some anime (depends). If I'm in a bookstore, I'll go check them out. Or whenever I have time on my hands and I want to read. I would go to Fiction, but sometimes my eyes get tired and I just want picture books...I read enough.

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Big-no-Little Bang!
Sunday. 9.24.06 3:31 pm
Good afternoon, m'lads and gals. How is everyone this glorious day? =]

My day went off in a bang and ended in the solemn drones of violins.
**The unexpected surprise of having lunch with a few family friends. And being able to go and visit a friend of mine who was volunteering today. I got her the gig by-the-way. =D
~~Then, the mother-master's decree to go back to moving boxes and bags alike. So out came the tiny laundry cart and bulging baby muscles (mine). Trying to heft them big boxes by this petite and delicate of a lady. Mother-Master couldn't be seen in public with them, of course, and so it was my job to do so.

My skin is sensitive, very sensitive. So when I finish climbing the mountain of...things (while carrying box after box), little welts have appeared all over my arms. And legs. I'm poofed. >.<

Yet I'm still not done yet. Whopee. And I still have to paint the apt., that is, if my mother can possibly make up her mind. Two choices: paint it ourselves (whatever colors we like => we bought the paint already) OR let the building paint it (white by cheap paint).

Oh, and please check out my Reading room! I have posted up a short not-story thing. I had found an interesting detail-thingmajig in one of O. Henry's short stories. So I decided to emulate. =P Bad by-the-way.

I have another one from Sylia Plath's The Bell Jar, but I don't have time to post it. I have to go back to the storage space...

--Oh, wait. My site's dimensions/proportions are messed up. If you can't read my short not-story like me =P, highlight the whole thing and copy 'n paste into WordPad or whatever. Sorry...^-^;;

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Brag+Bad day...
Monday. 9.4.06 4:34 pm
First, I'm very exasperated, annoyed, and I just finished crying buckets. But I need to get something out of the way before telling you why.

I have another update on my-life-before-NuTang for you:
I had mentioned in an earlier entry that I'm a dancer. Though not your ususal hip hop dance-to-whatever-music-is-on kinda thing. More like...

Chinese Folk Dance! Yay! Hooray! That doesn't mean just ribbons and fans and handkerchiefs. There's all different kinds of Chinese dance: Xin Jiang, Tibetan, Korean, Mongolian, etc. You all took history, right? So you know that China had been occupied by different countries before and had occupied lands that are now parts of other countries. That is your answer to "What? Korean isn't Chinese dance and neither is so-and-so!"

*Brag Alert!* I've been dancing for 12 years! I used to take acrobatics so i could do flips, etc...though I can barely do a cartwheel now ^-^;; So I'm pretty flexible, ie: I can do splits. XD

Now I'm taking Peking Opera classes, too. I can manipulate a staff and that staff-like-thing with a blade at the end. It's mostly for show because, well, it's for opera. But! I can still kick some a** with it. XP

Oh, and my teachers aren't any run-of-the-mill idiots. They're accomplished dancers and artists: professionals from Beijing, Shanghai, etc...

Alright, I'm done with the bragging. XP

Exasperation+Annoyance=Tears. Not fun. Storytime!

Well, I was walking in the street one day with my mother. We were on our way to Home Depot because we're painting the apartment. A nice conversation along the way that ended in:

Mother: See, you won't go to Heaven!

Me:*glares at her from behind and says flippantly* Well, it doesn't matter. I'm not going to heaven because I don't believe anyway. There may or may not be a heaven or hell.

Me: You know, me and Annie had a philosophical discussion about this. Philosophy--philosophical. *explaining for her benefit* We've decided that we're not going to heaven. We're going to hell. It'll be fun!

Mother: See, those aren't good people! I'm a good person so I have lots of friends. You don't have any.

Me: Yes, I do!
--in front of Rockerfeller Center--
Mother: Oh, look! Ice-skating.

Me: In the winter only. Annie went ice-skating yesterday.

Mother: See, your friends don't call you out. They went without you.

Me: She called me weeks ago. You said no so I couldn't go.

Me: And she called me yesterday to see if I was going. And you said no.
Me: Cecilia said she was going to get her hair done today for tomorrow (first day of school), *next part said fast because she's opened her mouth to speak* but she probably can't go because she has a lot of rashes.

Mother: See, those aren't smart people. *referring to the 'get hair done' part*

Me: She's in the honor society! Don't assume they're not smart because she wants to get her hair cut!
--in Home Depot--looking at window curtain things--
Mother: Give me the measurements. Do they fit?

Me: *take out the measurements*

Mother: See if they fit.

Me: *measures* The big one is a bit short for the middle window *measures some more* The small one's bigger than the small windows

Mother:*silent for a minute, grabs them, and starts to measure them herself*

Me: *inward sigh* I measured them already!

Mother: *silent treatment*

Me: *inward 'geez'*

Mother: *contemplating how to go about this*...oh, we could just get small ones!

Me: Um, we can get one big one and two small ones. *The small ones would have extra we could use to patch whatever's left sticking out of the big one*

Mother: No! We'll get all small ones! Then, they'll fit!

Me: Okay. Since the big one is equal to two small ones, we'll get 4 small. How about that?

Mother: *after five minutes and me repeating what we had already said* No! We'll get one big one and two small ones! *like it was her idea all along*

Me: That's what I said in the beginning!

Mother: *ignoring me*

The rest of the day I chanted silently in my head: "Someone help me...someone save me...someone save me from this woman...someone save me from my mother..."

Oh. My. God. (no offense to Christians) She said those things so matter-of-fact. Everything. Like they were obvious and true. God! (sorry again)

And she's not some old fashioned person from China. (no offense here, too) She's been here for over 20 years, she speaks nearly perfect english, she has connections everywhere. She's not stupid, but this is her opinion of me.

Argh! Depression came over me and the waterworks started. Not in public, of course, but it happened. Now I'm better. NuTang makes me happy.

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