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This was a fun weekend!
Tuesday. 10.14.14 8:41 pm
listening to: Lady Lady - Vision Wei Chen

Boy, did I hang out a lot this weekend! I'm starting to feel more like the young 20-something-year-old I am. No more boring domestic life that makes me feel like a housewife with the urge lash out at the unfairness of it all. I had friends come over consecutive days starting Friday night and we'd partaaay till the wee hours of 2 or 3am. My friends know by now that's how late they will leave when they come over. The night is not over until we start shushing each other at 1am and continue to pay no heed of the time for another hour longer.

On a completely separate matter altogether, are we ever going to get a mobile app for this site? Or at least a mobile friendly version website? My boyfriend has been pointing out books on app development for dummies for a while now. It would be interesting to try it out.

However, that means I really need to get my shit together if I want to be doing side projects. I've already started working on a Radionomy radio for ABC's. That is American Born Chinese which merely alludes to those of us of Chinese descent to happen to listen to more than just English or American songs. Don't worry I'm not a crazed Kpop fan.

Gotta get back to my schoolwork now.
See ya!

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Thursday. 10.29.09 3:13 am
It's been killing me that I don't have my Google Calendar on the go. I FINALLY SYNC-D IT WITH MY PHONE!! No, I don't have an android phone or a Blackberry or a Google phone. No, I didn't download a separate application. I just used the mobile notification thing. Seriously, I never knew what that thing was for. And then, I googled "google calendar sony ericsson phone" took a look at a few things and found it!!! I'm so happy!

Now, I just have to wait for my "Day" notification at 5am to know that it is really working. But I can't wait until 5 am. I have to sleep. Whatever.

Please...pleasepleaseplease work!

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I'm no dead, hooray!
Monday. 6.1.09 10:10 pm
So anyway, no camera. But I've decided it's okay. I'll just get pictures ON my birthday.

Remember my dead Ipod Mini? My mom says she's going to get me a media player w/ radio -- note: media player, not Ipod. But since my mom is getting me one (and herself), I might as well use it. The camera I'll buy myself.

I've also decided to get a group of friends out on my birthday. A night out of fun and laughter. Just be happy on my birthday. I haven't really celebrated a birthday since I was seven or ten. A cake my mom got me last year last minute (the store was closing) and that was it/the first since I was little. I swear all my birthday wishes back then had been: "Uhhh...world peace and everyone be happy." I'm NOT kidding. I never wanted anything. *shrug* I've never had WANTS actually...

Eh-hem. ANYWAY. I'm going to invite this guy I've been crushing on. I've also decided that it's okay, I'm not going to drive myself insane over it. If he likes me, great. If not, I'll live. I have to.

Now I have to choose: go on Facebook and invite people out on my birthday OR read manga online. I actually haven't read manga at all in over a year. I was very surprised to realize I outgrew it. I took a look at some old stuff yesterday and got reminiscing. Time to revisit those good old times.

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Holy Moly, it's been a while!
Saturday. 1.26.13 6:57 pm

*~HAPPY 2013!~*

Around the time I couldn't stand using my old MyTouch 3G anymore (which I resorted to because my G2 had suddenly given up on living even though I had everything set up so nicely and perfectly for me) Best Buy decided to have a one day promotion for the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

$49 only!!!

Bullshit. Fine print says for every other major carrier except mine. I asked the salesperson who assures me that I'll still get it for cheap, I'll just have to pay an extra $30 for my carrier's version. By the by, my carrier isn't the one that has special networks and is different from all the other American phones --> that's AT&T slash Verizon. (I can't remember if it's one or the other or both. Whatever.) I tell my dad, he doesn't care because he knows I just need a working phone.

We stand on line. And wait for at least half an hour. After which we are then told that the entire Best Buy network has been down and can't process ANY new activations or upgrades. Or was it only upgrades and no new activations? Or vice versa. Actually I think we already knew before we waited half an hour, because we were told they didn't know exactly when it would be up and running but it could be any time soon. So we had no choice but to wait. They were able to process a few in the meantime through the long way, meaning by phone and staying on hold and all that jazz.

Then they start skipping me. I don't mean other customers, I mean the salespeople. Now before you all so kindly get angry on my behalf, it wasn't their fault. They didn't get the necessary codes to process T-Mobile activations slash upgrades yet. (Best Buy doesn't have T-Mobile phones in their stores, but they can send you the handset for free.) Finally, a counter opens up and the salesperson calls out "Next" without asking which carrier I'm with. I immediately explain my situation and ask if they can process my purchase yet.

"If that's the case, just do it online. It's the same thing. They'll still send it to you for free. I don't know when we'll be able top help you."


I explain to my dad and we trudge out of the store with heavy sighs. Back at the apartment, I double check that everything is the same online and proceed to purchase. I encounter several technical issues and finally resolve to do it by phone instead. However, I end up speaking with a completely clueless customer representative on the phone (which makes me wonder what the requirements are for that job). Luckily the line disconnects before she annoys me further. I go back to purchasing it online. An hour and a half later, the purchase is completed.

End of Day.

This was back during the week before or of Christmas and I've been happily using my new phone ever since. ^^

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In need of tech advice.
Tuesday. 12.22.09 2:07 am
So I have this U3 compatible Cruzer retractable micro 4G usb device. I had two but my ma broke the other one and I just recently found where I had put this one. It had been unopened, but my internet failed me and I needed to get a paper done so I used it for the first time to transfer my files between school and home.

Here is the advice I need: to choose between using U3 or PortableApps. On the old one, I used PortableApps and was very satisfied with it. I had never bothered checked out the U3 stuff.

I'm leaning more towards getting PortableApps again and have even decided which applications to download if I should finally choose it. U3 is still quite tempting with its added security of automatic password protection upon insertion. After a certain number of password tries, the device will erase everything. But then I've read that there is a new red desktop shortcut that cannot be disabled with installation of U3. I don't like that. Nor do I like the idea that U3 is not space-efficient--in essence creating a double of every application installed and thus, taking up space that could be used otherwise. Not only that, I currently use Google Chrome as my primary web browser which is not included in the numerous applications/software that U3 has. However, it IS included in PortableApps as a freeware and there is a beta version that syncs the bookmarks between the app and your computer--awesome plus. And I don't need many apps anyway, like I already mentioned, the apps available on PortableApps are good enough. BUT, yes another but, I see that icon to launch U3 and I'm so curious, it's so tempting to click it and try something new.

So...if I should decide to get PortableApps, should I delete the whole package of U3? Or should I give in the childish temptation to play with something new and activate/install U3 and later find some way to put Chrome on there?

Oh, dilemmas...=3

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The PMP has arrived
Saturday. 6.13.09 12:10 am
So apparently the portable media player my ma was talking about was the Nextar T30 which came out a year from next week. It cost a hundred bucks at Walmart when it first came out. My ma got it for forty bucks a year late.

It does video, audio, photos, has an FM tuner, and does e-books, too. 4G storage capacity with an SD/MMC slot for cards up to 2G. Um, battery life = 8hrs audio, 4hrs video.

*shrug* It's not like I'm gonna say "no". It's no IPod, but I wasn't asking/expecting one anyway. I'm just gonna use it until it dies. Hey, it has fuctionality so I'll use it. But for the 3.5 screen, I wish it was touchscreen. Ah, well.

How long am I supposed to charge it for? It doesn't say...

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phone update + B&N Nook!
Wednesday. 10.21.09 1:32 pm
Phone: I dropped it and the buttons don't work anymore.

Barnes and Noble's Nook sounds really good.
Alas, I think I shall wait until it puts in a web browser to go with that Wi-fi/3G network. Muahahahaha!

Hooray, readable PDFs on the go~~ My English Professor gives us downloadable pdf reading material online instead of actual physical books so Nook would be awesome. Too bad she gives us excerpts/short pieces online. Two-three physical books we had to buy bc they were actual book-length of over 20 pages.

And I can download free books and put them on...I wonder if Nook can read .txt formats or if I'd have to pdf it first...

More info: Nook
Where I found it: Wired article

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the complexities of life.
Sunday. 10.25.09 6:02 pm
It's so...they are so...complex, complicated.


Aaaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh*smashes imaginary floor lamp against imaginary walls and imaginary windows*


I am really really excited about Nook. But I don't think I'm going to get one. [What is nook? Read previous entry.]
Why? Money, no internet, money, and most importantly, no calendar.

Calendar-wise: I'm really getting attached to my google calendar and I really need it to schedule my life. But I can't bring it with me everywhere. =( Sad fact. So...do I buy a new phone and get the data plan as well? But my dad pays for my phone. And I can't just meet up with him out of nowhere and then it turns out that I need a new phone and want him to pay extra as well. =/ He doesn't take well to that. He's misunderstood me before about that. And blew a fuse. *shrug* =}

Agh. What to do. Hmph. Tell me what I should do.

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