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Hello Kitty from McD's
Monday. 2.18.13 1:50 am
Today my boyfriend bought me another Hello Kitty toy from McDonald's. He got me two at once last time--one with glasses and a book, the other with a tennis racket. (I didn't ask him to, he just knows I like Hello Kitty. I don't usually collect these things, but he sees my face light up and gets me various knick knacks anyway. I have no idea where to put them.) This time it she's ice skating! =) It came with an mCode for a virtual Polar Pet from Hello Kitty. I tried using it, but it doesn't work. Oh well.

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Holy Moly, it's been a while!
Saturday. 1.26.13 6:57 pm

*~HAPPY 2013!~*

Around the time I couldn't stand using my old MyTouch 3G anymore (which I resorted to because my G2 had suddenly given up on living even though I had everything set up so nicely and perfectly for me) Best Buy decided to have a one day promotion for the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

$49 only!!!

Bullshit. Fine print says for every other major carrier except mine. I asked the salesperson who assures me that I'll still get it for cheap, I'll just have to pay an extra $30 for my carrier's version. By the by, my carrier isn't the one that has special networks and is different from all the other American phones --> that's AT&T slash Verizon. (I can't remember if it's one or the other or both. Whatever.) I tell my dad, he doesn't care because he knows I just need a working phone.

We stand on line. And wait for at least half an hour. After which we are then told that the entire Best Buy network has been down and can't process ANY new activations or upgrades. Or was it only upgrades and no new activations? Or vice versa. Actually I think we already knew before we waited half an hour, because we were told they didn't know exactly when it would be up and running but it could be any time soon. So we had no choice but to wait. They were able to process a few in the meantime through the long way, meaning by phone and staying on hold and all that jazz.

Then they start skipping me. I don't mean other customers, I mean the salespeople. Now before you all so kindly get angry on my behalf, it wasn't their fault. They didn't get the necessary codes to process T-Mobile activations slash upgrades yet. (Best Buy doesn't have T-Mobile phones in their stores, but they can send you the handset for free.) Finally, a counter opens up and the salesperson calls out "Next" without asking which carrier I'm with. I immediately explain my situation and ask if they can process my purchase yet.

"If that's the case, just do it online. It's the same thing. They'll still send it to you for free. I don't know when we'll be able top help you."


I explain to my dad and we trudge out of the store with heavy sighs. Back at the apartment, I double check that everything is the same online and proceed to purchase. I encounter several technical issues and finally resolve to do it by phone instead. However, I end up speaking with a completely clueless customer representative on the phone (which makes me wonder what the requirements are for that job). Luckily the line disconnects before she annoys me further. I go back to purchasing it online. An hour and a half later, the purchase is completed.

End of Day.

This was back during the week before or of Christmas and I've been happily using my new phone ever since. ^^

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Monday. 2.11.13 1:26 am

Not my fault. I wrote a 75-80% complete entry. It got wiped out. I'm not re-doing it. You'd think I'd have learned and known better by now. What horrible blogging habits I have. Too bad, I'm done tonight. I was happy with my post. I'm going to sleep!

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Has this ever happened to you, 'Tanger?
Thursday. 2.28.13 2:29 pm
I've lost the inclination to write an entry for NuTang lately. Blasphemy, you say? I agree wholeheartedly. Which is what makes this so perplexing.

The reason I continue to put it off is because of what happened on February 11, 2013, a.k.a. the Placeholder entry, and the next entry which I did not finish afterwards. I started writing it with full intention to summarize what did not get posted and write another story about my life. My laptop ran out of battery and I turned it off instead of finishing it off quickly, simply, and neatly with a bow. Miraculously, the entry was still there in the Create New Weblog Entry page the next time I turned on my laptop. I didn't jump for joy and shout "Hooray!" I looked at the whole screen warily and turned to another tab in Chrome instead.


I've been hibernating my laptop to save the page with the unfinished entry, in case I ever want to continue with my storytelling. I see it every time I have Chrome open and yet I don't finish it. Storytelling can come naturally, but when it's unfinished and Ms. Muse seems to have left us forlorn, there is a sense of duty to write and making something loved into an obligation always creates dread. How unfun.

What would you like me to do, dear 'Tangers? Should I finish it?

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