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Monday. 2.11.13 1:26 am

Not my fault. I wrote a 75-80% complete entry. It got wiped out. I'm not re-doing it. You'd think I'd have learned and known better by now. What horrible blogging habits I have. Too bad, I'm done tonight. I was happy with my post. I'm going to sleep!

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Has this ever happened to you, 'Tanger?
Thursday. 2.28.13 2:29 pm
I've lost the inclination to write an entry for NuTang lately. Blasphemy, you say? I agree wholeheartedly. Which is what makes this so perplexing.

The reason I continue to put it off is because of what happened on February 11, 2013, a.k.a. the Placeholder entry, and the next entry which I did not finish afterwards. I started writing it with full intention to summarize what did not get posted and write another story about my life. My laptop ran out of battery and I turned it off instead of finishing it off quickly, simply, and neatly with a bow. Miraculously, the entry was still there in the Create New Weblog Entry page the next time I turned on my laptop. I didn't jump for joy and shout "Hooray!" I looked at the whole screen warily and turned to another tab in Chrome instead.


I've been hibernating my laptop to save the page with the unfinished entry, in case I ever want to continue with my storytelling. I see it every time I have Chrome open and yet I don't finish it. Storytelling can come naturally, but when it's unfinished and Ms. Muse seems to have left us forlorn, there is a sense of duty to write and making something loved into an obligation always creates dread. How unfun.

What would you like me to do, dear 'Tangers? Should I finish it?

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