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Thank you all
Wednesday. 6.10.09 12:14 pm
for the birthday wishes. I love you all and I mean it. I also love the Tangers who DIDN'T wish me a happy birthday, such as Dilated, Kuri, dave. But like I said, I love them anyway and look, I just plugged 'em.

So I had a nice time on my birthday. Invited 40 ppl on FB to celebrate with me the day before my bday (smart, huh? but I only decided to celebrate the day before the day before). Only about six in total to celebrate, but hey! I have pictures to prove it and show me children/grandkiddies (THAT'S your ol' grandmaw at 19). Only about ten-fifteen pics but who the heck cares. I was hap-pie.

Maybe I'll show 'em to you one day. Soon. How many pics/times did I promise you guys?

So, joke of the day for me: Backstory - I'm working on a campaign, right? So we have volunteers and interns, though we don't call them interns. There is a doorbell for downstairs and an extra one, which we keep upstairs by the window in the office(for no particular reason).

Intern: *presses the button*
Ding Dong~~ over our heads
Intern: *jaw-drop* What the heck?!
Co-worker: That's the door bell. We use it downstairs.
Intern: But WHY did it ring?!
Us: ...
Me: Because you pressed the button!

Guffaw. Oh, man, that was hilarious. And it was this really tall, big guy, too.


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I'm no dead, hooray!
Monday. 6.1.09 10:10 pm
So anyway, no camera. But I've decided it's okay. I'll just get pictures ON my birthday.

Remember my dead Ipod Mini? My mom says she's going to get me a media player w/ radio -- note: media player, not Ipod. But since my mom is getting me one (and herself), I might as well use it. The camera I'll buy myself.

I've also decided to get a group of friends out on my birthday. A night out of fun and laughter. Just be happy on my birthday. I haven't really celebrated a birthday since I was seven or ten. A cake my mom got me last year last minute (the store was closing) and that was it/the first since I was little. I swear all my birthday wishes back then had been: "Uhhh...world peace and everyone be happy." I'm NOT kidding. I never wanted anything. *shrug* I've never had WANTS actually...

Eh-hem. ANYWAY. I'm going to invite this guy I've been crushing on. I've also decided that it's okay, I'm not going to drive myself insane over it. If he likes me, great. If not, I'll live. I have to.

Now I have to choose: go on Facebook and invite people out on my birthday OR read manga online. I actually haven't read manga at all in over a year. I was very surprised to realize I outgrew it. I took a look at some old stuff yesterday and got reminiscing. Time to revisit those good old times.

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I'm almost got run over...
Friday. 5.29.09 8:31 pm
...on Thursday. Twice. And I didn't look before crossing the street again today. I've also been remarkably clumsly lately. Jeopardy = What is the sum of lack of nutrition + lack of sleep + workaholism?

So I decided I needed to take vitamins. I just got home, tore open the box of One A Day: Women's Active Mind & Body, and swallowed a huge orange pill. About to eat some cashews to go with it, but found the canister empty(damn mama's overactive stomach). I DID have some food not an hour ago so I hope that's still good.

BTW, my birthday is next week. But I feel kind of like bc I'm not really ready to be nineteen yet. I haven't even gotten used to being eighteen. Trying to stop time bc I don't have that many photos of being eighteen. I have nothing to show my eighteen year old daughter/granddaughter when they think I'm old and ugly. "I was not always that way!"

Remember how I wanted a camera? I have no choice but to buy the point-n-shoot ones if I want to make it before my birthday. Hopefully, a Nikon~

Die birthdays that just keep coming and passing me by!

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I'm turning 21?!
Friday. 6.3.11 11:29 pm
I am so very sleepy right now. Just came home from Central Park; they're doing a summer French film festival with the theme of "Summer Vacation". After being there for an hour, neither my friend nor I knew what the plot was or if there was one and it was growing colder with the wind getting stronger. We packed up our snacks and tablecloth off the grass and left! We got on the train and went our separate ways. Journey over? Not. I waited...and waited...watched three trains pass without stopping before one finally opened its doors. Once home, I shoved the urge to pass out to the back of my mind and set out to write this. Why? Because I can't sleep yet. I have to take care of my dog who has been shut up in the apartment all by his lonesome today. I thought, "I can sleep at 12am or a little later. I can still get eight to ten hours of sleep since I don't have dance class until 2pm." Then it hit me...


0.0 What? So fast? Oh great dark blue skies and calm heaven, I am turning 21 tomorrow. Holy white lilies, red tulips, and yellow daisies. Oh my, oh my.

I've had one heck of a day: getting out of bed at 1pm, running errands for my out of town mother, grabbing a quick lunch while letting my dog run around, going to teach, talking to the school programs director about my students' graduation, buying snacks, trying to make it to Central Park...it completely slipped my mind that it's my birthday tomorrow.

That has never happened before.

But there's a first time for everything, isn't there? =) Isn't that one of the great things about life? As long as you're alive, anything can happen. Even the things you dreamed would never happen. Or rather, you can dream that anything you'd never dare to dream could actually happen.

There, that's quite positive, isn't it? A good place to end this entry.

Good night all!

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