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Gimme a call
Tuesday. 6.16.09 7:53 pm
Joke of the day: one of the new volunteers came in for an interview and just left. One of the other volunteers realizes that new guy forgot to fill out a part of his application and the guy in charge of volunteers says,"You can still catch him! He should be downstairs by now." She runs out to the window and screams out his name. A second later she apologizes, "Sorry, wrong person." The entire office cracks up. High-larious.

Okay, something personal: I haven't liked any guy for three years or so. Now I'm crushing on a co-worker. Today...I was perfectly fine until two hours before the end of my day. At one point, I wonder if I'm getting lovesick, like actually feeling sick. Five seconds later, he walks in. I'm perfectly fine. WTF?! But yeah.

And then I start to wonder, I don't really like him, do I?

I'm sure the answer will be 'yes, you do' tomorrow. Or something. You know how it is. Emotions (especially those in this area) are never stable for very long.

Tell me when you get bored of these reports

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The PMP has arrived
Saturday. 6.13.09 12:10 am
So apparently the portable media player my ma was talking about was the Nextar T30 which came out a year from next week. It cost a hundred bucks at Walmart when it first came out. My ma got it for forty bucks a year late.

It does video, audio, photos, has an FM tuner, and does e-books, too. 4G storage capacity with an SD/MMC slot for cards up to 2G. Um, battery life = 8hrs audio, 4hrs video.

*shrug* It's not like I'm gonna say "no". It's no IPod, but I wasn't asking/expecting one anyway. I'm just gonna use it until it dies. Hey, it has fuctionality so I'll use it. But for the 3.5 screen, I wish it was touchscreen. Ah, well.

How long am I supposed to charge it for? It doesn't say...

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Thank you all
Wednesday. 6.10.09 12:14 pm
for the birthday wishes. I love you all and I mean it. I also love the Tangers who DIDN'T wish me a happy birthday, such as Dilated, Kuri, dave. But like I said, I love them anyway and look, I just plugged 'em.

So I had a nice time on my birthday. Invited 40 ppl on FB to celebrate with me the day before my bday (smart, huh? but I only decided to celebrate the day before the day before). Only about six in total to celebrate, but hey! I have pictures to prove it and show me children/grandkiddies (THAT'S your ol' grandmaw at 19). Only about ten-fifteen pics but who the heck cares. I was hap-pie.

Maybe I'll show 'em to you one day. Soon. How many pics/times did I promise you guys?

So, joke of the day for me: Backstory - I'm working on a campaign, right? So we have volunteers and interns, though we don't call them interns. There is a doorbell for downstairs and an extra one, which we keep upstairs by the window in the office(for no particular reason).

Intern: *presses the button*
Ding Dong~~ over our heads
Intern: *jaw-drop* What the heck?!
Co-worker: That's the door bell. We use it downstairs.
Intern: But WHY did it ring?!
Us: ...
Me: Because you pressed the button!

Guffaw. Oh, man, that was hilarious. And it was this really tall, big guy, too.


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Tuesday. 6.2.09 7:23 pm

(can't find a smiley that blows kisses and wont take the time to look for one) Imagine me blowing bushels and tons and chests of kisses worth their weight (total, not individual) in gold. Gold, I say.

By the way, it's this thursday.

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I'm no dead, hooray!
Monday. 6.1.09 10:10 pm
So anyway, no camera. But I've decided it's okay. I'll just get pictures ON my birthday.

Remember my dead Ipod Mini? My mom says she's going to get me a media player w/ radio -- note: media player, not Ipod. But since my mom is getting me one (and herself), I might as well use it. The camera I'll buy myself.

I've also decided to get a group of friends out on my birthday. A night out of fun and laughter. Just be happy on my birthday. I haven't really celebrated a birthday since I was seven or ten. A cake my mom got me last year last minute (the store was closing) and that was it/the first since I was little. I swear all my birthday wishes back then had been: "Uhhh...world peace and everyone be happy." I'm NOT kidding. I never wanted anything. *shrug* I've never had WANTS actually...

Eh-hem. ANYWAY. I'm going to invite this guy I've been crushing on. I've also decided that it's okay, I'm not going to drive myself insane over it. If he likes me, great. If not, I'll live. I have to.

Now I have to choose: go on Facebook and invite people out on my birthday OR read manga online. I actually haven't read manga at all in over a year. I was very surprised to realize I outgrew it. I took a look at some old stuff yesterday and got reminiscing. Time to revisit those good old times.

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I'm almost got run over...
Friday. 5.29.09 8:31 pm
...on Thursday. Twice. And I didn't look before crossing the street again today. I've also been remarkably clumsly lately. Jeopardy = What is the sum of lack of nutrition + lack of sleep + workaholism?

So I decided I needed to take vitamins. I just got home, tore open the box of One A Day: Women's Active Mind & Body, and swallowed a huge orange pill. About to eat some cashews to go with it, but found the canister empty(damn mama's overactive stomach). I DID have some food not an hour ago so I hope that's still good.

BTW, my birthday is next week. But I feel kind of like bc I'm not really ready to be nineteen yet. I haven't even gotten used to being eighteen. Trying to stop time bc I don't have that many photos of being eighteen. I have nothing to show my eighteen year old daughter/granddaughter when they think I'm old and ugly. "I was not always that way!"

Remember how I wanted a camera? I have no choice but to buy the point-n-shoot ones if I want to make it before my birthday. Hopefully, a Nikon~

Die birthdays that just keep coming and passing me by!

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Sunday. 5.17.09 10:50 pm
I've always been interested in photography. And I've been wanting a camera for so long now. Epiphany: I have a job now, let's buy one.

I went to a photography class of sorts today. It had two segments: one about a little trick in Adobe Photoshop and the other about the Gigapan System. All around the room hung photos by senior photographers. I mean seniors in the sense of kohai and sempai, not that they aren't also actual seniors in age(grandpas) which they are. Anyway, after the one hour session, I went up to the teachers to ask this question: For an amateur photographer just starting out, would it be better to get a DSLR or a point-and-shoot? (DSLR = the cameras that have a mirror and many lenses to switch around for any wanted effect; e.g. Nikon D40 / point-and-shoot = your usual digital cameras with one lens and set zoom of 3x, 6x, etc.; e.g. Nikon CoolPix)

What I understood from the short answer I was given and the amused look constituted this: look at your budget. If you can spend $500 or more, get the DSLR. If not, get the point-and-shoot.

Problem is, I also have specific kinds of pictures I want to take. Things that I get a feeling that I like and is different, my style. But I also want to just buy a CoolPix and have a camera already! I have a co-worker who bought a CoolPix for $135 or so and the other guys were basically saying he could have gotten it cheaper. That's right up my alley. I don't think I can buy in the $500 range; as much as I would like to take the photos I want.

So the choice is between Nikon CoolPix or Nikon D40. Cost is a big deciding factor.

i REALLY want the D40...

@random: I don't remember what I said, but shush you!
@midmoon: What, you don't get my genius? Come on!
@muffy: That's what I'm talkin' about! *high-five* See? HE gets my genius.
@lostsoul13: Yeah, but now I'm stuck in the middle. Can't type the old way and I suck at the right way.
@lost: Yeah, our weather is pretty good right now. *cheshire cat grin*

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I watched TV!
Monday. 5.11.09 11:14 pm
@Stevie: Basically typing correctly = right and types: asdf and left hand types: jkl;

I just watched Masterpiece Theater for the first time in months! My first TV! And it wasn't even on my TV, but through the Masterpiece Theater website.

Kurt Wallanderrrrrrrrrr! I want to buy the books now, but I'm not made of money. I need clothes, too. And if I want to go to college, I better not squander my paychecks.

I've signed up for daily words from dictionary.com bc I've noticed that I know a lot of words but I'm having a hard time pulling 'em out of a hat. Yes, like a bunny.

That reminds me. Bombincate? To hum, buzz or drone? I gotta stop my boss from bombincating all the time. It's always the same melody.

Did I get the word right? Hmm...

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