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Monday. 11.8.10 11:00 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Copy n Paste...Not.
Monday. 11.8.10 10:54 pm
I just copy n pasted my Posterous entries here. Then I deleted it.
I realized it would be too much coincidence
and link me to this blog.

I'd rather keep my thoughts private.

You guys wanna know something?
Keep it secret.
Really secret.
I might get a HUGE backlash for this.
From you guys even.

Which is why I'm going to write it in the next post
and ya'll have to enter in the pw to read it.

*don't know how to feel abt the situation*

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Sunday. 10.24.10 1:16 pm
Quick entry. On a time limit.
Should be studying /writing term paper.

Kept up with Posterous.

If you want to read it, note me!
I made another one, too.
i just couldn't help it.
(Omg, I just resisted the urge to write LOL)
(Darn it!)
(What is going on with me?!)
Again, if you want to read this one, note me!
This one is just going to be a story.
We'll see how far I get with it.
First chapter is up.
Note me~~~


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Monday. 10.18.10 2:48 pm
Yes, random.

I went ahead and made a Posterous blog.

The reason why I like it is
because it can update all your other chosen networks
your other blogs all at once.
For me, that updates:
my Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, & Picasa Web Albums.

At first,
I was a little unsure since
with Blogger
you get to choose whether or not you're included in the search engines
and Posterous gives no such assurance.
It DOES assure that
they will never sell your information
and if you should choose to make your blog private,
they will never send your posts to Facebook,
auto-post to your linked acounts
or allow your blog to be found
through their search or explore functions.

I have chosen NOT to make my blog private
since I can automatically make certain posts private if I want.

Message/"note" me if you want the link.
I was going to post it here
then I realized that this was a public blog
where I am still an unknown entity to the world
except fellow nuTangers
a fact
which is incidentally
the thing that calmed my fears
of the above paragraph.
I already have a public blog.
What makes this any different?
I thought.
I won't show the link here
because that one will actually identify me
This is still anonymous (somewhat)
and I don't want there to be a direct link

@Nuttz: What I meant was
a completely separate blog here
especially for the people who know me in real life.
The community here and the # of members
too small
for me to easily avoid discovery
of my other identity as

Toodles~ =)

Man, oh man
I had three pimples
clustered on my nose
almost one on top of the other.
Thank goodness they're mostly gone.
My nose was so red
and sensitive.
Good riddance!

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Turnabout is fair play.
Saturday. 10.16.10 11:17 pm
But that's not what this entry is about.
I just happened to come across
this phrase once or twice before.

Anyone heard of Posterous?
(I imagine there will be both y's & n's)
It's another blogging site with the focus on
extreme simplicity in posting
(by email).
I don't know if I should start using one.

Technically I have a WordPress acct,
but I haven't used it beyond...three entries?
NuTang is my longest continually used blog.
I have Blogger due to my Google Account.
But it's hard to post from the get-go
(same with the 'Tang)
which leads to less posts.
Plus, I think of my Blogger as
less personal, more of a public image
that I allow everyone to see.
(It IS a public blog afterall.)

What else do I have?
I think that's pretty much it.
(Do I even remember the user/pw for WordPress?)

So, yeah.
I've been hoping for something easy to use
that I can post to from my phone.
I don't use email as much
(even though I have a smartphone =P)
but Posterous's use of it sounds interesting.
Blogger has a post-by-email option, but...
I don't know
it's just not as appealing?
Also, I don't really like the fact
that anyone can just come across it
by using Blogger's "Random Blog" button
that will just send the person to any random blog
once they click it.
I feel like it's an invasion of privacy.

I don't even want to think
about using Tumblr
because I seen several people use it
and share their posts using Facebook.
I'm just against using anything
that is "popular"
especially among the more...
less-likely-to-use-their-brain crowd.

Or maybe I'm just itching to try something new.

Every time I look at Blogger
I just feel tired.
Like there are just too many options
and I don't want to deal with all that.
Plus, the dashboard and its orange-blue-ness
is just not appealing.

And I can't move to NuTang
because it would be too easy
for them to find out that this is me too.


Oh, and I went to my grand-aunt's wake yesterday.
It made me feel better
that I had a good enough memory
to remember her face correctly.

I will always remember her that way
smiling at me and calling me a good kid.

Tell me if I should try out Posterous. =)

Check it out at Posterous.com

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Life goes on...
Monday. 10.11.10 3:11 am
without you
unless you grab it by the reins
and hold it so tight
you nearly choke it to death.

So my grand-aunt passed away Friday afternoon.

In other news
oi gosh
I am so behind in work
but I learned
I learned how to suck it up
and not wallow in misery
drowning in the swamp
or quicksand rather
of my own blood.

Okay okay, mother.
She's making me sleep.

Good night!

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I am a coward.
Monday. 9.27.10 4:00 am
And a horrible person.

I still have not gone to visit my poor grand-aunt.
Not that she's conscious.
I expect that she is un-conscious
what with her being extremely sick
and on the precipice.

It seems that I am waiting for her to die
before I go see her.
My next visit shall be to the funeral home.

How nice of me, eh?
No visit while she's alive.
A final visit to say goodbye.

Hey, that rhymed.
Hooray morbidity.

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Death is catching.
Sunday. 9.12.10 12:54 pm
Remember my grandma who passed away recently?
Her sister is now in the hospital
Same one that my grandma was in
I call her "Third Second-Mother"
=P Literal translation
"third eldest child and older sister of my grandmother"
Boy, Chinese relations are complicated.

True to form
Just like she did last time
My mother is making a big fuss
And is against my going to the hospital
This time she isn't allowing me to go at all.

They tell me
No one knows what will happen
Today or tomorrow
Meaning she may die.

I want to visit her.
Unlike my grandmother,
I haven't seen this grand-aunt in years.

I don't want my last visit to be at the hospital.

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