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Wednesday. 9.27.06
I'm doing it, too! Now, let the hypnotization commence! Yooouu wiilll obbeeyy mee...I could neeevvver lead you wrroonngg...1, 2, 3 SNAP! Click the link below!


Alright, now that that's done--you did click it, didn't you?--I will now rant, whine, and beg.

It's so annoying, I can't believe this! *huff, stomp stomp* I thought the problem would be gone once I changed layouts! *hops up and down in a pout* Can someone please tell me what to do to fix it? Something to change/add or whatever? Please? *sniffs with watery eyes *

Explanation: Remember how my gallery and Reading room were unviewable? The problem has returned. It's not as bad, but the very last inch of the pics are off the page AND my writing pieces are way to close to the edge. Like they're about to fall out and off the page cliif into oblivion. But at least you can read them now.

---Password for above entry is the same as my first private entry. There not ALL going to be the same, but I'm leaving now. Those of you who don't know about it, here's a clue: What's 15674325 x 2 divided by 10 + 50 divided by 626983? The answer is somewhere on this page. Click it and look for the password. XP

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Muscles, Baby!
Tuesday. 9.26.06
Before I get into it, I just want to respond to the comments for my 'Meowmix' entry. ^-^

thaitanic: The older guy was bald, short, and...not very...good-looking. But maybe she liked that. =P

lazypuppy: Thank you, thank you! Someone appreciates my brilliance!

elessar257: No, the manager is an old hispanic man. He was nowhere in sight.

On to the main course!

I found an interesting story on dave's other site : Our Odd World

6-Year-Old Boy Does 10,000 Pushups

Found this on OurOddWorld.com

Lu Di, 6, does pushups as other young kungfu students watch at a kungfu school in Central China's Henan Province July 26, 2006. According to school president Shi Yongdi, Lu did 10,000 pushups in three hours and twenty minutes four days ago. Since he shows so much promise, Shi says the school will waive his tuition for ten years.

Heh. Aren't we Chinese something? ^-^
Such a cute yet manly little boy. Look at those muscles, wowee! 0.0

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What Am I?
Tuesday. 9.26.06
I have posted up a "test" I took on Tickle. It's one of those Talent/Aptitude/job-Career things...You may not be interested, but those are my results. It was MUCH longer, but I shortened it for our eyes. A long block of text is hardly inviting...

Oh, and I also went to GoQuiz.com and now I have an Ice-Cream flavor...

That will be in a module------>

They will be up for oh, a few days I suppose. Enjoy! =P

***invisible finally sent me the layout! I'll have it up soon! ^-^

--------And I've updated the Note Me News Mod. It's not really necessary, but I don't feel like repeating myself while ya'll wait for my new better layout! =P

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Monday. 9.25.06 10:04 pm
I'm a bit annoyed right now. I have a little story for you:

I went down to the supermarket down the street that was open 24/7. I was getting the 1.5 liter Coca Cola that was on sale that I would use to wash down the trail mix bar later. The only employees around were a couple of college students lunging on the counters.

As I came nearer to the cashiers, I went into nice respectful customer mode.
I went up to the girl closest to the exit and asked, "HI, are you open?". She nodded and proceeded to slowly push herself upright with a loud groan. Like it took all her energy to do so. She eyed me as she took the soda out of my hand and rolled it across the scanner. Beep! She plopped it into a bag and finally opened her mouth. Out came a languid, "Dollah twelve." How nice. I gave her the money.

I stopped next to the exit to pocket the change and watched as an older 30-something man came up to her. A sweet smile appeared on her face and she asked in a pleasant voice, "Coffee, sir?" When he agreed, she nodded. "Small or large?" She proceeded to fill the cup and ask exactly how he wanted the coffee, sugar, milk/ half 'n half, the works. When it was perfect, she handed it to him with a final dazzling smile.

What am I, expired meowmix? =what am i, chopped liver?= WTH?

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Monday. 9.25.06
Re-reading my two short not-stories...they're pretty depressing. Heh.

Yes, your eyes do not decieve you. I'm using smilies again! It's been eight entries since I've last used them. No wonder my site's been looking so boring. Just blackness and blocks of text.

Well, not anymore! Smilies are back and...I have a surprise! Guess what it is?

I have to go get some grub to fill my tummy. Let the comment frenzy commence! I'll be back.

--I just sent 'money' to invisible. For what? For my new layout! Surprise!

Oh, time to go...one more thing: my weather pixie's time is wrong. Also about an hour, just like my site here. =[

Ah, bye everyone!

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Hair Pulling
Sunday. 9.24.06 10:18 pm
I posted the next short not-story. =D
Remember, copy 'n paste, okay? If I can't read it, I doubt ya'll can. =P

The names of the two short not-stories are:
*Hope* and *One Wish*

Hope inspired by Paul Fleischman, not O. Henry as I had previously 'said'. I don't know what I was thinking, but I clearly wasn't. >.<
And One Wish inspired by Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar.

Enjoy! ^-^
And tell me what you think! I need to know. Or I'll pull my hair out, I'm NOT kidding. XP

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Big-no-Little Bang!
Sunday. 9.24.06 3:31 pm
Good afternoon, m'lads and gals. How is everyone this glorious day? =]

My day went off in a bang and ended in the solemn drones of violins.
**The unexpected surprise of having lunch with a few family friends. And being able to go and visit a friend of mine who was volunteering today. I got her the gig by-the-way. =D
~~Then, the mother-master's decree to go back to moving boxes and bags alike. So out came the tiny laundry cart and bulging baby muscles (mine). Trying to heft them big boxes by this petite and delicate of a lady. Mother-Master couldn't be seen in public with them, of course, and so it was my job to do so.

My skin is sensitive, very sensitive. So when I finish climbing the mountain of...things (while carrying box after box), little welts have appeared all over my arms. And legs. I'm poofed. >.<

Yet I'm still not done yet. Whopee. And I still have to paint the apt., that is, if my mother can possibly make up her mind. Two choices: paint it ourselves (whatever colors we like => we bought the paint already) OR let the building paint it (white by cheap paint).

Oh, and please check out my Reading room! I have posted up a short not-story thing. I had found an interesting detail-thingmajig in one of O. Henry's short stories. So I decided to emulate. =P Bad by-the-way.

I have another one from Sylia Plath's The Bell Jar, but I don't have time to post it. I have to go back to the storage space...

--Oh, wait. My site's dimensions/proportions are messed up. If you can't read my short not-story like me =P, highlight the whole thing and copy 'n paste into WordPad or whatever. Sorry...^-^;;

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Saturday. 9.23.06 11:36 pm
I was trying to get more pps for something at NuStore. But now I forget. I have no idea what I was saving up for...XP

Hmm...remember how I started to make pluggies, but stopped because I kept forgetting? Well, I'm trying to decide whether I should buy it from NuStore. It should be automatic, right? Because if it isn't...need I finish? The same thing would happen again and it'd be useless.

I'm using our computer right now--HP Pavilion PC, not my laptop. On a modem. Not that bad here. Mybe it's because I'm uptown so-to-speak. More people, more 'popular' areas = better service? It's like that with my laptop. Wireless service uptown at home, but not downtown at my gran's.

The reason I'm using the pc: it seems that my mother can't get onto Yahoo! from here on AOL. So we traded. Except it's about 12:43 am so I prbably won't get to use my laptop tonight. Most Likely.

So => another Head's Up!
G'nite. Sweet dreams. Don't let the bedbugs bite.

--For those of you still having trouble viewing my site:
Try opening the window minimized. That way you can pull the edges outward to reveal the hidden parts.

This may not work for everyone...it's just a guess. I stumbled across this genius idea when I switched computers. As well as switching from using modem (AOL) back to wireless (IE).

I'm actually typing this on my laptop now. With an anoying 'valleygirl' voice bellowing into my ear in chinese. Yes, yes, mother-master.

By-the-way, it's now 1:15am and I have 516 pps. What should I get?
Oh, and I was meaning to respond to some comments...how about later? Forgive me. ^-^;; XP

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