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Shortest entry ever.
Tuesday. 10.17.06 6:31 pm
I have a performance tomorrow. And none of the other dancers are willing to come help me out. So, yes, I'm flying solo.

Isn't that great? I just know my final dive to failure will be TERRIFIC!

The whole thing is basically split between two groups so...there'll be a bit of improv. on my part. Add this, change that, move more, and MAKE SURE NOT TO SCREW UP!

The executive director of my dance school and the DCNY dance company is coming. One of their professional dancers is coming--he's from China and a terrfic artist (acrobatics and peking opera, too) and he can FLY! His wife is coming as well--also a dancer and has an acrobatic specailty (plates+long rods=spinning in the air). She may perform, too...not sure.


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Lessons and an interesting Fact
Monday. 10.16.06 3:10pm
Hehehe...I'm home early today! Early dismissal--well, we have another name, but you're not interested in that.

I want to watch The Grudge 2 . Partly because Sarah Michelle Geller is in it--as small as her role may be, this time around. The other reason is that it's a horror movie and I always want to watch those. Though I never have...it's hard enough to get to the movie theatre, let alone a scary movie.

I have never watched a scary movie.

I have learned my lesson: Never make an entry during lunch. It's rarely ever seen and gets pushed out of the New Entries column by the time I get home. Therefore, my entries are strictly afterschool and may become more abundant in number.


--Just so you know: My site will be changing continuously for the next couple of hours.

I'm doing a little experimentation of my own in layouts--using my current one (hope you don't mind, invisible!) and dave's tutorial as guides. So be a little careful with your eyes--that rainbow can be a bit flashy.

By-the-way, I'm not scared of those movies. I just never get to watch movies in general...

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OMG, the time's right!
Sunday. 10.15.06 10:12 pm
mood: content
listening to: kelly chen
watching: my fingers crawling across the keyboard

It has a point--my title, I mean. The time on this entry has the right hour. But it's a minute off--isn't that horrible? You know I'm joking. XP

Alright, to get you up to speed on my weekend...

Friday: So we were dancing--I was smiling and paying no attention the the stupid soundbox in front of my face on the incredibly tiny stage, I stand up and the audience sees the cheery expression on my face, we dance and dance...and the music shuts off.

See, there's this part of the track with a little break. Like all musical pieces (the longer ones) it's a chance for the artist to take a breather. The music finishes and then starts up again after a sec.

Apparently the NEW DJ couldn't wait a sec. There was only ONE TRACK on the CD and it wasn't over yet. We were still moving, but he WASN'T WATCHING us either. If he wasn't watching us or the equipment, WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS HE DOING?

1. There was supposed to be a dinner for everyone--audience and performers.
We got NO FOOD

2. This was a fundraising event.
We were VOLUNTEERING our time and energy to dance.

3. We were supposed to go onstage at 9:05pm
We went onstage at TEN-SOMETHING PM.

4. We were supposed to rehearse onstage (thinking we'd get to know the space available and the Dj familiar with the music).
The KICK US OFF while the music is playing and we were only doing a walk-through. Saying that they didn't have enough time for everyone to rehearse. Okay, I understand that. But the people who rehearsed (after we went backstage) had already been onstage a good five min. or so doing NOTHING before we decided to go onstage since they were just standing around.

We waited the whole night with nothing in our tummies, spending an awful lot of time rehearsing, and doing whatever else needed to be done with whatever they gave us. AND WE DIDN'T GET TO FINISH THE DANCE. We couldn't continue without the music as there would be the problem of coordination and so on.

What a disappointment. Awfully unprofessional. All their "I'm so sorry"s and"I scolded the Dj fiercely" can't make up for it. *shrugs* It happened, it happened.

The one professional dancer among us was terribly mad. Her face didn't show it, but it was clear as day when she turned to us and said, "I'm mad. That was really unprofessional." And boy, did she have reason to. Rage was boiling in my veins.

I didn't really hold it in. I actually went to the other side of backstage (with the emcees and the stage manager) right after the dance while they shut off the lights. A friend (the one who got us the gig and danced with us) and I asked them one simple question. "Why'd you turn the music off?" We weren't finished. Just because the audience starts clapping it doesn't mean it's over. Their eyes were wide with 'What? Huh?' on their faces. Incredible.

Ooh, the time isn't right anymore...XP The rest of the weekend can be wriiten about another day...wasn't that eventful.

I'm sick. Got a raspy throat and it's killin' me. Bllleh. *sniff* And a cold. By noze iz awl stuvved ub. =My nose is all stuffed up.= Generally I'm stuffed up all year round--with allergies, then I HAVE to get a cold and get sick enough to be out with a fever for a few days.

By-the-way, I'm out for only a day and so many things have happened? Update, please! I have questions and now I need a tourguide to get explanations. I don't like to be left in the dark. *pout*

Who's up for the job?

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Teddies on the 13th
Friday. 10.13.06
I just realized it's Friday the 13th.

And many sawwies for not being here yesterday. At least I feel sad and annoyed my mother didn't let me go online. Well, we got home pretty late.

There was a series of performances in the park across the street from my gran's. It was called Lunar Stages and held every Thursday in honor of the Moon Festival. Last night was the last one => one live performance at 6pm and film at 7pm.

Live = Gaijin A Go Go a regular band with three misses shaking their stuff--A Go Go style. Two in layered mini-skirts and the singer in a layered mini-dress, all with white tall boots. Mumbling into the microphone. What'd they say/sing? I have no idea.

Film = Charlie's Angels The first one and it's the first time I've seen it. No, I'm not kidding. Everytime music came on, I'd lift my eyebrows and muse, "Now THAT is an old song..." So familiar yet the words escaped me. *shrugs*

It was so funny to watch the bloopers at the end. Remember when Lucy Liu aka. Alex aimed the bow 'n arrow thing at the helicopter(with the bad guy in it)? Remember what she said, er--yelled?


Hil-arious! In the bloopers = it showed her after she yelled and DIDN'T shoot the thing. She looked straight at the camera and started laughing. Everyone cracked up.


Okay, I had something else to talk about...I can't remember...

I'm not gonna be here tonight. Performance. Pictures? We'll see.

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I, Silver-dot-, do solemnly swear...
Wednesday. 10.11.06
glittering silver
flashing, blinking
leading the way through the darkness
of night

its metallic flavour
lingers in the air
coating everything with its tangles
of touch

precious metal placed at the altar
gently egging on
the Above All
to purse lips and spread the curve
of mirth.

On to other business

I have decided what to buy from NuSTORE...sort of.

~~~A Weblog Signature!~~~~

I'm not sure what to say, but the poem took form as I tackled this terrible problem. I was thinking of using that as my signature, but I believe it is too long.
What to do, what to do...?

And the last stanza seems to be a bit abrupt. What do you think?

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A blunt female Denny Crane.
Tuesday. 10.10.06
I didn't get in. =Man, I'm always blunt.=

For those of you who had read my...second? private entry, I blogged about this program I was trying to join. It's has direct connections to a government agency?

Afterwards, I had a few lines with two Explorers and then a nice conversation with the girl in charge of the Explorers. She told me it was nice talking to me, asked for my name and phone number, and told me I'd get in. I'm not saying I threw all to the wind and knew that I'd get in because she said so. But the conversation with her had convinced me that I had a pretty good chance.

Then the email comes. I open it immediately and see all the addresses of the other applicants. I knew in my heart that I didn't make it. I scrolled down and Surprise! there it was. I should 'try again' and put my name in the waiting list so when someone leaves in the middle of the year, I can grab their spot!

Ah, well. I'm actually not sad at all. Once I finished reading the email, I closed it and marked it as New/Unread. If we wanted to be put in the waiting list, we had to respond directly to that email address and say so. But I didn't. I didn't hesitate one sec. before getting out of my mail. No respnse, no waiting list. Maybe I don't want it after all. I'm not sure I want to go into Law Enforcement. I wasn't sure when I got there and I wasn't sure when I left.

Well, there is one thing I would have really liked. They teach you how to shoot. Not a bow and arrow or verbal abuse, but a gun. =D Oh, yeah. That would have been awesome, it would've rocked! And they teach you to fight. Heh, it would've been cool to learn how to find a bomb, criminal investigations, stuff like that.

And onto a lighter subject in my totally crazy yet boring life...

My lips taste wierd. Seriously, they taste...hideous, terrible. Blaahck. And I have no idea why. And they're tingling. No idea why about that either...

I'm Denny Crane. Good night.

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Zilch Mud Pie.
Monday. 10.9.06
I have nothing to blog about. Nada. Zilch.

Alright, let's see...what can I possibly come up with? Well, this is a very busy month for me.


October 2006 ---Ghosts, Witches, Broomsticks, Spiders, and Cats

Volunteer at ISACC as assistant to an ESL/Citizenship teacher
from 9am to 5pm

**exceptions: 10/22 + 10/29 and after

10/22 => CLP training session
10/29 => administration of assesment exam (for the students)
*I'm a Language Partner--I have no idea why that's in capitals...*

10/13 => Fundraiser at NYU -- I'm performing with a few other girls. Perhaps there will be pictures. =D

10/18 => Fundraiser for CAACNY -- Another performance! More pics? ;)

10/26 => AAARI Anniversary Banquet -- No performance, just more volunteering. As an escort, selling raffles, setting up silent auction, and the like. Maybe pics...There's supposed to be an orientation-like thing for all volunteers. I haven't been informed of the date yet...*shrugs*

And that's my October as of today. Of course we can't forget the most important date...


Don't tell me you weren't expecting that. 0.o Big duh. XP

Hmm...I don't know if I should dress up...let alone who or what I'll be. =/ Suggestions for 200, please.

Now, I have to publish this and start looking up the organizations on google...see if this entry comes up. Yikes! If it does, I'm taking out their names, add a link or something?

Ok! I'm going, going, gone! ^-^

---Did anyone fool around with the compatibility widget? ===>
Heh, I saw it on jen's site first and then JMC's. So I got one for myself. ^-^ It's going down in a few days. Not friday though because I won't be home...

Oh, that's right! Every date I mentioned above in the calendar? I won't be able to blog that night becuase I won't get home until late and my mother won't let me turn on my laptop. =/ I'll see if I can during lunch.

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Decisions Decisions...
Friday. 10.6.06
Ok, I know, I know...so many private entries. XD

They're not really that private-ish, just long rants about stuff that you don't need to read if you don't want to. ^-^

I've come to a solution for them:

unless I say otherwise or it doesn't work. Got that?

Alright, I don't want to say what the password is right now, but it's in another entry. The entry is called Password on page 5. Go there and VOILA!! Easy enough, right?


Have a yummy mooncake as you search the round-n-pocked yellow surface of the moon for a peep at the beautiful Moon Lady/Goddess and the Rabbit. ^-^

Look it up if you don't know what I'm talking about. XP


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