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I have a condition
Friday. 3.14.08 10:25 pm
and it's called dermatographia.

Finally! I have a name for it! Dermatographia. I have had this all my life. And never knew what it was. I have had family members ask me what I ate or touched, if I was allergic, tell me I should do this or that, tell me that I have hives again. But they weren't hives! I'm not allergic to anything in that way.

I have dermatographia. =) Of course, saying that out loud just makes me look and sound vulnerable, like this child to be pitied because I have a condition. That's what it sounds like!

Ah, well. I finally have a name for it. *grin*

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Answer to your Question
Thursday. 3.13.08 1:33 pm
No, that's not me.

Now, go to the prev. entry and read if you haven't already done so. =P

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Wednesday. 3.12.08 9:42 pm
I chose the wrong date to change jackets. >.> The past few days have been really nice with sunshine and everything. Today? Cold brisk crisp wind cutting through my hoodie jacket. I had a scarf around my neck and mittens on my fingers, but still I was shivering.

Now I'm sniffling. Bleh.

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the B.
Sunday. 3.9.08 8:00 pm
The fuckin bitch of a bitch.

You know how much work I have to do. I told her yesterday that I'd do my work and help out cleaning in between. I forgot to help and only did my stuff. Is that so bad?

Now she won't let me watch Masterpiece Theater even if I said I would clean and watch--or listen---at the same time. I said I'fdstop doing my homeworkl right now and clean if she would let me turn it on.

It's not even fucking televiion show. It's fucking Masterpiece THeater.

She just sadi, oh, I've heard all your excuses, no TV. She hasn't seen me turn on the fucking TV for months. Fuckin bitch.

Fuck you. Kiss my ass. GO to hell. Bitch.

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Sunday. 3.9.08 12:59 am
mood: calm
listening to: Vienna Teng "1 Br/1 Ba"
watching: the back of my eyelids every few seconds

"My upstairs neighbors are making sounds I never want to hear. I hope they're just moving furniture around and really liking it there indeed."

Hearing her soulful crooning of the words above made me chuckle. Then, stop. And wonder.

There goes that creaking sound again. Every once in a while I hear creaking in my apartment. I could never locate where it was coming from. It sounds like floorboards squeaking.

I want to laugh. Perhaps that's what it was all about? *grin* I feel like banging a broom up at my own Rachel & Monica up there. *smirk* Though of course, they never did anything to deserve that...In case you don't understand, I was referring to the TV show Friends. Yeah, I couldn't think of anything else. It just popped in my mind. And I giggled.

If I really did that, I wouldn't get anything so tame as my own Rachel & Monica coming to complain to me. Ah, the sweet kind society of today...

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Free day~!
Friday. 3.7.08 2:43 pm
I wanna go out. I wanna play! I wanna stay out all night.

But can I?

I still have another class tomorrow morning. I have to leave the house before eight am. And then, I've got three papers due next week, including the second half of a research paper. And a project involving me watching a stupid video which I have yet to find. Crap.

Ugh, I don't even know if I should email my professor. He's not really nice, but he's fair. I missed the meeting yesterday and couldn't speak to him about my extension (though he had said I could have one, we were supposed to discuss it yesterday). I called in (about the absence) and the director said it was fine as long as I talked to him (the director) when I came back. I'm not sure if the professor knows...

I emailed him once, twice about the project. Should I email him again? I'm actually going to see the director tomorrow. But I doubt the professor will be there and I know I'll see him on Monday...I'm going to try to finish by Monday, in case his extension had been Monday. So then, they'd have nothing to yell at me about. ;)

Nooooooooo, crap. I have another paper do on Monday, too! Aw, crap. Man...

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Thursday. 3.6.08 3:39 pm
The lights in my apartment building went out. As in my apartment was fine, but the building was not.

I was about to leave the apartment and then found myself in the pitch black hallway. The stairs were pitch black. Everything was pitch black. The elevator wasn't working.

Now it's back on. Damn! I gotta go to class is what that means. *sigh* Ah, well. I have an excuse to be late.

Wait! They just had an electrical problem. What if the elevator stops and the electricity runs out on me? 0.0


Lights are out again. They were back on for a little while, but the elevator wasn't working yet. Before it did, the lights went out. *shrug*


The lights are back on again...who knows about the elevator? I keep hearing loud banging and just now thought maybe the elevator made those sounds. But then, we'd be interrupted by the loud elevator all the time wouldn't we? And that's not how it is at all. The elevator closes quite slowly and gently with the tiniest sound. So what is that banging? Who knows? I don't know.

Hmm, is the stuff working now? Eh, I go check now...


The lights are out again.


They have the lights, but the elevator isn't working. Apparently, we'll need to pass the night before it's fixed.

I heard a bang and thought of the heavy metal doors for the stairs. I opened the door and saw a man down on the floor leaning against the wall, gasping for breath. He had run up the stairs. That's about thirty flights up.


p.s. Oh, and I had to miss class. No way of in or out. I wish my mother lots and lots of fun climbing the stairs tonight. *smirk* Nyehehehehehehe...

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Goo-oo-d Morrrning-h.
Thursday. 3.6.08 11:59 am
My voice has not returned to that splender I saw a few days ago. Splendor. Now I have a cold--stuffy nose, sore throat, the works.

Someone bombed a recruiting center early this morning in Times Square. People felt the shake up on the 40th floors. Glass fragments all over the floor. No one dead or injured--hey, it was early morning.

Ugh, I woke up from a bad dream at 11:42am. Normally, I'd be up and running on my laptop by then. Now I only have about three hours before running out of my house. Three hours to write an essay to turn in tonight. >.> Grrrreat, no?

Good night. Er, morning. Have a good day! I wish there was a magic drink, make all of this go away and my voice return in a *snap*! *cough*


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