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Gimme a call
Seems I can't make the deadline
Thursday. 5.29.08 12:06 pm
My personal one anyway. Monday, it is. Ugh, I'm starving. More Chinese-version of instant noodles.

I feel like "I'm so screwed." But I have at least another all-nighter tonight and tomorrow. Then to class and dancing on Saturday and whatever my mother plans to do on Sunday.

Oh, shoot! Tomorrow is the 30th which means Ma's coupon expires...are we still going to get that TV? She wants a new TV, because, well, we need a new one. Ours is twenty inches or so, but not flat screen--it's fat. Fat. Else we'll need to get a converter box. >.>

I really need a life...
Imaginary burger! Yum, get back here!

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Checklist: Clubbing?
Wednesday. 5.28.08 9:36 am
*ticks off fingers*

Okay, I have to tutor.
I have to do...three-four prjoects by Thurs.--THIS Thursday, mind you.
I have class.
I stay up all night? for mentioned projects.
Wedge in a few questions/one project in the two hours I have in the morning.

Okay, then. The all-nighter is a definite. Otherwise I'm not going to be able to make it.

I can technically push it even farther and hand it in on Mon. with hopefully, no deductions--I know if there is, it won't be much. I'm kind of a favorite, after all. But Monday will be the last day. I'm pushing for Thursday. Because then, I can do another three projects to hand in on Monday.

All before my birthday. I'd like a carefree night on the town, thank you very much.

Do you think I should go clubbing? I'll be with a college friend who can take me around to one--I only have enough time for one. Remember? I mentioned me staying out late on my birthday and she said, "Be back at twelve." Webster's opens at ten and the pah-ty doesn't start till later. Ah, well. I suppose a very late dinner it is.


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Dot's Since-Forever Update
Monday. 5.26.08 9:57 pm
1.) Went to a major fundraiser for China's Earthquake. Latest numbers that night, aka. night of May 26th were: 60,000+ DEAD 26,000+ INJURED 350,000+ MIA

2.) New Recipe(if you can call it that): Macaroni elbows, carrots, and zucchini tossed in vinegar, garlic, and shallots. Yum. Backstory: I had seen the recipe for macaroni salad using vinegar and I didn't have mayonaiise so I made it hot my way.

3.) Oh, shit, I'm going to prom. *sigh* No dress, no shoes, no nothing. It was confirmed on Friday. *eyeroll* Ugh. Frustration. Anyway, it was a friend pact and I'm going through with it. His use of the word 'date' caused me to be all eyebrows, but whatever. I'm going to prom and I'm taking pictures. Hey, you're only eighteen once.

I'm gonna be eighteen! *girly freakout including shrieks, hypervenilating, and overusing the word "Ohmygod"* *Not.*

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An image is worth...how much?
Monday. 5.19.08 2:56 pm

My backpack. I bought it a few months ago. Something about the size of a purse with the onvenience of a backpack. *nods* I like that. I've been stuffing it until bursting almost everyday. Except I'm now stopping that. This bag is only for sometimes from now on. >.> The new stalker keeps his eye out for it to find me. How great... Anyway, I don't want to get it dirty(more than it already is...and I need to wash it. soon.).

The magic of photography.

Awesome censoring. Great angle the photogapher got there.

Actually, this is a man being taken out of the rubble from the earthquake in China. This was published in a Chinese newspaper here in New York. Go search for pictures on the web. There are many that will squeeze your heart.

Here is the same picture, but with flash. He looks a bit (Jesus) Christ-ish.

With the glowy halo-like brightness, the angle of his head + the blindfold and the crossing of his ankles, he looks almost regal.

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Friday. 5.16.08 9:59 am
Date: June 14
Time: 8pm
Place: Fort Worth, Texas
Tickets: $33, $25, $15

I wanna go. And good thing for me, I'll be eighteen by then. Whoo-hoo! And it's a Saturday!

Oh, wait. Shit. I've got my recital the next freakin' day! Think I could make it? Man...

Well, I could get all my stuff and leave it at my grandmother's. I get back by the next morning, I can get my stuff and down to the theater by afternoon. As long as I can get there by 12 noon. I'm wondering if I should bring the stuff with me...but I don't want to have too much to look over and watch at all times. I'd feel a lot safer and less worried if I knew it was someplace safe.

*sigh* I gotta check the travel, etc. Thinkin' I should leave immediately after...

And it'd be best for me to go with a couple of people. Anyone wanna join me?

Oh, shit, that smiley makes me hungry...

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Human Spider
Wednesday. 5.14.08 10:54 am
At least that's what she reminds me of at times. You see her head and her smile clearly, but her limbs are skittering everywhere.

Whoo. Good idea to have the python skin--visual effect adds something extra.

It's not as disgusting as it may look.

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Don't think horribly of me.
Tuesday. 5.13.08 12:28 pm
What is with me and geek-dorks who won't LET GO? Yeah, ya like me, I get it. But do you have to bring it up in every conversation? And do you have to be so needy/clingy? Or call me everyday? Or tell me you're not 'over' me even though you haven't seen me in two-three years?

And I've already rejected/said we're only friends to you! Why can't we just be friends? I understand that seeing a girl who you like and doesn't like you is...strange. I've given you time/space/even the chance to hate me. But no. I've got a puppy who keeps following me everywhere, calling me every night, waiting for me afterschool, escorting me to the train station, asking me nosy questions--just won't freakin' leave me alone!


The Most Recent One
*sigh* Maybe it was partly my fault, it was I who encouraged him. But you can't give me a guy who so obviously has an interest and tell me I can't play the game! I haven't played the game in so long--I can't remember the last time I played! Okay, I can, I've only played it three times in my high school career. Three times. It has done wonders for my confidence. Only who knew I would win in less than two weeks? More like one week!

Gah, and now I have my own weak little useless puppy. Gah. And I can't tell him to get lost. *sigh* I'm too nice for my own good (theirs, too). It's what got me into this is the first place. And the stupid temptation. What?! I'm better than most girls okay? I could be doing what they're doing, but I don't. I only played three times. My explanation for why I don't have my own male posse. *shuddder* No thanks. *points to first two paragraphs* This is why.


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Monday. 5.12.08 11:26 pm
8,533 dead in Sichuan
213 dead in three other provinces + Chongqing
3,000-5,000 in Beichaun
2 chemical plants collapsed = 80 tons of toxic ammonia spilled

News to me that there was a text messaging service notifying civilians of the earthquake and how to protect themselves. Interesting how U.S. of A.'s is still in testing seven years after 9/11.

A panda clinic and breeding center was inside the area hit with the earthquakes. *big sad face* The place houses about 130 pandas. All communications were severed in the disaster. Hopefully, the me pand-ies are still alive and not too shocked.

I believe I forgot to say it was in CHINA, didn't I? Oops.

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