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Gimme a call
Sunday. 5.10.09 12:35 pm
the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

Trying to typed properly like: asdfjkl; y'know. Bc I used to type fast (sometimes stil do) but not properly. So now I'm trying to teach myself to type fast and proper. But of course I have slowed down quite a bit and now when I type, I can't type my old quick way even if I wanted/have to.

Quesion for the older members: is Katrina, crz4manga or Kuri still around? What about...lazypuppy, crochetmama, etc.? Just bc I haven't been around.

Thanks in advance, random. ;) SHOUT OUT TO MUFFY. If anyone could possibly relay that. Thanks, random. AND AND...A BIG FAT BOX FOR RANDOM! Guess what's in it? LOVE~~~~! Okay, that was messed up.(<----to craziness) I'll be going now.


p.s. I haven't updated that box over there -------> chat, text, subscribe thingy bc it's linked to my phone and my phone's been out for oh, what two months? Capice? OK.

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Precedent Presents
Wednesday. 4.29.09 9:02 pm
Welcome to the first ever session of Precedent Presents!

Precedent Presents to us...a picture of Aryans that may or may not still be true of the modern Aryan descendants.
Aryans had this sense of superiority and a need to find those who were inferior. You don't find Asians crossing waters to steal, enslave, and desecrate cultures/peoples/ways of life/other priceless valuables. On the other hand, China IS making that stupid dam that is going to ruin countless ancient archaeological artifacts and our own history. But that is in the name of progress, economical and social, and other important stuff. It still makes me sad for those lonely things to be buried in water and sand, etc and never to be found again.

[too tired to continue] [i think it's my combination of hunger and thirst that isn't hunger or thirst] [shrug]


I need a better word instead of 'session'...suggestions?

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I'm Alive!
Wednesday. 4.22.09 10:37 pm
@gotenkz: I'm awesomely fine, thanks.
@ Muffy: Thank god it wasn't...>.>
@random: You have to use actual money for rides? How...inefficient.
@Nuttz: I don't know WHY the guy did that. No idea whatsoever.
@invis: If I had really needed it, sure, no problem. Thanks, strange guy! But that wasn't the case...

I don't know what to write. I was trying to type properly: asdfjkl; and all that but now my fingers are tired. Ah.

So...I had this dream last night. It was a really good dream. Actually a dream come true in a dream. Sigh. Too bad it wasn't real... It would have made me so happy... I hope it comes true.

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So yesterday...
Sunday. 4.12.09 12:47 pm
or maybe it was the day before, I broke a bowl. My foot just happened to be right underneath it and so a shard cut my foot. Of all the surface area between ankle and toes, the shard has to slice open one of those few veins. WIthin 20 seconds, blood starts to...not drip, more like leak out. So awesome.

I had to hop around on one foot trying to keep the dog out of the kitchen, put him in his cage, hop to the bathroom, hop back to clean up the shards and food, let the dog back out.

Yesterday, my mother and I went shopping. A real true first because I had always hated shopping. My mother had ruined it for me. For heck's sake, I didn't like looking in mirrors, either.

Well, I had bought this wallet from Macy's that I really liked, but it was still expensive (even with 30% off). Originally, it was under the 50% off sign, but check out said otherwise so...yeah. Off to Daffy's, saw a similar one, bought that one for less than hallf the price of the Macy's one. Right at checkout, I see the EXACT SAME DESIGN wallet as the Macy's one but in a different color. So, the plan is to go to another branch of Daffy's t see if they have the same wallet I bought at Macy's for half the price.

*yawn* Then I'll buy that one and return the other two. I REALLY need a wallet. What with my purse not being a good place to be digging for money/metrocard, etc. And what with my buisness cads cming in this week, I need a place to put 'em.

OH! Strange happening. I was digging for my metrocard in the Subway and this guy goes and swipes for me. I look at hime like 'what the heck?' and say, "No, you can go in." He says "I don't need it." More confusion, 'what the frick?' I stand there continuing to dig for my card for thirty secs so he goes and tells this other guy that he could go in bc he already swiped. Whatever. Strange guy... Sure, I could have just taken his nice offering. But I was a bit confused and a bit on edge bc I was angry at something/someone.

*shrug* Eh.

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I haven't been eating...
Tuesday. 4.7.09 9:41 pm
My bad. It's not on purpose or anything. I'm just working all day and by the time I get my food back to the office, I start doing stuff and then I get around to maybe one bite. One hour later, another bite. Twenty minutes, two bites. Half hour later, one bite. Three hours later, stomach gurgles, but not in the mood to eat anymore. >.>

It's actually quite common among my co-wrkers and I. Rather, this one co-worker and I do the same thing. I need to eat. I just got home and I'm starving! >.<

Mom's in the kitchen cooking now...

Anyhoo, My stalker has been scaring me. For one thing, he's on a watch-out for me on AIM. Obvious bc he'll im me ONE SEC after I sign on. And last week he told me he went to the area where I work everyday to try to spot me after work. He really wants to see me, call me, etc. SCARY. I've been ignoring his IMs and going invisible immediately after signing in. I DID answer one im last week but that's how I found out abt the whole hanging around where I work thing. But of course he doesn't know the ACTUAL place where I work. *sigh of relief* This guy...when I first met him, I gave him a nickname to call me bc "who the heck are you and why are you talking to me?". He went on to find out my full name, my school, my Facebook, finds out his cousin knows me and dug around until he found out we used tolive in the same area and get babysat by the same woman(through the cousin, of course). >.> FREAK.

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Twilight / PayPal
Sunday. 3.29.09 4:07 pm
Okay, so now I've watched Twilight. It's what I expected. Shrug. 'Nuff said.

Question: What's the best site/service for handling monetary transactions? How is PayPal compared to other services? Is it possible to use such services to, let's say, shop online? Any way to better protect personal information (credit/debit card info., etc.) but still able to perform transactions online.

I do want to re-read the books now though. But I can only find Breaking Dawn at home. Hmm...

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Monday. 3.23.09 7:26 pm
Hey, guys. I have a job, been working there for over a month now. I'm on contract for seven months. Uhhhhm, what else...I have a dog. But you all knew that. Oh, and I might not be able to keep him anymore bc my building might have decided to go pet-less. Making room for new tenants paying higher rent for 'luxury' apartments--which aren't all that luxurious, believe me--by telling people they can't keep their pets. I really doubt people are going to be kicking their beloved animals out for the apartment. Except me. I kind have no choice. I ain't rich, people, and this is an awesome rich-people neighborhood with all kinds of easy access to EVERYTHING. Stores EVERYWHERE, everything is just steps away. I went back to barre class this Saturday (barre = that bar thingy you hold when doing basic ballet) for the first time in two years hooray and now I'm horrible old-lady-sore. My hip bones/hips/leg muscles especially. No surprise there!

BTW: please disregard the prev. entry. >.> I already knew it was fading, but it's always good to have some documentation for your life. Like a journal or diary, not that I've ever actually kept one up. That one was called teenage angst. These are only useless seconds of my days. That one probably took up all of 300 seconds. Thank god I don't get them often. Pretty rare. Whew. I would never forgive myself it if I turned into one of the few [insert noun] I hate...And I don't hate a lot.

Okay, since you people have no intention of reading past entries, here's a summary:

I. Check out FeelYourBoobies.com. NOT what you're thinking. It's a site dedicated to spreading the awareness of breast cancer, especially to the younger generation. Young women below 45 don't think they're susceptible to it, but we are. Mammograms are routine for health checks for women 55 and older. Breast cancers have been diagnosed in those as young as sixteen years old. Be aware and spread the news ppl.

II. 'Oriental' is not a word. Stop using it. By the way, I AM NOT ORIENTAL, guddurnit.

III. Check out SavetheInternet.com Do you believe?

IV. Oh, and I bartended for the first time. $31 in tips for two hours. Good or bad?

Oh! AND: if I can't say THE N WORD, ya'll can't say CHING CHONG/CHINKY/CHINK/CHINGLISH/GOOK/etc.

Oof, this has been long. I swear I didn't mean for it to be. i am sorry.

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Inner Battle
Saturday. 3.14.09 2:16 am
I don't know what to do.

I'm confused. I don't know what my heart wants. I can't hear my brain reason and argue about logic and what I want, or should want.

I'm tired. Tired of running away and just doing nothing, but wait. Tired of this feeling of loneliness. Tired, just tired.

Should I give it a try? But I've always told myself from the very start that it wasn't right. There were maybe two days, maybe three, in which I settled myself. Resolved to give in--no, agree. Smile and answer with a positive. But in the end, the expected came too late and that resolve broke away. I didn't do it. A non-answer and I was free to think, to pore over everything. To come to the conclusion that it was best that time had passed.

Best for me.

Now I don't know again. I just don't know. I can feel doubt eating away at me and the new resolve I had thought so firm.

This is the problem with unstable hormones. You never know what you really think, because it always changes. I can depend only on this: I will feel differently tomorrow. *chuckle*

I had truely thought it was right. I was READY. For the first time in my life, I was. Then time passed and I thought the opposite was reality. I thought myself so cool-headed, logical, and realistic about myself.

Haha, I can feel this strange new twist melting away right now as I type.
I'll feel different tomorrow. Let's see what a new day brings.

listening: The Climb

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