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I remember I had a dream about us 'Tangers
Monday. 9.15.14 6:02 pm
mood: antsy yet bored

I should be doing work, but I decided to reminisce about NuTang instead.

I remember daydreaming about a get-together for all of us. It was in a classroom setting, like we were all classmates or went to the same school. =) We were all just chilling. Some of us sat on the tables, others in chairs, and a few were standing around. The windows were open and a warm breeze blew in. It would be fun if something like that happened in real life.

What I trying to say is, I miss you guys!

I've forgotten what it was like to just say what I felt about my life without worrying about the real life repercussions. Because unfortunately, there are. I want to be able to say what's on my mind, respectfully of course, and have a clear conscience. It's awesome and happy to be that way. I know because I was once able to do so. But now my life is so complicated. I want to just cut it all away and just be me, you know? But is that running away? Or is it the right thing to do? I'm so confused. It's my life but I don't know what to do.

This post got more serious than I wanted. Haha!

To random: Ah, sorry. The place is such a mess. I'm too embarrassed to take pictures! I'm perfectly okay with a visit though. Come over!
To renaye: Glad to know you're still around too! =D
To Nuttz: Maybe you can visit sometime? ;)

Hugs n kisses to all!
Silver out.

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Got a new place!
Monday, July 14, 2014
mood: reflective
listening to: the rain
reading: Ender's Game
feeling: rather stupid for watering the plants and lawn earlier

Yesterday I moved EVERYTHING out of the old place to the new. We lived at the old place (the one I told you guys about) for approximately a year. We also moved in during the summer. Today I'm taking a break and being incredibly lazy. Although I think I'm actually being more productive than I usually am. Hah!

This place is more spacious than the last. It has lots of closets, windows with natural light, and a backyard all to ourselves. I can't wait to unpack all the boxes, buy a sofa, and get some folding lawn chairs to use outside!

Our old place started out well and then got worse as time went by. The long winter was fuh-reezing even though the landlord said there would be sufficient heating. We had to buy two portable heaters. Sometime during the winter, the landlord decided to cover our tiny windows with black garbage bags. I know. Fine, whatever, it helped with keeping heat in and cold out anyway. And so on.

The most infuriating thing is they messed with our internet! Without telling us anything! We don't get home until late most days so we would find out in the middle of the night. The last time they did this was LAST WEEK. They already knew we were moving out. It didn't & still doesn't make any sense. I got so pissed off I called them at 3AM. I was going to approach it nicely with an apology for waking them up and so on. But the guy picked up and then hung up on me. And proceeded to send my calls to voicemail. That night, I downloaded an SMS scheduler and timed my message to be sent every hour after 8AM. He finally got back to me by the afternoon. Hallelujah!

Thankfully, we're out of there. The new landlord and landlady are very friendly and polite. They seem to be introverts which is nice because they always speak with purpose and the conversations are clear. Time will tell how well this place suits us.

Much love,

P.S. I have goldfish! I won them at the local amusement park a few months ago. They are still alive and kicking. ^^ I love fishies. One day I hope to have an aquarium like my godparent's. It has a variety of fish that naturally separate into different sections of the water and is a mostly self-sustaining ecosystem.

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Explanation for 2 min entry
Monday. 8.26.13 4:10 pm
I was in the library and coming close to the end of my allotted session. =P

@random: Yes, my schedule is uncharacteristically full and yet still characteristically empty. I have free time during which I feel like a lazy good-for-nothing.

I visited my aunts last night and told them the news about the new place. To my surprise, they immediately giving us things! Like plates, cutlery, a fan, a rice cooker, blanket, sheets, towels, even a dehumidifier. We piled everything into the car and it filled the entire backseat. It was crazy! Still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

I am so excited that classes are starting this Wed! I like going to school, I like learning. ^-^ Eeeeeeeeee... Besides the giddiness, I'm waiting for regret to set in about making my schedule from 9:30 - 5:40pm in a campus at least an hour from where I live.

Deja vu hitting about losing this entry so I'm gonna post it now.

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Saturday. 8.24.13 5:36 pm
can I make entry in less than 2 min??? bf found a place to live, gonna semi move in with him, college starts this coming wed, gonna apply to b&n. ta-dah!

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Blog Number 123456789000
Monday. 7.8.13 10:58 am
According to [reference to study referenced in article I read that I can't remember from where that I should give credit to], the average person takes 15-20 minutes to fall asleep. If you fall asleep in less time than that, it means your body is sorely deprived of sleep. Personally I'd always been one of those average sleepers and I knew my boyfriend was not one because he falls asleep within 30 sec. Also, he never ever has the appropriate amount of sleep. When you have to get up in a few hours it makes sense that you are exhausted and therefore, would fall asleep within 30 sec. After living with him for over half a year...I am no longer an average sleeper. Sigh. I of course ended up this way because I too took on this awfully unhealthy lifestyle.

I'm trying to get back on track. I need regular exercise (but it's so HOT!), yummy healthy food, and to do activities that I enjoy (solo or at least without him).

One full year down the road and I can look back with a smile at the crazy ride it's been. The tears, the laughter, the enjoyment of doing absolutely nothing and having the time of our lives...I think love is an educational institution itself. I don't think you can ever stop learning because there's always so much that is constantly changing. You can never say you've graduated and there's no piece of paper to be given during a long boring ceremony in which all participants are texting away on their smartphones. There can be surprises even in old age if two people manage to stay in the relationship until then. Just take things as they come along I guess...

Haha, how did I get so philosophical? I'm hungry. Off to eat some peanut butter! Bye~

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Has this ever happened to you, 'Tanger?
Thursday. 2.28.13 2:29 pm
I've lost the inclination to write an entry for NuTang lately. Blasphemy, you say? I agree wholeheartedly. Which is what makes this so perplexing.

The reason I continue to put it off is because of what happened on February 11, 2013, a.k.a. the Placeholder entry, and the next entry which I did not finish afterwards. I started writing it with full intention to summarize what did not get posted and write another story about my life. My laptop ran out of battery and I turned it off instead of finishing it off quickly, simply, and neatly with a bow. Miraculously, the entry was still there in the Create New Weblog Entry page the next time I turned on my laptop. I didn't jump for joy and shout "Hooray!" I looked at the whole screen warily and turned to another tab in Chrome instead.


I've been hibernating my laptop to save the page with the unfinished entry, in case I ever want to continue with my storytelling. I see it every time I have Chrome open and yet I don't finish it. Storytelling can come naturally, but when it's unfinished and Ms. Muse seems to have left us forlorn, there is a sense of duty to write and making something loved into an obligation always creates dread. How unfun.

What would you like me to do, dear 'Tangers? Should I finish it?

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Hello Kitty from McD's
Monday. 2.18.13 1:50 am
Today my boyfriend bought me another Hello Kitty toy from McDonald's. He got me two at once last time--one with glasses and a book, the other with a tennis racket. (I didn't ask him to, he just knows I like Hello Kitty. I don't usually collect these things, but he sees my face light up and gets me various knick knacks anyway. I have no idea where to put them.) This time it she's ice skating! =) It came with an mCode for a virtual Polar Pet from Hello Kitty. I tried using it, but it doesn't work. Oh well.

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Monday. 2.11.13 1:26 am

Not my fault. I wrote a 75-80% complete entry. It got wiped out. I'm not re-doing it. You'd think I'd have learned and known better by now. What horrible blogging habits I have. Too bad, I'm done tonight. I was happy with my post. I'm going to sleep!

Plugs: everyone who commented on the last entry

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