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Thursday, Nov 19, 2009, 2334 hrs
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Back in action!
Saturday, April 11, 2009
Been 2 months since I had to stop fishing due to my leg injury. Although its still not completely healed yet, I've finally been able to start fishing again. And the result? shiok!

Went to my favourite spot last weekend, yesterday and today. Only managed to land one PB about 1 lb plus. But it was monumental, as landing this fish marked the "breaking virgin" for my new rod, reel and lure, ever since I bought the setup 2 months ago, and injured my leg on the first session using it. Had a few hits and misses after that, and that was about it. But still, as the fight was pretty good (2 aerial displays by the fish), it was overall a satisfying session.

First fish ever on new setup!

Move on to this week's exploits. Had a surprise catch on lure yesterday morning at my favourite spot again. Was twitching and retrieving my Yozuri crystal minnow as I normally do after casting, when suddenly, I felt a strong pull. Gave it a solid hook set, and, fish on! Freaking bugger went left and right and put up quite a good fight, had me thinking it was a PB, but came up, surprise, its an orh peh! Not sure what its called in english, so just leave it at that. Although I had heard of ppl landing orh peh on lure, but it was due to foul hooking; thus, I was pretty much surprised that this particular one went for my s-minnow. Must have been starving I guess, heh.

hungry orh peh

Off to another spot in the central for afternn session, but very disappointing. Whole 2 + hrs only got 1 baby toman. And that was towards the end of the session, when I was too tired to twitch my rod, and just switch straight retrieve with my spoon-fly-jig combo. Somemore the bugger shook himself loose in about 2 seconds after I landed it and rolled back off the slope into the water before I could take his mug shot.

Nvm about yesterday liao, today was damn happening. Although I woke up abit later and only managed to start at 8am at the favourite spot, before I left for lunch at 11plus, had a total of 6 hits, 3 landed, 2 shook loose and 1 miss. The first one was a 1 lb plus peacock, which also happen to break virgin for my ima sasuke-look-alike suspending lure.

PB staring stupidly at the lure that faked him

After that fish, I moved around and continued casting, got 1 hit, but didn't managed to set the hook in time cos I wasn't paying attention. Dunno why, I just suddenly thought of using popper instead of my suspending lure. First fish that went for it was a bloody retarded and pah jiao toman. Twice in split second I saw it try and whack the popper and both times it missed! Wtf...I was abit tu lan liao, but I just kept casting with the popper ard the whole area, when suddenly, I felt a strong pull, and my reel starting screaming. Line went out for a few seconds, before I managed a solid hookup and start fighting the fish. Damn good fight, from the way it rushed left and right, I could already tell it was a PB, and I kept pumping my rod high, waiting for it to give a good aerial show, but it never did. And when I landed and lip-gripped it, turned out to be around 5 lbs, biggest PB that I ever landed! And this also happened to be the first time I had PB on popper too, and it was yet another virgin lure also! lol.

5 pounder!

After snapping pictures of my personal best size PB, I quickly released it back and continued casting the popper. Within minutes, "Bam!" Another fish on! Thinking it was a toman this time because of the explosive strike, I fought it as normal, but in the end it turned out to be another big peacock, which unfortunately, I didn't manage to land this time, even though it did not put up that great a fight, it managed to throw the hook and shake loose when I had it close to the shoreline.

Changed to my battle proven Yozuri crystal minnow after that, and on the second cast, goal keeper! Another big peacock that put up a good fight, and when landed, weigh in slightly lesser than the previous one, at ard 4.5lbs.

Managed to find someone around this time to help me take picture with the fish.

That was about it for the morning session, after lunch, I went to the nearby tackle shop to pick up 2 small poppers for targeting toman since my kaki and me were heading to another toman only spot for the afternoon.

When we reached there, was damn hot at first and I wanted to move into the shade, when suddenly my kaki Fred called for me to come back, saying a school of baby toman was moving in chasing his popper. I went back just in time to see him land a respectable size baby after a very short fight. Now the frenzy start liao.. I started casting and both of us hit and missed countless baby toman that were all around and chasing our lures like mad. I managed to land 4 mini-me size babies, but never take picture. But after a while, did get a more respectable size baby toman.

Baby toman on new Storm chug bug. Just bought only!

So the babies were all around; at one time we could almost see at least 2 to 3 schools swarming around the area, but their parents were no where to be found, which was weird, as toman are very protective of their young. Anyway, we just kept casting and moving along the shoreline until it started raining, so we took shelter in a shed somewhere until it stopped and continued for 45 minutes or so before calling it a day. And I had another miss on my Yozuri surface cruiser by another pa jiao toman..fuck.

But nvm, all in all, today is the most satisfying luring session I ever had in a long time, I landed the 2 biggest PB of my personal record and also had countless memorable strikes and misses and lots of fish. Not to mention that I also managed to have 4 lures break virgin, all in one day, and 2 of them just newly bought on the same day even!

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Leg Woes
Saturday, February 21, 2009
Been two weeks since my last post. I'm back to gripe about my stupid leg injury from my last fishing trip. Yeah, the bloody nasty one with the picture I posted abt.

Over the past 14 days, my fking leg wound has somehow managed to get infected with pus and bloody discharge oozing out of the deep cuts everyday, to the point that I have to go back to the clinic for cleaning and dressing every day. Not going to gross anyone out with pictures here, since my classmate nearly puked at them when I showed her. Don't blame here tho, it is disgusting..but wtf..nvm.

All these at the expense of my company of course, so my medical bills are abt as high as the petronas towers right now, i suppose. Needless to say, my boss ain't too happy abt all this, but then again..who will?

To cut the long story short, today when I went back for dressing, I was faced with the possibility of having to be admitted to the hospital for infection treatment and the like. Which means they have to do some kind of surgery on the site of the wound and plug needles into me 3 times a day and make me lie in bed all day for hell knows how long. Which is of course a dreaded thought. But I was also told that if the infection drags too long and starts to spread, there is the small risk of gangrene and all that nonsense and by that time may have to chop off my leg..WTF!!

So well, ttz it for the leg updates. Damn, never thought that a small accident could have become such a fking nightmare when I first fell into that pothole 2 weeks ago..Sian...

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Of Reunions, New tackle and Suicidal slippers
Sunday, February 8, 2009, 10.50 am
Not sure if anyone ever wondered why all my entries are so long-winded and got sick of it, but anyway, I'm back after neglecting this space for just about forever, due to the usual suspects of not enough time, overwhelming workload, school and personal life.

Well, not that anyone really reads this stuff at all, or rather should I say ,that and a mix of my own lack of enthusiasm/ motivation to put events into words here resulted in this long overdue update of my boring or not-so-boring life (depends on perspective i guess, hah).

So what brings me to blog then now, on a Sunday morning with great weather when I should be out fishing? Due to certain circumstances, I'm actually damn free la, but eh..I'll get to that later.

First on the menu, SP 05 Marketing Graduates Gathering cum Networking Session, or whatever its called.

I kind of ignored this thing when I got it in the mail, if it was even in the mail, that is, can't really remember that well now, must be the age catching up, haha. Only when WX texted me abt it did I start paying mild attention to it, and subsequently, found out quite a few of my old classmates from SP will be attending it when I logged onto facebook, another place where I hardly visit anymore.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the gathering came and went two nights back on Friday, 6 Feb, 2009. Was boring at first, when the image consultant woman and really borrrrred-looking MDIS guy was talking their piece, but soon got refreshing enough when we adjourned out of the lt for food and some catching up with ppl of yester-years.

Unfortunately, there were still ppl who I'm not too fond of now or even back then, but well, fuck them. I wasn't even there to look at their shit faces, more importantly, I did have fun catching up with those old friends, engaging in the mutual dissing and stuff, hah. So overall, it was still alrite enough.

Moving on, I finally made my way down to beach road yesterday to get my new set of luring tackle!

As expected, Huan aeroplaned at the last minute after yakking all week long on how he wanted to join me at beach road to get new fishing stuff. Even though I'm already way used to his shit antics by now, I was still really angry at first cos my morning schedule got messed up because of him. But then, I decided to go to beach road alone, having done enough research on my own the past week and knowing what I wanted, I did manage well enough on my own in the end.

After dilly-dallying for close to 3 hrs along that 500m stretch of shops, I finally got my stuff.

Rod - Shakespeare Contender 6 foot, light-medium action, 2 pc.

Reel - Shimano Aernos XT 2500, spooled it with SpiderWire Code Red braid, 15 lbs, and it actually looks pretty cool.

Reason why I spent so much time was because I couldn't find any of the reels I had pre-selected in mind. Either they did not have the right size, was out of stock, or way out of my budget! Damn irritating.

Got some new lures to match my new setup along the way and also some new coloured threads for my DIY flies and that was about it.

All in all, everything was well within my budget, which was great, but it was just really tiring to keep walking up and down comparing prices and shit, but still, very satisfying at the end of it all.

Alright, if your eyelids are still not folded at this point, I must applaud your persistence to carry on reading this mundane stuff, but still, bear with me, I'm almost done here, promise.

And so I was damn enthusiastic to try out all my new stuff, woke up like 630am today and made my way down to my favourite PB and toman hunting ground. Made like 20 or so casts, quite satisfied at the performance of my new setup, and decided to move to some other more productive spot, in my continued search for my fishy friends.

Next thing that happened was I slipped and fell into a pot hole right next to the long kang, and end up cutting up my shin damn bad, bleeding like a sacrificial pig. All this because I wasn't paying attention to the path, had on my suicidal slippers(or so my gf calls them, ever since I fell on my butt the last time I had them on), and just damn suay la. NB!

Initially wanted to carry on, bleeding or not, but couldn't as the wound was swelling so bad I couldn't walk properly, so in the end had to slowly limp home and take a cab to the clinic, where they bandaged it up, in the process making my leg look like it had fucking hump on it from the side profile, and gave me a shitload of meds to take for the injury. WTS eh...

Finally, this brings an end to my really long-winded entry and update of my life. Thank you for your attention kind reader(s).

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A tale of 2 reservoirs
Monday, December 8, 2008
After 3 torturous weeks of mugging for exams, its finally over, my first term at MDIS. But then again, its still just the beginning la, so nothing to be really thrilled about after all i guess. Anyway, since I had the week off, until tmr, when I'm supposed to start lessons again, I figured I would thoroughly enjoy the coincidental long weekend with some long awaited luring sessions.

Not that I haven't done any fishing at all during my exams period; would've gone crazy with just mugging anyway...but just that my place here the seletar reservoir getting damn boring la..every time go also no fish bite.

And so, met up with my kaki Fred from FK forum, and we went to two separate reservoirs on opp ends of the island on saturday and today.

Start with saturday first la. Met up with Fred at CCK interchange in the morning and took a bus to kranji reservoir, where we proceeded to set up our gear and start luring. Great water conditions and all, and lots of surface action from schools of baby toman that were chasing our lures everywhere..but just no fucking bite! But anyway, Fred also really lucky la, he got this half kg peacock bass (here on to referred to as PB) on his second cast with fly, the moment we started, though after that, it was just real boring the whole morning; only managed to get myself sunburnt but only realised it when I got home.

After the actionless morning, we decided to move to the other side of the reservoir, where there was more shade and rocky outcrops, and according to Fred, higher chances to tio PB.

Turned out he was right, only five minutes after we set up and started casting, Fred tio his second PB of the day, also of comparable size to the morning one; and moments after, I kenna my first bite of the day, which was, guess what..a baby toman!

Wow, didn't know that toman also take fly one, thought they will only chase popper all this time. Must say it was quite surprising for both of us, but what came afterwards was even more surprising. As I was retrieving my fly after a random cast somewhere, there was this small school of 5 to 6 baby tomans chionging after the fly just as I lifted it out of the water. Probably this time I cranked back too fast for them to bite..but well, nvm la.

So we carried on, and around 230, I kenna my first PB..but the bugger flopped around so much just as I had it out of the water and was about to land it, it shook itself loose! Bummer. Nvm that, shortly after, our PB action started; between 230 and 430, we landed a total of estimated 15 PBs, all good size one.

Quite a good catch for our saturday trip then, so beginning to get hopeful for today trip to bedok res. But then, wake up today, see the sky so overcast also damn sian. Still, we decided to try our luck there, and when we got there, lagi sian~! Wind damn strong, water so chaotic, we cannot even see properly where our lure or fly landed! Worst of all, it was freaking cold with the rain and wind together..Even with gortex jacket zipped up, it was still bloody freezing la...and while Chong and myself got nothing the whole time, Fred, again the lucky one, managed to kenna a big one during the morning portion~1 kg plus PB, which is pretty big la, though they can grow to thrice that size no problem.

Morning portion flopped again, we headed to another pond near bedok res, supposedly full of toman according to some post on FK, but then find that the place is so full of snags that we cannot safely use hard plastic lures for fear of losing them to the snags and overhanging branches. Did get a small pull on my line once, but as it was kinda weak after all, didn't even realize that a toman (probably a small one), had bitten off the tail portion of the rubber lure I was using.

So we sua back to bedok res, and I suggested to try the illegal spot all along the edge of water, since morning we had nothing at the jetty, so kinda desperate liao la. Here, Chong's first cast almost kenna a goalkeeper (freaking fish jumped out of water to snap at the lure), but its was quite pak jiao, so didn't managed to hook it in the end. Not sure if it was a PB or toman, but we were sure there were fish here, so immediately got to work casting..and again, we got disappointed by the end of the day, having nothing to show for our last 2 hrs at bedok res, only witnessing certain surface action from schools of baby toman feeding near shore, but just did not manage to piss off their parents enough to bite our lures.

Towards the end, when we were about to pack up, there was suddenly this PB bigger than what Fred got in the morning swimming around right in front of us searching for food. Try as we might, it just would not take the lure or whatever else presented right in of it. TMD..fish also so choosy.

So that ends the tale of two reservoirs. Verdict: Kranji res is quite promising and worth going again in time, but bedok res? really think twice about going there again. Hope next saturday Ubin trip will be better la.

Pictures below

First PB on homemade fly

Surprise baby toman landed on fly


PBs ground shot

Fred's 1kg PB at Bedok res, ~ the one and only of the day

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Anyone who has seen my msn message on how I currently define ODTW as Organising Dementia and Transformer of Wankers could have guessed I'm kinda pissed at this subject, if not I wouldn't even be posting another entry again in such a short span of time after my last post.

Anyway, this is kinda like that time in year 3 when I had that shit feeling of being conned by the lecturer. Not sure if anyone still remember, but back then, it was cranky George and his recommended text, which was supposed to contain everything relevant for exam and project for Global Marketing, but end up everything also cannot find during revision time and I had to rely on hand-copied notes.

And now, along comes another lecturer promising a whole shitload of good stuff, only to not meet up to expectations again. He is my ODTW lecturer, Allen Kwok, who happens to be part time lecturer at MDIS, but loves to talk and talk about the institution like he got a fucking stake in the shares or what.

Nvm that, this guy, the first time we attended his lesson, boasted that his past cohorts, at least 20% score A, but when lesson start proper, we find that his notes are age old transparency print outs from way back to even year 2000!

Ok, to be fair, shouldn't doubt them if they happen to be effective, but..his lessons are just downright lousy.. What he does is he reads line by line all the confusing crap on the notes, and at a damn fast pace..but doesn't allow for interruptions at all..so if you happen to just switch off for one second, you don't know whats going on liao...like that I might as well just read them myself at home, still have to come to class for what?!

Now for his exam pointers..which are suppose to be all we need to prepare for the exam according to him..but when I actually start to revise, I find that the material for each individual pointer is located all over the fucking book! Somemore the page no. anyhow jump here jump there..really makes for very "interesting" reading, or should I just go straight to point, and say fucked up? haha..

Like that he might as well just save all the bullshit and say "Just read the whole bloody book for exam, no pointers/ hints/ tips available whatsoever." Den won't give people false hopes what.. esp everyone in my class are all full time working, and don't have much time to study as it is liao..

TMD...Really fucked up..feel like giving him a good piece of my mind the next time I run into him on campus.

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