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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
chong shi de saturday~
Sunday. 9.16.07 12:10 am
its been reeeaaallly such a long time since i woke up before noon on saturday. usually sleep in the wee hours on friday so sat tends to make up for the sleeping time i din't take on friday nights.

anyways woke up esp early to meet xue and her friend Liping, headed to bugis for our scheduled mani pedi appointment at shaw house.

i don't know what kind of manicurist i was expecting but certainly not a spunky woman with red short spiky haired and green toenails. the 3 of us came in at ipm (well a bit later, coz we were late) and only left at 4pm. I chose a barbie-esque pink for my nails, but after it got painted decided that it was too girly, and told her to help me draw a skull and a black butterfly on me thumb nails. whahaha.. and my toes are metallic purple with silver glitter. wahahhaha..

went shopping at parco, hoping i could get sth for T coz its his bday and he's going away after all, i doubt i would have the chance to meet up with him before he flies. bot him two t shirts, one in reference to his korean housekeeper experience and one abt the airport. its befitting of him right? LOL

and sth for myself, a grapic t with a warring penguin and i finally managed to get a bag which i can bring to work, waa bring my messenger bag to work, and it definately looks weird with my work clothes ensemble of skirt and blouse.

Got to T's abt 7.30, the party was well underway, and strangly, i was the only person from our class, which is also T's class to turn up at teh stipulated time. guess kok and co din't get the msg, i have utmost faith in kok that he would turn up if he knew. lol

joined hock, kev, wayne, yuanfeng and shang, sitting by the bbq pit while the kev and wayne took turns cooking stuff for pple. best thing abt t's bbq is that kev and etc guys will obligingly take orders, and do the dirty work. Heez.

its always interresting to sit with the guys, hock and wayne (hock mainly LoL) regaled me with tales from SMU, the strange pple, the competitiveness, and the foreign students. Learned what first class, business class, economy class and cargo means, whahahha, and various trickery pple use in ice breaking games. lol
yuan feng was like a true big boss lidddat, counselling me the employee and giving me some motivation speech.

it was a great way to spend the evening, food appearing magically in front of u, things u like to eat appearing when u say "I want" , engaging intelligent conversation, which frankly, is sth i miss whilst working. never ending supply of coke was also important. kekeke.

and i will rem what hock said, when i said pple dun like me in the office, "coz they dun know u" somehow makes me feel there is hope yet. haha.

couldn't bear to leave at 10+/11 actually, but had to coz i was taking public transport and the journey home will take an hour.

still, saturday was a good day. lifted my spirits~!

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spate of bad service
Sunday. 9.2.07 11:27 pm
one thing that irks me most when u ask a sales rep anything is that the sales rep doubts your reading skills. or maybe not your reading skills, maybe he/she thinks u are blind.

Ever came across an in-store sales rep whu, looks at you blankly for a while after u ask whats the difference between this and that, den proceeds to tell you the most obvious difference there is?

He takes 10secs to try and read "Maxtor 120gb" and "Seagate 160gb" that was printed firmly on the front of the box in 56pt. ~Voila~ thats the difference, nevermind the encryption technology, the one touch access, the durability of the HDD, the length of the warranty, the cost relative to the quailty/gb and the popularity of the product. dun even think abt asking if its sata or ide.

i went " yes, i can read"
he went "..."

in case you are wondering, i did not encounter this particular sales person at Comex. I can assure you, the promoters at comex, they know what they are selling. this guy was from Cyberactive at Northpoint aka neighbourhood mall. Its disgraceful lah~!

How are u gonna sell sth if you don't know the difference between the specs? u tell me!? Moreover, from a chain of shops selling IT stuff??

left the shop annoyed, but didn't pursue it further.

Had a good shopping trip at comex. the crowd was spaced out amongst 3 floors, big names aka HP, Apple, Creative etc were on one floor, Starhub and Sony were on one floor, and the simlim sq associates were on another floor. so there were plenty of space to walk, and not so much of a squeeze.

Intended to sign up for Starhub broadband at their booth there only to realise they din have any special comex only promotion. meaning i can sign up at any starhub store in Singapore for the same promo.

i was thinking "wah, heng ah, i asked the sales rep the right questions so i dun't have to queue like mad like those dodos"

So decided to go to the one near my place on my way home. its not an authorised dealer, its the whole starhub deal. its signboard says Starhub. the shop is in starhub colours. its NOT teleshop, NOT rubbishy names which the owners anyhow agve the shop.

and the sales girl doesn't know what recontract means!!!!
u got to be kidding me! she only understands upgrade line. so she keep insisting that i cannot sign for the same broadband speed despite my contract having expired ages ago.

u got to be kidding me!!

so after insisting that i can without a doubt recontract for a couple of mins, she went in (she was outside smoking her cig and giving me lung cancer) to the shop and conferred w her (apparently) boss (after she finish her cig).

good thing i was in a good mood eh?

so the boss affirms that i can recontract, BUT, heres the unbelievable part. HE insisted that i am not eligible for the 20% discount! In fact he insisted that 20% discount was only for NEW MOBILE subscribers only. WTH.

PUHLEEZ~! i was looking at the goddamn promo poster which states very clearly that ALL broadband signups will enjoy 20% discount! and its right alongside the mobile promo poster standing on a rack OUTSIDE their shop!


i was raging inside but i maintained my demure, studious look and bore w the atrociousness of it all.

so eventually, the guy decided to call their head office or what not to affirm that i can sign up for this plan.

FINALLY~! i thot

den the sales girl dunno how to fill up the application form! WTH!
she was hunting high and low for a sample which she can model on. and so filling a bloody form which i only needed to fill up my particulars and sign took 25 mins.


like i said, good thing comex didn't squash my good mood. if not i would have walked out after all this trouble and leave them to gain the knowledge that NOT knowing your job is infinately bad for business.


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