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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
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Friday. 6.25.04 8:06 am
I neeeeeeddddd ttthhhhhhhhheeeeeee ssssssssssssuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnn~~~~~~~~~ my bones are creaking~ i need sun......... i wanna go swimming tml.......creak(thats my bones)..... i need the sun to warm my old bones.... sun serves to ease my aching joints.. old liaoz.. got arthitsis(sucky spelling lolz)....creak... have waited for all eternalty to for this day. Only need to endure one more week to freedom. and i can walk in the sun once again like the mortal i am going to be. ..creak... end at 3 for 3days according to time table... seriously need to find some part time to do.. once i attain mortality..i would need substenence... preferably great food.... all i've been eating and drinking unplatable slop... creak...to be able to walk amongst like minded (or at least pple whu are on the same wavelength) would at the minimum provide stimulus for my brain..forgive the lack of sequence in my words.. ears have gone a lil deaf with loud music blasting awayz.... hahaz..creak...eyes have grown panda like becoz i belong to this evil org that deprives mi the sun....... rule upon rule was imposed on mi.. as a consequence i have not been able to absorb the sunshine. brain dead, ears deaf, eyes blackened,tastebuds polluted...... arrrgghhhhhhhh~ i need the sun~~~~!

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..::.....::..3 in 1...::....::..
Thursday. 6.24.04 9:45 am
Okie.. quick recap for the past 3 days

Took MC. yaz.. slept late again. lolz. slept by day. out by night. went kino with a fren i haven't been contacting. basically caught up with each other.

supposed to give this presentation thing. positive attitude thingy. pretended to forget printing the handout. hee.. i know to print from diskette is a very mafan affair which u have to pass the diskette to the IT dept to scan for virus and to back up into the system. SO, did not manage to print on Wed.
There is a total of 6 pple including mi and the other girl (TOG). in the afternoon. 1 had to supervise the cleaning of the aircon vents. 1 out collecting debts. 1 on MC. 1 went to socialise outside the office. Test your maths. How many pple left?

2! smart ger/boy! which 2? yesh, mi and tog! Smart ger/boy! so we were running the entire dept. whahaha! last qnz, what did we do? clue: SLA _K!

today. passed diskette to manager today. afterwhich, manager forgot! lolz!so stayed low the whole day. hopefully he will forget tml too! realised this phemnonmen (watever the spelling... geez) , the manager like to ask tog to do things. when the manager ask mi to do things, i act bz. coz he v long winded. waste my time listening to him crap. i want to do my things.
think he wanted mi to write this memo sortof implementing new rule for sales pple. he asked twice, yp wat are u doing? yp are you free? i said not free. lolz! ended up, i had to help tog with it anyway.

have this very annoying friend. whu is already 23, acts like she is 15, naive till she can ask: menthol light means that when u light up, it is cold issit? wtf. light up darling~ use lighter, use match, use fire how can the bloody thing be cold????? i get so put off by the stupid ass qnz.she ALWAYS asks, that i NEVER remove my earphones unless i can't help it. den she nag at mi to remove the earphones coz "feels like u are not listening to mi" i AM trying not to,"it dangerous on the rd" i know... y am i doing that in the first place?, "i don't like, y muz u?" kaoz! "y can't you drink sugar cane? sugar cane is nice. can u drink sugar cane?" WTF! i dun have to ans to u! somemore still can teih~ mi, want mi to acc her eat cup noodles at the office during lunch, tml. don't ask mi why. fine. gave in coz i couldn't escape. 23 yrs old want to teih mi, 19 yr old u know. o man~ SOOOOOOOOO annoying that she can't even make up her mind what colour paper to buy. keep askin stupid qnz. can't even cross the road properly, cross road, cross road lahz~ wth muz cut in front of mi juz when i am stepping off the curb. do u know that its dangerous if the 2 of us collide in the middle of the road? Fook! she thinks its a joke! giggling all the way when i voiced my disapproval VERY loudly, so much so the opp. st can hear! onli one word THICK! my patience is hitting all time low. i'm gonna blow soon. luckily onli 1 wk left. geez~! i need a break from these pple. will breakdown man. counting down the days obessively

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