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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Gorgeous Fireworkx
Sunday. 8.15.04 11:40 am
had a fantastic view this time round. was v near the railing. omg! the fireworks this time round were even more beautiful than last weeks! we seem to feel like we were directly beneath all the fireworks, and the falling fireworks seem to be raining on us. Soooooo beautiful! pluz there were less people than last week. so its not as stuffy.
but my photography skills sux more this time round. lolz. was too bz admiring the fireworks to take decent fotos. pluz with my tiny capacity cam, i couldn't take a lot of fotos w/o scarificing resolution. still.. its so totally gorgeous.
best thing yet. we did not have to scramble and squeeze in the train coz this guy who's courting my fren offered to drive us all when the fireworks ended, even tho he din watch the fireworks with us. so, since we were in a car. we dropped by the other fren's hostel in NTU fer a look see. kind of spartan but hey, what can i expect? lolz.. her room mate, my sec sch mate is another spidey fanatic. spidey towel, spidey bedsheets, spidey tumbler.... everything spidey. geez. she was out clubbing so din get to talk to her.
anyways, had a car ride back to yshun since the girl being courted lives in yishun. tried my best to shrink and disappear into the car seat but seems like they were too self conscious to talk. so bo bian had to enliven the atmosphere a bit. lolz.
came home just in time to watch arsenal thrash everton 4-1. Hurray!
anyways, here are the pixs... the last one being mi with the blessed girl whu has 3 guys to choose from including the one who drove us.

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Thursday. 8.12.04 8:07 am
love is based on trust and faith in each other. there is no right or wrong with love. love should only be within 2 people. love is compromise. what happens when everything is broken?

its so cliche i know, but cliches are probably the tried, tested formulaes.

love, more than anything is based on feelings. if the guy can't give the girl the sercurity, attention, or even devotion she seeks, so much so that she no longer trusts him, eroding what love they have. den this couple is in trouble. i'm not saying the girls are blameless in this aspect, could she be asking too much? demanding too much? giving too little? too much jealousy?

I don't know. But how do u measure such things? Unquantified feelings. some feel it more strongly den others. pple like mi whu cannot fathom those feelings, what should be our stand? ask those people to dun think so much? isn't that akin to asking them to diminish their feelings? thats one that boggles the mind. how on earth can u achieve that?

but what i know is that the couple has failed to compromise. And when things becum too painful, in more ways than the gash in the heart, den why are you still holding on? I have no advice to give, i've got no right. i'm questioning the choice made by the 2 to when they got together. Perhaps, they were happier den. so, what are the things that are forcing them apart? the couple will know very well themselves. its a matter of coming to terms, i guess. the C word again. compromise. if that can't happen. y drag everything on.. hurting yourself in the process?

There's no right or wrong. life is nv black or white. if the choice u made is wrong and u have the option to go back. Would u do so? wats the point continuing the wrong?

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