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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Monday. 9.6.04 9:38 am
went for tian tian lai steamboat yest. omgosh.... soooo much nicer than ben's coca. couldn't resist and let my diet go totally..lolz. big thank you to Amy and Audrey for the treat~! o.. and if ben happens to read this, so sorry for abandoning your bday plans! aiya got Huizhen can le lah.. dun need us one..lolz. had our after dinner coffees, talked abt a lot of things, made mi realise what is it like to like a person so much. kindof in a pensive mood after that. still am.
bikini hunting today~! sooooooooo tempted by this pastelly pink bikini but alas, no moolah to buy. looking forward to sentosa trip. miss the days where half our yr1 class will go sentosa after sch on fri. que sera sera. i'll rather have few frens den have an audience.
went to this outdoor place, breko, for our after shopping coffees. geez, i'm spending waaaaaayyy to much on such things, letting my diet go too much also. lolz. anyways, i only mean to reccommend this breko opp parco bugis, just before entering bugis village. their baked potatoes are super~ and..... gers listen up: this guy whu looks like beng ver. sun xie zhi works there! just cute enuff to be picked up on my CGR (cute guy radar) but i suspect my CGR is a bit faulty after being immersed in SB's inferior muck.
Audrey cut her hair today. the haistylist was the ger whu sat at the neighbouring table at the steamboat restuarant yest. coincidence. hah.
bought this pair of dangling faux pearl earrings to console myself and stop my greiving of my colorful gumball bracelet's suicide. obession.
them gers, aud and amy and joan and even my out of sch frens are still v insistant on creating sumthing in my non existant love life. have immense doubts abt their matchmaking services. gah~! HELP! someone distract them!
got a 2 day part time job. tml training. drop by if u are in causeway pt, woodlands area in the afternoon. hopefully can help ease my wallet pain.

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pt 1 to 4
Friday. 9.3.04
some v interesting stuff happened today.

1. BC low told us our ppt grades today. both audrey and mi got an A. the QnA pple got Bs. the woman whu messes things up..lets call her WR, coz she's v wen rou (lame i know). smsed audrey asking her issit her things not up to standard and if the rest of the group is not happy with her. apparently, she quite upset we changed ALOT of stuff and she messed up her QnA. she was so..(i quote) "affected" she din turn up fer bd today. anyways, din know how to answer her.. i suggested we find one day and thrash things out. i'm so afraid that if i tell her wat i think, WR will crumble and turn into gritty sand. yikes.

BCLow commented our group like v "distracted", "no sense of togetherness". whaha~! well, no suprise, since mi and aud avoid meeting them like the plague. ended up thru out the whole phase one, we had onli 1 or 2 meeting outside class. and not everyone was present at both. even if we do meet in sch, we mainly sit at comp terminals far far away from each other. and we dun talk. gotta do the bonding sessions thingy one of these days. geez. lets not make BD a chore.

2. I really pei fu Chris Cheong. i think he rox. not becoz of his trademark infectious sinister laugh, overly excited high pitched voice nor the fact that he treats FT students to lunch.

Start of lecture: "Whu knows the song by kenny rogers (a country singer.. not the chicken), The Gambler?"

finish going thru notes, he flashed a transparency titled: Trader's Theme (modfied song from The Gambler)

he picked up his mike. (note: he doesn't use mike during lecture, his voice is loud enuff to make u wince) and annouced he's gonna do an american idol.

Whoa~! he sung us the song! omg~! his singing sucked big time! but he still got an rousing applause from us, hell, we even clapped along with his singing. yeah, we were laughing like crazy all the way, but omg! that guy sure isn't shy, and he has guts man. being senior management in school, vice-president of SIAS and ex-chief trader in some bank (i think... i can't rem)....... i dunno somehow, my streotype is that he will be more .... i dunno.. image conscious?

he rox! ok ok.. although i know he doesn't conform to stereotypes, but which lecturer will sing u a song to make his pt and make sure we rem the impt things during trading? mi impressionable, naive ger am v impressed.

3. there's no escaping from retribution. last week i sabohed T in lecture (plz refer to his blog abt him being malu-ed by yours truely). this week, its my turn. made a miscalculation and i was my turn on lect headline news. the entire 2 front rows, where my pple from 08 and 07 sit , realised my mistake abt the same time i did and immedately.......... "yanping, is that your's?" more or less in sync/chorus. ENTIRE lecture hall burst out laughing. coz they know i saboh pple, erm.. a couple of times.



but heng miscalculated by a small amt, so even tho with penalty, i was only deducted 45 pts. its all the yrbk's fault! made mi rush off. no wait. ita all T's and Ben's fault. they supposedly checked fer mi. 3 pple check still can have mistake. geez. eitherways, i still got my credits. so no sweat.

4. Finally, finally, finally went swimming today! feels so great! correction, floated ard in the pool today! forgot my goggles. geez.

fruitful day. bio-ed cute guys with 6 packs and nice broad shoulders. a fair bit of eye candy at the pool today! slurp! lolz! den there's this weird old guy whu keep looking at us and listening in to our conversation. amy says coz he's alone. alone doesn't mean u can listen in. bleeeaah.

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