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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
bite sized
Wednesday. 9.22.04 8:55 am
had a weird dream yest. was dreaming of of FO class, it was uptrend and there's someone standing in the middle of the trading pit that went:"buy all!" looking straight at mi in the eye. gosh my dream came true! freaky man. and i did not heed my dream's advice. so i made whooping loss in FO today. in fact i'm at the bottom of the class. geez. well. can't win all the time can i? but i'm more pissed off at kian seng getting top credits and displacing mi from my overall 2nd place(shared by a few pple) den my loss. omg!
went SIM today, acc moi fren hand in her application form for deg. in business. picked up lots of paper for mi course. am still considering if i should head on to uni or not. would actually prefer smu but dun think i can make it. shag sia. my future is blindingly sterile. aud says overseas better. how? i need advice. i need lots of opinions! leave moi a comment k?
was at the pets shops in jurong point after SIM. saw sooooo many cute animals!! typical mi to gush abt animals but take care of them? uh-uh. no way. ma fan like anything. my hse has seen a steady supply of fish, birds, terrapins and i think a hamster for 2 days.. and somehow, i gotta take care of these thingys when my sisters have gotten bored. bleeah. anyways, i saw this totally adorable tabby cat that looks like Garfield! and rabbits with "styled hair", and bouncing furballs, and this v v v cute small dog, and 3.8k jing long yu. whahaha! wanted moi fren to take a pix of Garfield fer mi to put as hp wallpaper. but it was too dark. *sad*
just found out one of my sec sch mates is in SB yr 1..... duhz
tml's the FIA test. wish mi lots of luck pple!

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target practice
Monday. 9.20.04 6:51 am
had lunch with chris cheong today with joan, aud, lifen, kian seng, zhi han, and kok. we were pretty quiet prob due to the heavy crossfire between joan and Kian seng who, of all horrors were sitting beside each other.

Kian seng was pretty much a free for all target practice today, and he sorely deserved it. No wonder aud said he would remain a lonely old man all his life. bloody attitude prob. dun think he would be successful conning women from afganistan/china/india/tibet to marry him even. was so obviously desperate that when chris cheong mentioned that he has 2 daughters, he was all ready to pounce. bleeah.

Brief description of Kian Seng: short, with no chin, wear those fish monger slippers, who grades himself as triple A bond when he is the most freaking arsehole of ALL the pple i know, whu prompts pple to want to slap him regular as clock work (lifen included), whu thinks he is god's gift to man so he is always right, whu never admits that he is wrong, whu when wrong-shifts the blame to someone else. whu is all talk no action. whu bullies Faith coz faith is non confrontational. whu wants to be chauvinistic but does not have ANY sense of chivalry.IS he a man at all?

unfortunately, this kind of pple is the kind with super long lifespan. imagine a tiny, cranky, annoying 90 yr old senile old man whu hates the world and the world hates him back. eventually, he would die rotting and causing a stink in his senior citizen 1 room dilapidated apartment. only to be discovered by his neighbour's grandchildren whu came to visit their grandparents next door. and since he would have no relatives, its anyone's guess where he will end up.

ahhhh~ i feel much better now.

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