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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Thursday. 10.14.04 9:15 am
finally done with EA PROJECT~~!!! YAYAAAAY!

I sooooo hate projects named with 2 alphabets, the ending alphabet being A and includes intensive use of excel. I hate excel!

received a number of blows these few days. TA... my chart trading sianz.... my FO, pit trading more sianz.... BD.. got back my grades for the last presentation today.

Ricky was trying very hard to rah rah our group on. but everyone was totally demoralised. got onli a B+ for QnA..... kindof saddened. Ricky was going, "B+ not bad already what~~ etc" the rest of the group din do so hot either. Haiz. Our morale is really really low. THAT ger offered to do amendments from unit 1-7. Due to the fact that someone else supported her, i have no choice but to let her do. haiz. Quote T:"I've got a bad feeling".

haiz. feel bad. coz she is obviously trying to make up for her mistakes in phase 1. dunno. hope she can earn my trust.

How far should we carry the idea of democracy and fairness when doing projects?
Democracy is too slow. wats up with the whole group crowded around one comp to vote if the sentence/paragraph needs to be included in the bloody report. unproductive and waste of my time. dun understand the logic. arrggh.

Going to bed. Nitez all.

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hiatus from EA
Tuesday. 10.11.04 10:22 pm
So now, i'm in sch. at the lib lab. supposedly to do EA. also suppposedly, aud and T are supposed to be here. supposedly, if you are reading this, it means that i've got no one motivating mi to do my EA, which also implies that they are not here.

Therefore, i've decided to blog for a while, before i find some motivation to do. Therefore, i shall tell you abt Euphoria, which happened over the last sat.
The tix stated 5pm, and therefore knowing amy, she wanted to go early to grab a good place. knowing mi, i was late in addition to hungry so therfore, we went hunting for food and arrived on the dot at 5. Of coz this being a Singaporean concert, therfore it is reasonable to conclude that the rest of the world is equally late. We wormed your way to the front by side stepping all the mats and jumble of pple having a pinic on the padang, therefore u should realise by now, the concert was not as happening as it was supposed to be.

Eventually, we got so up front, we could feel the pounding soundwaves issuing from the massive speakers against our entire selves. And there were rock bands! Eventually, the concert started with Shinwa, a korean super cool boyband who dance and sing and look good at the same time. Aud and amy were skeptics at first but eventually, Shinwa won them over with their good looks and style. Eventually, after a succesion of acts which holds not much interest to moi. Machi arrived on stage. Eventually, they got the luke warm crowd hyper and eventually, one of them, a amazing body builder beefcake tore off his shirt and ran down one of the fenced up isles.

Now, do not for a moment think he is a himbo. Apparently he has a medical degree. So, yes, apparently he is smarter den i ever will be. Apparently, the performers after them got a tough act to follow. which, apparently they did not succeed. Until SHIN came on. Apparently amy and aud were not fans and so i made my way to the front by miself. Returned to stoned amy and aud all sweaty and sticky and flushed. so apparently i like SHIN.

Finally, at 12+ MLTR came on. Finally saw some reaction from aud and amy. Aud battling against sleep apparently.

MLTR played those familiar faves like sleeping child etc. like, its soooo old. but still the crowd liked wat they heard. can't believe singaporean crowds, the moment they said last song, the crowd was like, soooo impatient, they din even wait for teh song to finish and they left. Good thing they did tho. like they are redundant. so after their like rude departure, we found ourselves like at the fence separting the crowd from the stage. Thats like so cool~! They were doing live jam by now, and that is like sooo much cooler! its been like 10 years since they've last played in Sg. so like we got to hear them.. like so cool. they played a total of like 10 songs or sth, like its a mini concert.

Afterwhich, took nightrider home. reached yishun at 3. afterwhich, went for supper, reached my place at 3++ 4. Slept till the next morn.. ahem.. noon. Afterwhich i was stuck doing EA somemore. till now. Sunday, Monday, Tues.

Afterwhich, i hope i have conveyed to you my sense of borebom at EA.

Afterwhich, would like to thank T for his help in helping mi balance the kooku balance sheet. and for letting mi steal his excel formulas for mi to sub my numbers. Afterwhich i would also like to thank Kev for his help re: hyflux and answering my dodo questions. so.. ya.. Thanx~!

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