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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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What on earth are kids getting up to these days~!
Sunday. 10.17.04 7:41 am
Just realised today that my pri 1 sis has her own hotmail account. Give her another year and she'll be fighting for her turn to use msn chat. FYI, she signed up without help. wth! give kids a comp and they can ran amok! In case you don't know, my baby sis have been on the net since K2.

Heard this story about my friend's sis. the kid is in pri 4 or sth. she went up to a guy in her class and asked the guy: "I like you. Do you like mi too?" The flabbergasted guy stared.(i did too) "I'll give you 3 days to give mi a reply"

Wah! If our lives can be as simple as them.

Anyways, after sometime, the kid wanted to break up. BREAKUP! wat the hell... guess the reason.

She wantd to concentrate on her studies. OMG!

Feeling like some dumb ass next to kids these days. They watch too much TV drama. geez.

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Audrey and The Saga of Air Pork
Friday. 10.15.04 9:59 am
merrickish: As promised to audrey, its all true by the way

It started with a careless remark, LAST MONTH during BD

Aud: "wah~ pigs will fly!"
merrick: Haven't you heard of air pork?
Aud: wat is air pork really got such thing arh?
merrick: yalor.. u dunno meh. They got wings one. they have been genetically altered so that they have wings.
Jiamei: They eat a special kind of grass one.
Aud: hur. the wings can eat or not? (note: food is the first thing that comes to her mind)
merrick: can of coz!
Aud: got so many bones how to eat? got feathers or not?
Jiamei: aiyoo~ the wings is to make soup one. gotta simmer with your soup to make the soup sweet.
merrick: of coz got feathers lah. if not how to fly, how to be air pork. u dodo.
Aud (wide eyed with wonder, no joke arh.. imagine saucer huge eyes): wah.. really arh. where got sell? Nv see before leh
enters Raj, another bd mate, whu was late for class
merrick: Raj you know what is air pork or not? Got wings one right?
Raj: yalor.. selling at cold storage at 12 bucks per kilo. so expansive. my mum got buy before. crazy lah her.
Aud: (even more wide eyed den ever): wah.. so expansive. 12 bucks for bones. but can see lah, wings leh.
merrick: i go with you to cold storage to check it out lah~

cannot take it anymore. lolz! we were laughing like crazy. got stomache!

Aud bewildered.

Weeks after, aud was found reading a book: Pigs may fly!

TODAY, aka 1 month later:

Aud: HUH!?? you mean there is no air pork??? no wings?? u guys were lying?

OMG~!!! Stomache again!

Dragged aud down to cold storage to check out airpork finally. Muuuahhahahahaha! BTH! Laughed till i got sore throat! no kidding! lolz! clarification-airpork got no wings! it flies on a cape! muahaha!

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