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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
NTU opening ceremony
Saturday. 11.27.04 9:00 am
can't believe i managed to wake up at 5.30+am. groggily fumbled my way thru my stdard wake up stuff.. brush teeth blah blah. dress code was smart casual. debated if i should heck the dress code, but eventually threw on a black collared shirt and jeans.

met joan at sembawang and headed to boonlay. upon reaching, saw mich, eliz and faith just in front of us. they were waiting for kok, zhihan and the Arsehole kian seng. took bus to ntu, registered and found jana, huizi, john in the lect hall. and that was the entire turn out from my class, plus lynn. event din start until 10+... sitting there, wondering why teh freak make us come so early when they din intend to start early. we were late, by a bit... haha... of coz with faith ard, its difficult to be late. she was so gan cheong abt being late... its getting mi irritated. i'm VERY grouchy in the early mornings.lol.

sat thru 2 speeches, which i wasn't listening to. most of the crowd were learning the hand signs for the first time. and its quite obvious that SB FT students will be having alot of fun confusing the market~ lol! we were kinda sniggering all the way. kekeke~most of the morning was devoted to the online stock game. i was completely switched off and continued reading mi book. NTU has smart furniture. the foldable table attched to the chairs are too low to slp on.

eventually, the online participants were allowed to leave, left mi, jana, huizi, mich, zhihan and KS thats all from our class i think. but there's still jonathan, shane, hock and some other pple i dun know the names of. got spilt up. i'm teh onli one from my class in my grp. befriended this other sb ft student from 05. i call him 'this other student' coz i can't rem his name already. muahaha~! teng sth~

so on and on the day dragged, the NTU students teaching us the hand signals and terms. haha~ fancy that! heng zhihan and shane joined teh classroom my grp was allocated to if not i would've been bored to death and piss the NTU pple off, either just for the fun of it or from my infinately know it all bored expression.

what they were teaching is a bit different from what chris taught. so hell. i'll just stick with chris. they took so long trying to explain concepts. i listen to them explain best bid and offer 4 times sia! back to back. if i were teh non sb ft, i would be freaking confused and cannot absorb lor. geez.

trial run, trading with the rest of the so called competition. thats putting it nicely. for 95% of those not from SB, it was their first time trading with hand signals. it is VERY VERY realistic to say, we go there and massacre pigs. and thats putting it mildly. (btw, theres 4 animals in trading, bull run, bear run, chickens and pigs)

got so pissed off trading coz the px wasn't moving at all. SO. i tried to manipulate teh market. conned some gers into selling to mi damn low. den i jack up the selling px. muahahhaha! din make a lot of profit tho. end up i gotta compromise coz the bloody market got no common sense to go with market flow. die also must insist on the 1 tick difference. like that where got profit???? argh! den this moron beside was shouting px like machine gun like that. repeating and repeating himself, loudly and very annoyingly. so much so i feel like whacking him already. bloody idiot!

can't believe i switched my working day becoz of this. complete waste of my time. so after wasting so much of my time. i zao-ed ard 2+ or 3. after 1 run of trial run. very annoyed. i should be making money. bleh.

so next week sat. i'll be at sgx's trading pit. very cool!! thats the onli thing i'm interested in. hmm. 2nd thing i'm interested in is the FOOD! gosh. ALOT of GREAT FOOD there! my claypot rice not open on sats tho. sad. but there's tons of other good food.
gonna save my money and go EAT! YUM! sooo looking forward!
SGX and FOOD! here i come!

i just dun wanna get kicked out from the first prelim. so throw face. hahaha!

my apologies to T and ben tho. din help them check their session. completely slipped my mind. my session is the 2nd one. with Hock, lishang, jonathan and wayne. sian 1/2. all the big names in trading. pros: trading will be damn fun. cons: sure kenna kicked out v fast. *sigh*

first session is not much better tho. but least first session most my class one. huizi, jana, my "ally" cum shu shu (uncle) zhihan and the kaopeh KS.

this has been very long already. so ciaoz~!

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tight shedule
Friday. 11.26.04 7:47 am
a slice of my jet setting lifestyle.

met joan and her sis when joan knocked off-ed and went shopping at bugis!
ate at the V8 movie restaurant.. or whatever u call it. food was so-so. service was quite bad. waiteress ignore mi sia. twice! 2 diff waitress somemore! urgh!

went to bugis village.
joan bought 2 bags, 2 pairs of slippers. total price was $104 after haggling for half an hour. finally slashed the price to 98 bucks.
bargaining is tiring business sia. i brought a pair of girly shoes too. muahaha~ so much for discipline.

thats yest

went swimming at yck. woke up bright and early and was actually on time at 11.
called joan and the dodo woman was still in bed! wtf! waited for her and for the rain to stop for an hour in nyp.
sipping pepsi and bio-ing cute guys. lol! whey~ i can't help it right~ its human nature.
swam some laps.
listen to some stories.
soak up some sun.
quick lunch and went home and rush out again.
met fadhilah to check out marriot's ballroom for grad ball.
quite nice. ambience is great but food will be quite sucky.

sat will be going for the NTU games opening ceremony. hopefully i can wake up.
checking out fullerton on tues. stay tuned.

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