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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Thursday. 2.3.05 9:19 am
temper's running underneath the surface. artifically cheery and talkative and loud. supressing unidentified fustration. no idea why am i so pissed. i need to siphon and organise my thots. i need a break from thinking before i snap and bite innocent bystander's head off.

i should go swimming.

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Bitching session
Wednesday. 2.2.05 3:58 am
I know, this KS issue might be getting stale. and i seriously might not make such a big deal out of it if it was anyone else. still~ skip it if you are not interested.

Aud, T, jana, hock and moi were seated ard those pinic benches ard sch and happily muching on our waffle hotdogs when hock casually mentioned KS.

Hock: "Blah... blah.. This is what KS asked me on MSN. He asked me wanna go with him visit the prosititutes in Geylang before serving NS or not. But he said he dun dare, coz scared get Aids. Its very tempting for him coz he lives so nearby, walk over can liao."

Hock declined.

the rest of us puked.

Now, there is quite a no. of problems with the above statements made by KS, least of all the "visit prostitutes in Geylang" part. Wat can i say? I know someone whu has been doing it since yr 1 or 2. so no comments.

KS is a Malaysian
SO, he wants a Singaporean IC by serving NS. I lament the further degradation of the quality of guys in Singapore. The absolute embodiment of genetics gone wrong is gonna join the ranks of the Singaporean male. Hairless bai chan ji shortie who is a MCP, rude, filled with hot air, whu thinks salsa classes mean learning how to make salad, manipulating bastard. I don't know if i should feel sorry for the guys or the girls.

KS "dun dare"
puhh-leezz.... Got the crooked mind to suggest/jio pple yet dun have the guts to do it? den why on earth suggest it in the first place? create noise pollution? besides he is too hum to even take the hard liquor cocktail during chalet when even Huizi, a girl, did.

KS is tempted
hah~! can't say the same for the poor girls hocking themselves on the streets. think if KS really managed to drum up enough courage and approach the the girls, they might want to charge him extra. to buy jing feng san. tho i guess the girls will either will utterly desperate to send money back to China for their ailing son whu has cancer, or a more remote possibility that they've got lots of guts. either way, i salute them.


I'm so proud to be in my class. Other than the only black sheep as mentioned above, my class rox. The triple J's in my class are top contenders for the Top FT student of entire financial trading course. Jayime, Jana, Jaclyn. All girls. all from the same class. 08 rox!

alas, there is a curse laid upon DBF 3B08.

Last year's class of DBF08. the class rep passed away, by a freak bus accident outside sch. According to Andrew Lim, the rep actually came to him and discussed which stocks/commodities will rise. and what would fall, even after the completion of the Portfolio Management proj. Andrew was probably the last lecturer the rep talked to. the rep left sch after that and met with mishap.

the rep was spot on. said oil will rise, greenback fall, and some other thingy i can't rem. creepy. Andrew Lim din dare to buy.

Another of their classmate, passed away recently. Jayime attended the wake, both were her frens. the guy was actually declared healthy by the army health check and was already serving his NS. He fainted during training and was sent to hospital. He was found to be in the last stages of lukemia. the shock was devastating to the family, considering lukemia could be treated if found early.

so now, the class are scrambling to purchase their yearbooks. coz it had the only photo they had together as a class. In fact, the mother of the rep came by sch and bought it from me.

so pple, buy your yearbooks. its not a matter of sales.

You'll never know.


Jaimie Han Li Chou. Salute him for his guts. Calling LKY Despot. So guys. we learn a new word. despot means tyrant. DIAO3! in the Taiwanese sense of the word.

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