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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
the one abt my work place..(the long winded one)
Friday. 7.15.05 10:14 am
basically i've been rather lazy to write any entries. tho i reach home at abt 6pm every day, much much much earlier than during poly days. work goes like this:

Start work at 9am
Training on new software
Break 10.30-11am
Lunch 12-1.30pm
Break 3-3.30
Go home 5pm sharp

To explain, I am working at sgx. My title is Support and Training Assistant. My job involves training existing trading reps on the new trading software SgX is switching over to. Original trading software is prehistorical unix based, that is, it that kind of program that looks like teletax. the new one is windows based. SO that means i am kindof using the trading system the trader are using. technically i can do buy, sell, do trades already. of coz, for the sake of the training, we are using a virtual market.

I'm undergoing training w an entire class of avg 40 pple. age ranging from 19-40+. So far, discovered 2 members of wudang shan(grad 99 and 98), and an ex-it techician from T22.4/5. (he said that the old wiry guy in T22 that we always see in the labs has been there since '69) Someone from the university of bradford (aspires to be CFO... hrm). 1 SIM economics major (young, malay, funny guy), dunno from which sch. also with me are 2 from our course. Jieyin and Lindy from 05 or 06.

out of all this pple, there is only one, who is more "lookable". looks like the dark, brooding sort but actually he is chatty and he scores major brownie points for offering to run out in heavy rain(yest) to tabao for us (me and jieying and lindy) from the lau pasar. altho its only one road across, but the rain is really really heavy, the kind u get drenched the moment u step out. din take up his offer lah. i so nice, dun bully him. hmm.. i like his voice. low, reassuring kind. lol!

Anyway, he is my comp sharing partner. He is also a tuition teacher! He is doing 4 days in a week. siong sia. his eyes are bloodshot already. heez. too bad, he seems to be too old for me. keke. my guess would be 28. if not arh~~~i sure... u knoe lah~ lol heez. O~ He is not v tall tho, but taller than ben. 172 would be my guess. heez. He is not gonna continue after his current 3 wk contract is over tho.

My trainers are all v nice pple, i talk to them like i talk to the lecturers. In fact, according to lindy and jieying, the guy trainer looks like a HK actor. For those whu watched the Hei Se Cai Hong, do u rem a guy who was in love with Amy Lin(the evil woman)? Thats the one. But the trainer is v tall and broad shouldered. the typical V shape build. He is 32yrs old, married w kid/s, already VP of IT department. exactly one chn zodiac cycle ahead of us.

There's alot of interesting pple at the place. I'll come to them when i can bah~

P/S: Apparently there are 2 more pple whu wanted to take the TA test so the release of results were delayed. But according to my source, there is a 45% failure rate. Ricky lagi sad. coz the previous batch had a higher passing rate den us.

Supposed to meet up w the girls today. Even tho the original plans by Audrey was cancelled.Coz Aud couldn't make it. But since Jana shifted our date from thurs to fri I hought might as well just hold the gathering.

Lifen's OTing at SGH Finance Dept.
Aud, as i've mentioned couldn't make it
Amy, OT plus think she is uncomfortable having dinner w pple she is not familiar w
Mich, was really tired out after part time plus tuition
Eliz was a bit sick i think
Huizi, sth came up at home ( to her credit she seldom put me aeroplane)

total attendees: jana, joan, me

policy: anyone dun wan to come den dun come. i'm not gonna plead, beg, bother anyone to come. too bad for the person den.

we had a v v nice dinner at this new place in Marina Sq amongst the tangle group of shops they have. half of the shops were still under construction. the place was quite confusing since areas have been blocked off and Marina Sq just doesn't look the same.took our dinner photos w joan's digital cam, waiting for joan to send me.

had to cut short our little reunion, coz i forgot it was my sis's bday. (so if i forgot anyone's bday, i really din mean it coz i'm really bad w bdays)ended up heading home immed after dinner.

had a good time celebrating my sis bday. played w a lot of dry ice that came in the swensens's cake box. fun sia. took tons of pix.

i need to K.O. nitez all

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9 ball world
Sunday. 7.10.05 10:45 am
Starting work. lets hope everything go smoothly tml. i always have this nagging feeling that i will mess up like trip, fall go sliding across the floor.

absolutely wowed. taipei just won the world champion 9 ball tournament. the winner is Goh Jia Qing. 16 years old. 16 I tell you. 16 leh. world champion leh. his final opponent is 27yr old, also taipei, and he has nv lost a single match in the tournament except this last one. Goh Jia Qing reminds me of hock~ lol. tall but bah bah. keke. the world tournament consisted of extremely professional and seasoned players like Reyes-the magician, Alex Pagalion(dunno how to spell),etc, yet a 16 yr old won the tournament. absolutely astounded.

shit. and i wun be getting up on time tml. watched the tournament till too late le. oopz

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