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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
i absolutely gotta blog this....
Thursday. 8.18.05 2:11 am
Forgot my phone yest morning and went for work. Ever wondered why issit that when u have your phone with you, it never seems to ring/beep as much as when u DUN have it with you? damn annoying, but there's always the remote phone checking system consisting of your friend's phone, your home no, your at home family members that knows how to use your phone. but thats not the main pt of the story.

anyway, went chinablack (again), wanted to go momo, but due to some stuff, din get to go. so chinablack. there was some SAF event before CB opened for ladies night. So being the first few pple whu went in that night, CB was crawling with guys~(unfortunately, being SAF event, also dancing with guys~ lol!) First time see a dancefloor so filled with guys, outnumbering us girls like 10 to 1. obviously with such high density of guys, there's cute guys everywhere! WHOA~! finally know what it looks like to a guy whu comes to CB on ladies night.

advice to guys, seriously, if the girl doesn't want to give u her number, stop asking, its damn annoying and u only look completely despo. that of coz happened to my girl friend. guy whu thinks he is damn slick approached my fren and persisted thruout the whole night to get her number. my fren absolutely refused and coz he was seriously cramping us out (no space liao still keep trying to invade our space), everyone in the grp got v annoyed by him. if only it was his fren whu asked for her number... haiz. the fren so much cuter...lol

i'm getting to the main pt of the story, bear with me ya?

i drank a bit more then i was supposed to. i was still very much conscious (i'm NOT drunk, i can talk coherently, i can walk straight line and i can do maths calculating taxi fare ok!), but queasy on the cab ride home. so i alighted at a bus stop nearby my place so that i could get some fresh air. took a breather at the bus stop and of all things. Police car drove by.

and stopped

and policeman got off the police car.

and i kena check IC

WAH LAU~! first time in my life i kena check IC because of loitering. (-_-")

but i din mind it too much.

coz both policemen were quite decent looking~! one much cuter den the other of coz. young and cute! hao ke ai~! the cuter one has such a nice smile somemore. they were asking how come i was alone at night (morning rather, it was 2.30am there abouts) , how come no one came to walk me home, keep asking me if i'm alright (coz i said i went clubbing--> was trying to chat to the cute policeman..heez..maybe i was a lil off). etc.

like i've suspected long time ago, the nearby police post got cute policemen. Concrete evidence!

haiz. cute policemen....

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Sunday. 8.14.05 10:29 am
Got this from someone in Nutang

Let's walk on the: torturous road to suicide
Let's run through: a dark magical forest
Let's look at: your bank acct balance
Who are those: mad pple whu march to work in high heels
What a nice: speck of dust
Where did all these: globs of fat come from?
How are: chocolates churned best?
Why can't you: acknowledge I'm ALWAYS right!
So where did you: learn to be such an ass?
Sing the: annoying "pieces" song, Fad
Look at my: toesie
I'll stay if: you can keep me entertained
Silly, little: me!

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