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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
the hair project
Saturday. 4.15.06 12:21 am
this guy is nuts!

and i do mean his original hair do too~!


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disaster kl
Monday. 4.10.06 7:24 am
a disaster thru and thru......

went with amy from 07 and jana and bf and D.

haiz.. complete waste of my money.... my only highlight was that i gt to soak in the bathtub in the hotel room.

the bus to KL was fantastic~ with wide, cream coloured leather (or was it synthetic?) seats. much better den Grassland or which ever brands and it was soooooo cheap~ only 45 for a round trip. we left kovan at abt 10 but as we progressed into m'sia... the bus started to get freezing cold. so cold that we couldn't slp at all.

was 4am when we reached KL but fortunately amy's fren came to fetch us and we slept over a his place til next morn.

took lrt to our hotel at concorde. some misunderstanding occured when we checked in, souring the whole trip. haiz

basically, we spent the entire trip walking ard sungei wang. and i mean walking. not shopping. me amy and D separated from jana and bf coz D wanted to check out bt bintang plaza for anime stuff, and i wasn't too keen on shopping with so many pple tagging along. end up amy and D were literally tagging.......... as in i shop they follow. boring.

went to mid valley next but turned out to be even worse. a freaking taxi uncle tried to "chop" us into paying 40 RM for a short trip which cost me and my frens only 8 bucks max when we went last time. but since it was starting to rain and the m'sia govt seems to have some new laws abt 5 pple in a cab, that prompted most cabbies to surcharge us, we settled on this taxi uncle whu charged us 20 bucks instead.

and i still think its freaking ex to pay for walking abt in a mall for 2 hours or so... visting this huge pet shop and mainly just eating. annoyed.

wanted to go to chee chiong gai in the evening.. but the rain was sloshing all the way. wasted so much time traveling all over the place, trying to figure out how to proceed on trains. which i dun understand why we are taking since a cab would be more efficient. bascially was freaking irritated by the entire wastage of time. with the final conclusion being we head back to the hotel and attempt chee chiong gai later.

which we didn't... cause i felt it was simply too wet and we were too tired. and we were waiting for one of the m'sian merrill counterparts to meet up with us for teh tarik.

met her at abt 9+ i think...... with her super hyper active kid. climbing and clambering over steps, going round and round and round. and its a girl. geez.

k.oed when we got back to the hotel. apparently, all of us except amy who was with her frens, snored.. sometime during the night.


amy and co all went for breakfast and intended to go up the KLCC tower, which i passed, since i only went a few months a go.

woke up at 10.30 with the full intention to soak in the bath tub. ran the water a bit too hot and when i showered off, and wrapped myself in the bathrobe, everything turned into speckles. at one pt, i couldn't see my hands. D said i should write :"the night sky appeared before me, the sky was lit with glistening stars. " lol~! couldn't see anything and my hands and legs were numb. couldn't move. heart was pounding like techno on surround sound speakers. had to sit down on the bathroom floor and stayed there for some 5 minutes before i can see properly again, panting.

recovered eventually, packed up and checked out of the hotel. made my way over to KLCC to meet up with them and had A&W~! root beer float~! curly fries~! and mini fish burger... sheesh~ lol.

spent the remaining time walking abt klcc... wasting time till it was time to set off from puduraya.


the trip back.


the fooking indian bus driver with a fooking attitude problem was freaking speeding and swerving all the way to the customs.

and he left us there.

on the m'sia side.

F**king hell~! @#@%[email protected]!!~~**%%@@##***~~!!$$#@

called the bus company in KL and some poor malay ger was nearly more distraught den us with us screaming down the phone. ok. me screaming down the fone. well, wat do u expect, she told us to come back the next day to at 3pm KL, when the driver comes for the next trip. den she can ask the driver where our luggage was.

and she kept going, "I dun know~"..... she keep saying her boss on leave den she dun have the driver's phone number. which is absolutely impossible she can't find it.

den her chn colleague took over, and finally, someone whu knew wat to do. taht is to contact the boss for the phone number.

den jana's bf called back and we were told that the bus was still in KL. by that time we already walked half way across the causeway.

so we started to walk back. when we were reaching the JB customs, we received another phone call.

the bus driver said he was chased off by the malay traffic police and is now in woodlands.



we checked the entire bus waiting area twice before we set off walking over to woodlands. there was just too much pple waiting for the local transit buses.

so we trekked off to woodlands, pissed.

and the FUCKing bus driver was smiling and laughing to himself. trying to make a joke abt the whole thing. he even had the audacity to tell the sg police we bodoh and made some excuses abt being chased off by the m'sian police. which can't be true.. coz there were buses who were waiting for missing passengers much longer den he did.

end up we were sweaty and pissed and tired when we got back to sg.

FUCked up.

btw the bus company whose bus we took from m'sia was called Highway Coach. So now u know which bus company to avoid.


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