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Age. 33
Gender. Female
Location Denver, CO
School. Other
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Came home (Aug 2, 2014)
Asked to go outside (Aug 5, 2014)
Slept 4 hours straight (night) (Aug 5-6, 2014)
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7/3/13 - 8
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7/5/13 - 36
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2/17/14 - 83
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Budgeting and adventures
Monday. 3.11.13 4:44 pm
So, my computer crapped out on me for the second time in three months. It doesn't want to turn on. I could guess at a hundred different ways I mistreated the darn thing, but the fact remains that I have savings for crap like this and this might just be the time to use it. Now, I am not unconcerned. Injudicious spending could wipe out my funds leaving me flat broke for the next car malfunction, dental crisis or the like. But, skimping early means the same problem I'm having now three years down the road.

So, I went to the Mac store. The guy answered all my questions in the affirmative, which says very little because I have to admit I googled everything before I got there. I can get a Mac, install Ubuntu on it and run both OSs. Virus protection is included in the software updates and I am just going to ask Adobe cross-grading my CS3. I can use my PC hard drive as an external, but he thinks that's sort of dumb, outside of the fact that just bought it. Costs? 1,100 for the machine with 400$ for the crossgrade. Ouch! And we haven't started with apple care and file transfer fees. Still, I could start coding in command c and maybe have the machine for up to 8 years. If I bought my old comp again, I'd be looking at 1300$ over a 6 year period, virus headaches included. Still maybe the next one would last longer seeing as it won't have to fly to three different continents and a dozen different countries. Good times Tulip, good times.

Next I went to the ddfl. I was debating it, flipped for it, and decided to go. I think it pushed me over the edge in my decision to rescue. The dogs were all so friendly and healthy looking. Plus a lot of them were house-trained. I think I liked this long haired dachshund mix the best. She was brown and white and seemed super-chill. She isn't even on the website, yet. She came to greet me, but she wasn't desperate or anything.. Just friendly and chill. Small enough to live with anywhere, too. I could call her Buttercup and fill out my power puff girls ;)

Anyway... Typing on an itouch takes FOREVER.

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I miss being in love
Monday. 3.11.13 12:38 am
The other girl had been hitting on him all night. This naturally irked me, but I was not exactly sure if he liked me anyway, and that irksome feeling started to ebb away into doubt as the night progressed. When it was finally time to go home, I left in a more than sour mood. I was walking away, on the brink of tears, when out he comes. He did not say a word except to throw his arms around me and hold me as tight as he could and for that moment, I felt like I wasn't slipping away, and I was so happy. I miss being that happy. I miss that part of REALLY being in love. And maybe that's why I'm waiting, because I know what it feels like and it feels passionate and real, just like all the stories say.

That said, that guy, the one in the story. He's getting married now, to some other girl and I can't really say that I am unhappy for him or jealous of her. I am jealous of him, that's for sure, but not onto the point of wishing that he did not have what he had. Any logical undressing of the situation makes it patently clear that I made decisions and I am not entirely unhappy with them. That said, reality has a crappy way of giving you a left hook to the face and telling you to suck it up. And... I miss being in love.

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When I used to be a .doll.
Sunday. 3.10.13 1:55 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Keeping Busy
Saturday. 3.9.13 2:12 pm
So, I signed up for a bunch of classes. Now... if I get this job that I want, that might shoot that whole thing to *#ll, but in the meantime, the next two semesters will consist of additional these additional courses:

Grad School:
Summer -
Database Design

Fall -
Meta data 1
Meta data 2


An introduction to interactive programming in python
April 15th- June 17th (9 weeks)

Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps
June 1st - July 13th (6 weeks)

Introduction to Programming for Digital Artists
October - November

... If you want to take these classes with me, the Coursera courses are completely free. Do you want to learn how to program a pong game? Well...

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Virtual Library
Wednesday. 3.6.13 1:17 am
So, I was thinking about the check-in feature on Foursquare and I thought... "You check-in books". Very stupid thought, but it got me thinking "could you use foursquare to check-in books?" Turns out you can't, but even still, if I could use some kind of "check-in" feature with GPS functionality for confirmation, you could actually create a library with no branches... or rather, you'd have branches in participating hole-in-the-wall restaurants all across America. You need a lot of help:

- Participating restaurants
- Funds to buy books
- Funds to replace stolen books
- People willing to transport the books
- Someone who knows how to program all this

Still, with a volunteer army of sorts, very possible. You get maybe... five books to start with one coffee shop as a branch and then set "The People" to work. Make library stickers available for printout/purchase and allow people to add their own books to the database. Shops are allowed to add themselves as library branches, so if you are at a "library branch", then you can feel free to "check-in" the book at the library. The website would not track the user, but rather track the book, so privacy would be maintained, but if you add a book to the library, it would show up on your profile and you can see it hop around from shop to shop.

The next step is that you set up forums and 'meetup'-like functions on the website. Users can talk about books in the library online, or meet at local branches. Books that are missing can be reported on the main-page. If users donate enough money to a certain book, it will be re-added to the collection. Then, BAM. You have a library with books, librarians, patrons, but no buildings. Cool, hunh?

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Tuesday. 3.5.13 10:38 am

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