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*~ Money is not the most important thing
*~ Have faith in something you feel strongly about
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Count me in
Been soooo busy...
Friday. 10.14.05 6:53pm
Sorry guys I haven't been updating for a while, and I see by the popularity pts you still check this site out. Thanks :) I have just been so busy at work again, cuz my supervisor bailed on me for a month...but it's not her fault cuz her mum has a back problem. I have trained 2 ppl in the last month...and my latest person is a absolute annoying fuck! Sorry to swear...but I cant stand him...and wonder how he got the job in the first place. I dont take well to ppl who are sly, I can tell he is a potential dobber. I guess at work it is like that, tolerating the ppl you find so irritating and finding a way to deal with them cuz you have to see their face almost 40 hours a week!

I have a headache but I shall continue on...I have had such a fun time too cuz the other lady I train is absolutely a saviour, she makes me laugh everyday and we have a good time at work despite the stress. :) That is the only thing that is keeping me from snapping at the other jerk..

I am back at the gym again, did my 2 PT sessions this week and my arms killed from all the chin ups and push ups. PHEW! But I have a goal and it is to fit into a bikini and actually feel confident about swimming in public. I was quite happy when she gave me the fit assessment and I found out I had 22% body fat, and a metabolism of 12 yr old. hehehe...cool huh?

Well I dont feel like a 12 yr old, I feel like a cranky, old bitch sometimes... So guys I dont think I will be blogging so often now...just until this wave of stress flows over..peace out...yall take care!

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to be accepted
Sunday. 10.2.05 7:57pm
Maybe I want to be accepted by others too much. Not to the extent that I will change myself, but if I can't live up to their expectations I just feel like I have let them down. It could be why I stress so much, about reaching outcomes at work and at uni. I have this tendency to be harmonious with others and not have any conflict. But by making everyone happy and not myself, it causes a lot of frustrations which I take out on others sometimes...

Sometimes you can feel so overloaded with things to do for people, you never do anything for yourself. I need to do something for myself to be balanced in my life. Does anyone else feel that way?

I find that doing things for people make me happy, and that they can depend on me and appreciate the things that I do for them. But when I go against my promise and let them down it affects me quite a bit. For example, F's Bro Carlos, by not keeping to my promise I can be very hard on myself and feel bad. I also get stressed when I couldn't get the tickets of ASIA cocktail to Ron in time. :(

But it was all well on Saturday when I felt rested with F and had a chat to his mum and older bro, and they reminded me not to take things so seriously. I have started to take things seriously since starting work. Plus I was quite happy and felt really warmed when F's mum gave me a hug and kiss goodbye...kinda made me feel apart of the family and to be "accepted". :)

How was everyone's weekend? I have uploaded more pics to flickr (see left) from the ASIA cocktail party. Go and take a lookie!!

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not in the mood
Thursday. 9.29.05 6:57 am

Funny how I had such an awesome weekend last week, with a trip to the zoo to celebrate my Friend's niece's 3rd bday. A sleepover with cocktails. Then a night at the PLAYAZ ball with my lumen friends, and to end it all off on the public holiday Monday - THE PERTH ROYAL SHOW!!! It was sooo excellent, really enjoyed myself to the max and it just brough me back to my childhood memories, when I was deprived of these things cuz my family wasn't that well off.

Then come the working week and I am stressing out like crazy! Maybe cuz I havent had the 'rest' time, I am organising ticks for the ASIA cocktail this coming Fri and I have my assignments due next week for uni! Yea...and everyone at work is worried about me.

I'm training a person up for one of my positions, she is a quick learner. But I never thought that I would be one to train another. I do my job, but it is hard to tell someone else how to do it...esp when it involves a lot of miniscul steps. You don't realise how tedious a job really is until you tell someone the process...

I realise patience is a skill these days, if you do not have patience you will not survive in this world. You know how before I told you that the world was moving faster? But there are more lines, queues and traffic jams than ever before. It just pisses you off to get a simple service!

Man...I am growing into a grumpy granny. Gotta chill some how...Anyways I am posting up new pics on flikr (on the left side) for you to take a look at my long weekend :)

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I hate to trust, only to be let down
Friday. 9.23.05 8:55pm
mood: untrusting

I find myself having an issue with trust. I feel as if being nice means you get stepped on. Generosity is not given back as much in this world cuz everyone is for themselves now. That is why it is sooo hard for me to meet true friends who will be there for life. It is hard to see people in that positive light when in the past you have been "used" before. I hate to lose trust especially in my family members, becuz they are the ones that are always meant to be there and telling me the truth.

Even friends, I just cant see them being true to me. Friends since primary school and highschool just dont give it to me as it is. I want people to be true to me, be honest and dont sugar coat stuff or treat me as a naive girl... Cuz I am no longer that person. I hate it when people take you as stupid and do things behind your back, assuming that you will never find out! In a way I feel betrayed and disrespected...but I can only say that much. I cannot give you the story...

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Monday. 9.19.05 4:32 pm
mood: misunderstood

I don't know why but I get very anxious when it comes to my parents and them finding out about F and I being together. It shouldn't be that way, cuz we are boyfriend, girlfriend...and they are already openly aware we are going out. I think it is 'child guilt'...you know when you think you are doing something wrong in your parent's eyes...being disobedient and unloved for doing wrong.

I may have had that complex my whole life, being the middle child...I imagined myself to be independent, not dependent on my parent's love. But it isn't true cuz the middle child often yearns for attention that the older and younger sibling receive. I have maintained my ability to be the 'good child'...filial and obedient. And when I am seen as a someone who has not done favourable by their standards I feel I am let down. But I am slowly learning that a child must break away from their parent's acceptance and filial love to accept themselves and know what one is doing is right. :)

As long as someone else understands me, it will be ok. I think parents should trust their children to do what is right by the way they taught them. They have done all they could to bring me and my brothers up...now it is up to us as adults to decide our lives. Is that a selfish thing to say? Or do parents still have a say once you are 21?

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BOYZ II MEN concert rocked!
Monday. 9.12.05 10:11am
Last night was the BOYZ II MEN concert! It was sooo damn good! I was very impressed and the tickets were WORTH IT! It was Gail, Jess, Mel, John, Danae & friend, Heidi & I at the concert. We had a really good time...I love them sooo much! hehe. They sang the Boys to men classics like 'End of the road', 'down on bended knee', 'Mama', a few motown classics and their new stuff. It was rocking, the crowd was up and dancing and everyone was excited. hehe. I regret not bringing my digi, but hopefully my friends will send me some pics ;)

Only 3 of the BOYZ II MEN showed, but it was still excellent! Tash was performing too, a friend I know from highschool...she is becoming a star..and it's so cool to know someone who is soo talented! :) Then 'Random' sang on stage, they are from ' X-FACTOR' the tv reality show, they were good too.

The songs of BOYZ II MEN just move me so much, it reminds me of my primary school, highschool years... The song 'Mama' really made me cry for some reason. I guess it has always touched my heart and reminds me of what my mother has done for me all these years bringing me and my brothers up.

I ended up with a headache at the end of the concert because I was screaming, plus I only got to sleep at 6:30 in the morning that day, cuz I was chatting to F & his bro, Carlos. Also before the concert I hung around Tiff and Yo in the city. I have had such an awesome weekend, but just really tired now... I think I may be falling sick cuz of my lack of rest. :/

wELL....If I do manage to get some pics, I will put them up. I've just been humming BOYZ II MEN songs all morning. hehe...

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