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*~ Eat when u r hungry
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*~ Have faith in something you feel strongly about
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fleeing the nest
Wednesday. 4.19.06 6:30pm
My older bro wants to leave our family. If he was at the age of 15 and leaving home it would mean he was running away, but since he is 25 now it is more like seeking independence. He wants to travel, leave Perth and develop his career but all at the expense of never seeing his family again. He seems to want to start anew since he broke up with his Msian gf. I think that young people esp young men need to find themselves by venturing out on their own. They need to leave the comfort of their family's arms and journey around the world to make their mark somewhere. And to say that they achieve that on their own.

I think I can let him go, but it is tough to lose a bro...cuz I know he is the type that I will not hear from in 10 yrs if he was to go overseas and settle there. We would grow a part. Our family has always been close...but I think since he left for Canberra he was happy with the single life of being independent and now when he is home he finds it suffocating! I can relate to...sometimes you need to be by yourself to think. But I could not see myself being very far from my mother and father...I would miss them to much.

Why do young people forget that their parents need them too? They are growing old and will not be in this world for much longer. Life goes on...and if you do not appreciate them now you will never let them know how much you love them. My parents have done so much for us to get to Australia and I why should we pick up and leave them when it is one of the best countries in the world? But then again I could understand...that it can be hard living with people...as mentioned in my last entry.

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Living with people
Friday. 4.14.06 6:45pm
I believe I can live without people. I do solely believe that, I do not like social situations very much, I dont like meeting new people. It has taken me some time to realise that...back when I was a teenager I was a person who only liked to be with the closest friends who I have the trust with. It is very difficult for me to gain the trust in people. So why even try in the first place to make friends?

When I entered uni 4 years ago, I broke out of my shell to become what they call a acting extrovert... I have deeply embedded introvert traits that can often become the downfall of me. But when I become an acting extrovert I am able to mingle, meet new friends and go into social situations...but still having that uncomfortable feeling in the back of my head. Often I have let my introverted characteristics take over the thoughts in my head...it rules the many steps and decisions I have in life and it can be detrimental.

I read my diary of when I was 15, I was so angry all the time...but I was very quiet and nice, polite on the outside. I could not express my emotions. I would have big out bursts when people came to annoy me. I hated social situations because I always felt I had to try hard to fit in. I hated people who I loved because they would not understand when I am in one of those phases...and I would not speak to them for days. I regret the times when I make my feelings known...because it always lead to someone being hurt. I think I should just steer away from the public and just keep to myself...it is the only way to keep them and myself safe.

Now I think those moods and deep introverted feelings are becoming me...it is me...I will have to learn how to control them, vent them in a logical way. I realised it was also killing me in my job, when I was asked to social situations I would feel awkward but went with the flow to put up an "act". I hate pretending to be something I am not.

Maybe everyone should just stay away from me when I am angry, because I can be destructive! I have put thought into investing into a punching bag or meditation to calm myself...let's just call it anger management for introverts. hehe. Where we dont have to say anything but just punch the sh*t out of something to release the tension.

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Tha pain of returning to being a student
Sunday. 4.9.06 6:51pm
I didnt know how much it would suck being a full time student til now! I feel as if I have everything outta control! I was so organised wen I used to work and only study 2 units, now I am studying 4!! *SOBS* The stress once again. I had my bus stats test on fri evening and I think that went rather crap..I dont feel like getting my results back...plus I have 2 big assignments due next week, I cant wait til break week now.

But there is an upside to it too I guess, more free time, I enjoy my casual job of working twice a week, I like having to go out and hang out with my friends without feeling tired. :) It also means I have no money and have to be tight with spending it. I also enjoy the parties with my friends and just having lunch and getting tipsy hehe.

I was a bit off alcohol at first, dunno whats the cause...but the smell made me sick. I tried some sake for the first time last week and it was so refreshing! I also tried it warm, which is pretty gross! Sometimes I wonder where the old E-von went, that was one lifetime ago. I remember the days when I used to go clubbing and just be CRAZY! Hehehe...but now I am back to student life and it is more low keyed with house parties....but still they remain crazy! hehehe.

Man I dont have much else going on...only just the deadline of assignments....how depressing! :(

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some women are the devil
Wednesday. 4.5.06 12:24 am
I dont know whether I am just being bias here, but I hate my brother's girlfriend...my older bros. I think she is the most satanic, bad omen in the world. I never liked her from day one, cuz I knew from the start the bad vibes she made me feel. She is now in Msia, thank god! Cuz if not I think I find her, hunt her down and claw her eyes out. She is one of those types of females that have no respect for others feelings, a user, selfish bitch who only latches onto men so that they can give her all the emotional, financial support and for her to never give anything back. I have prob only heard only side of the story, but so many guys out there have told me the same story over and over. The reasons why their girlfriends leave them are so petty and it was 'just because they felt like it' attitude.

Really sickens me, how women these days think that just because they have an near equal position to men that they feel that can be crueler. Women have that ability to be a bitch,to lack care worse than men. And there is all this talk bout how men are so insensitive. Women are just becoming so demanding and materialistic and never happy with what they have. This is reflected in their appearance, to go for plastic surgery, to enhance their breasts and become identical with every 'boob headed bimbo'. Plus with their rships they easily let go of what they used to say ' I love you' and then go on with their lives cuz they think they are 'independent, stuck up' women.

Dont get me wrong, a women can still be independent, have their rights and say but they should not be so stupid as to forget their values and morals and what makes the 'woman' so beautiful, nuturing and understanding. The modern girls these days are tarnishing the reputation of those women who are true, who stick to their beliefs, to support and believe in their man and who knows love is stronger than the feelings a pair of manolos give you!

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Happy bday to me - YAY (not!)
Friday. 3.24.06 7:23 pm
I must admit that I am not happy turning 22 this yr...not like last yr when I was excited to be 21! This yr it has turned depressing and no longer important for me. It feels like every regular day, and there is nothing special about it. :( I do feel loved though when I receive bday wishes from my friends who are far away. My best friends in fact...and I guess that is why a bday isnt a bday without the most important people. Even my older bro and parents have not said happy bday to me yet. :/ Even Tiff and Yo! I know it is petty to wanna hear wishes of happy bday. But that what I want instead of presents. I need to know my friends are around me...as selfish as it sounds. Is it selfish to want greetings from your dear friends??

Hmmm...plus I had to work today. I did tell my new workmates, but they could sense the sarcasm and negativity in my voice towards bdays. I dunno...why the sudden change. But age is certainly not something I like to celebrate.

It's not nice to be alone on your bday. Even though I have been by myself many times. There is something about the birth date that makes me want to be with my loved ones. It is an occasion to share with the people who made you who you are today... *sigh* I think I shall go and sleep now. zzzzzzz... to make this day past faster...

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I'm leaving my job to work at a fast food outlet
Tuesday. 3.14.06 8:10
Yes it is true. I am leaving my full time, stable, finance officer position at DIMA for a fast food place. Isn't that ridiculous? Hahaha.. I have decided to change my life at this moment by being a absolute poor ass. Well I couldnt really say it was a 'choice' decision cuz I have to go back and finish my final year of study. :) So I had to find a casual job to get me some green to pay off fees, books etc...

So it is back to the student life for me! :) My family might not be too happy about that. They would rather see me stay in a job with a stable income and finish my degree slowly. I find it quite frustrating to do. I cant study and work at the same time anymore. I have given up on torturing and killing my health! By working only 3 days a week I should be able to organise myself a lil better and reach the ultimate goal of getting that piece of paper...

Ok it isnt really a fast food place with greasy grills and fryers. It is actually a salad bar. It's called 'Fresh salads' :) I was shocked to get the job so easily, I applied on sat and got the job on sunday. I guess the guy was really desperate for people. Im kinda excited too, cuz it is a new concept in Perth and it is the first test shop, Im happy to play guinea pig to the whole experiment. :) Well play a part in it... I have a uniform too! Cute lil black outfit haha... will put pics up on flicka when I get a chance.

Plus my bday is comin around the corner. Not too enthus by that thought...I actually want to avoid it. But my friend Gail is organising a party for me...when I dont want her to. It is some what annoying for people to help celebrate your bday...but when u get older it aint a 'celebration' anymore. :/ Oh wells...I cant wait till this week is through,..so I can exit DIMA, start at 'fresh' and continue my uni life. :) Hope y'all doing fine too ^_^

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