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Age. 33
Gender. Female
Location Denver, CO
School. Other
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Sprocket's Training Milestones
Came home (Aug 2, 2014)
Asked to go outside (Aug 5, 2014)
Slept 4 hours straight (night) (Aug 5-6, 2014)
Crane Count
7/3/13 - 8
7/4/13 - 30
7/5/13 - 36
7/10/13 - 54
7/11/13 - 57
7/18/13 - 67
2/17/14 - 83
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A Poem and Sprocket
Saturday. 11.22.14 10:55 pm
I am waiting for the sun to spread its fingers upon the ground
And warm the seeds inside my heart, to sing a special sound
To make the seed peel back its walls, in pale green tendril flare
To live to thrive, to be alive to grow and to be there

It is winter.
My seeds are waiting.
It does not matter the number
For in the winter the seeds I plant shall- slumber

There is a group of people out there who think it is silly, sick even, the way that people love their dogs. Even trainers will warn you against the anthropomorphizing of your pet, how this humanization will distract you from the true nature of your pet. They say that dogs feel differently than we do, think differently, respond differently, but I don't think so at all.

I spoke with SmarterChild online when I was younger and I have asked Siri questions. Sprocket is not like those thing. Neither is he much like the fish, mice or plants that I have had. Sprocket has a connection with the human experience that is more profound than any of those things.

Right now, he sits at my feet and he is dreaming. He is dreaming a good dream now, but when he dreams an upsetting dream, I can tell by his twitching and his whining. I tell him, "Your a good boy" and his little blue eyes flicker open and he smiles at me.

Sprocket has friends, and not just canine ones, although that is remarkable enough. There are people in his life who, beyond any judgement that I place upon them, become a part of our lives. They know Sprocket's name, even if they don't know mine , and they speak to him and have their own relationship with him. He has his favorite dogs, too. His best friend is a golden retriever from doggie daycare. He is scared of a husky from the dog park. He beats up on an overlarge bull terrier mix, but only when everyone else is doing it. When I correct him, he sometimes listens, sometimes blows me off, and sometimes whines, barks and gives me dirty looks in response.

Sprocket likes treats, other dogs, other people, and being in the same room as you as often as possible. He does not like baths, magpies and overzealous labs. He is stone cold afraid of coyotes and will go nuts when he can so much as smell one. He doesn't mind being picked up, but only sometimes and only when he's not trying to do something else. And, in his own bizarre way, he really does love me.

I don't really think there is anything strange about the love we have for our dogs. People talk about them being replacement babies, replacement friends, replacements for significant others, but I think their pathologizing is empty. They don't really 'replace' anything. They are, simply, souls born into the bodies of dogs. Sleep well, Sprocket.

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Things I Want for X-Mas
Saturday. 11.15.14 9:43 pm
1.) This here shirt or This one or maybe This one
2.) This here mov-a (Frozen)
3.) Or Maybe this one. (The Lego Movie)
4.) Some kind of smartphone.
5.) And something like this or this to go with it.
6.) A leather jacket. Like real leather.

7.) Cinque Terra! or Takenoko (Both easy to play, so never fear!)
8.) Moomin books
9.) Toms
10.) Dreamer Flannel Pajama (via Victoria secret)
11.) Ardunio Starter kit (Or similar... raspberry pi, I think there is programmable fabric ones. Generally, I want to get back into circuitry.)

For Sprocket?

1.) A GIANT bone like the bone I took away from him that mysteriously materialized in our yard.
2.) A set of these
3.) Kong Wobbler
4.) Wooden treat puzzle
5.) Buster Food Cube

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Why I 'Shop'ped instead of adopting
Thursday. 11.6.14 1:38 pm
Wanna feel guilty? Get a rescue on your news feed and get these:

We have a pet overpopulation problem, there is no denying that. There are a lot of dogs out there and people aren't taking them home. So why, in the face of all of this tragedy did I still make the 'wrong' choice and select from a breeder? I'll tell you:

1.)I support genetic conscientiousness. There are a lot of people out there, right now, who support, fight about and work together to make breeds better and healthier. There was a period of time that show german shepherds were having a lot of hip problems because of the way they showed them. A group of people dove in and started to breed those low slung hips out of the breed, pressuring the AKC and the breed club to change the standard. When the Portuguese Water Dog came into the AKC in the eighties, they developed their size standard based on the latest genetic research in hip and knee-displasia to create a dog that wasn't too big and wasn't too small. Research of skeletal soundness has caused the AKC to put pressure on the breed clubs to have dogs with a more even topline. All of this goes together to helping creating healthier dogs in our communities.

2.)I like the support. I know it sounds crazy, but if you get a dog from a breeder, especially an established breeder who knows what they are doing, then you actually have a support line for at least the first year of the dog's life. A good breeder will want see to their pups grow up. They want to know they are happy and settled into their homes. That is why they breed dogs in the first place. Now, maybe I'm alone, but puppies aren't as easy to raise as they look and it helps for me to be able to bug my breeder on Facebook and be like "My dog is acting like a nutcase. What do you do about that?" and they can email you back and say, "Oh! His grandmother was like that. Just do this. That's what finally worked for her."

3.)I believe in good starts. Getting a dog from a breeder means that someone has been obsessing about your little munchkin since three years before it was born. I remember one breeder who canceled her trip to Yosemite because the vet told her the pups were coming. My breeder spent hours training all seven of my little guys and dragging them around in her truck to meet the ducks, the horses, the neighbors. A good breeder can and does create a wonderful enriching environment for your pup. That means training, socialization and love.

4.)I care enough to do the research. If you are going to go the 'shopping' route, you have to spend a lot of time making sure you're supporting what you want to support. It's easy to get a dog from the pet store or that neighbor down the street, but it doesn't give you a lot of the advantages of having a specially bred dog and a lot of new disadvantages.

So, that is why I shopped. He's a great dog! I love my breeder and I wouldn't trade her for anything. Do I judge you for getting a rescue? Absolutely not. Rescuing a dog simply presents different benefits and challenges than quality dog breeding. So, the next time you are tempted to haze your purebred owning friends, remember: there is more than one good choice.

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Running, jumping and other things my dog isn't allowed to do until he's older
Sunday. 11.2.14 10:13 pm
So, there are these "magical things" on dogs called "growth plates". Joy! Until they have finished growing into their growth plates, they can't really do anything... like ANYTHING! Herding? Hunh, what's that? Running with your dog? Ruh-row. Agility? 아니요 (Aniyo). Frisbee, forge-ta-bout-it. Not going to happen. Growth plates aren't in. Medical restriction. People be like "When's dat dog gunna get a JAWB!?" "Dem dogs need a jawb, dem need ta be busy." Uh... really? Oh wow? No kidding, hunh?

So... Basic obedience. That's life, right now. I am slithering with the mind numbing boringness of it. At least we have tricks to look forward to.

Okay, so it's not all bad. :)

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MYOB. Seriously, right?
Monday. 10.13.14 4:17 pm
"I love the dog, I just don't like her," I heard the cashier say as I walked away. I want to do a seminar for people, sometimes: "Guess what? Not out of earshot."

She was griping because she had tried to con me into getting a harness. She was just out of reach and my dog starts pulling towards her, because he knows what's going to happen next. The lady comes around the counter, bends down, DOESN'T EVEN ASK ME, and starts petting my dog.

Thanks a lot, lady. If you ignore him, HE STOPS PULLING!

Then, she's all "Has anyone told you to get him a harness... so, you know... he doesn't break his poor little neck". I'm like I'M GUNNA KILL YOU, but instead I say, "Yes. Yes they have" and because I'm tired and they HAVE. EVERYONE HAS! Everyone thinks the dog is going to choke to death just because he had a simple flat nylon collar on! I said, "A lot of people have told me, and I'm not going to get one."

So, off I go to shop and hear her griping about me the moment I get out of 'earshot'. Then, I come back and I finally have all my stuff and she says:

"Are you interested in training? You know.. because."


We finally check out and we are out of the store. Hallelujah! Fresh free air and- Sprocket stops pulling on his leash...

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A Rare Sighting
Monday. 9.29.14 10:19 am
I had a rare sighting, today. I had a sighting of "someone who, if they just randomly asked me out, I'd totally go." He was just my type, which is a definition I had been searching for forever, but now, having found it, I know exactly why. See, my first love was when I was four years old (the year every thing happened) in the British Isles. I feel in love with an older boy, M, and proceeded to follow him around like a small puppy for the remainder of the vacation. M, for an what I believe was an almost teenager at the time, was tall, sandy haired and strong. Oh the dreams I have had about sandy haired men. Oh the false starts I've made with them.

But, here I was, wandering through the misery making rain with my small dog, Sprocket, when what do I see? The most handsome man alive, that's what. Blonde, strong and sitting in a Greenwood Village landscaping truck with his smart phone.

You see, Sprocket and I had been walking our usual walk along the outside of the lake. I had been struggling for the longest time to keep him from eating goose poop and the half-melted crabapples that dotted the ground when I realized that we had been blocked off. We could go forward, but we couldn't go back. So I continued up to the truck and was going to ask if it was all right if I walked through the barrier. Then my brain went mushy for a little while. I smiled a lot. He smiled a lot. And before I knew it, my automated self had completed the conversation and I was headed for the barrier! No automatic self! Find a new script! There must be a script wherein I say, "hey so #?"

But no... not really. I mean, do onto others, right? And I really am not a big fan of being "asked out" at work. I mean... its only happened... oh every so often, but it had just happened to me yesterday (cue drunk 50+ guy) and I was like "come on..." So, I keep walking. Goodbye sandy haired man!

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