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How to dump a guy...
Sunday. 1.30.05 9:33 pm
Hmmm...lately- why are my friends wondering what is the best possible way to dump a guy! Or to tell them they are not interested! It seriously is TOUGH to do...and dumping should not occur unless you are REALLY REALLY sure about it. I mean telling a guy your are not interested in them is a bit easier becuz you have not been in a r'ship yet.

Advice for that, just tell them nicely. Don't put up the "let's be friends" phrase, cuz I know it's a stab in the heart. Treat them like humans and just think of what kinda of response you would like to hear if they were not interested in you. Hmmm... Tell them the truth "I don't have those sorts of feelings towards you..". They just have to accept that they cannot make anyone automatically like them, just because they want to. The truth is always best...never good to lead a person on, cuz it just hurts more. Just reassure them they are a cool person to hang out with, but... just "those" feelings aren't there...

About breaking up or "dumping" (which is so harsh :/) it is pretty hard. You have to have a good reason..something is either wrong with you, them or the future. And AGAIN the truth HELPS! My friend just realised that he does not love his partner anymore and does not want it to go on further cuz he sees no future. I think...that if you don't have certainty about a r'ship, and that there is no common goal or future then it is best to let them go. The signs are usually this if you really love a person, then keep em:

- you love them beyond physical appearance
- you want to satify them more than you do yourself
- you are happy spending money on them and don't care how much
- you will come to their aid wheneva they need you
- time is not an issue, you don't think about it when you spend it with them
- you see yourself having a family together and living a life together
- care for them more than you care for yourself
- love them for their past

Those are the main ones I think. I wonder if I left anything out (???) But if you do not feel all those things for a person, then no point in continuing a r'ship. I mean...what's the use of letting it drag? It's just painful for both parties. I wish my friend the best of luck...hopefully he can just speak his heart and still remain friends with his ex-partner. Cuz...something did happen between them, something was there... it can't be forgotten so why not still stay pals?

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Friday. 1.28.05 5.20 PM

Goooo the KENWOOD New York Smoothie Blender ;)

I'm feeling kinda light headed and tired now...I think I got bitten by a spider on my left arm. I realised it was there this morning but it just GREW AND GREW into a massive RED DOT! N its swollen and hot and itchy... My colleagues are all OOOooo about it, which they are sooo nice to do. hehehe. I feel so fussed over lolx! They even told me to go and see a doc, but I'm stubborn and just wanna work. haha. I'm such a goody two shoes :p

Urrghhh but feeling so much better from my break on wed, so good to be just relaxing and having a bbq at home. Tiff came over and it was nice to catch up. Went to IKEA, but damn it was shut! DUH!!! I'm such a blockhead to think it'll open up for ME on a public holiday @[email protected] Then at night my boo came over! YAY! Even though I gave him a lot of trouble and stress I hope he will forgive me... and it was his birthday yesterday :) Sorry I didn't see u yesterday, even though I wish I could. :( My boo is 21! YAY!

BUT YAY for the weekend again! Definitely going to IKEA tomorrow hahaha. I don't care, IKEA has to open its doors to me once in my lifetime :p I went shopping and bought a toaster, iron...aww new home appliances are so exciting hahaha!

Can't wait till CHinese new year ppls! Yay my big bro will be home and my cous is coming over to start a business. But it will be a busy time. I haven't even started studying for my deferred exam. :/ Urgghhh...and got so many things to org at uni before I go back in Mar...geez too much on the plate - and I'M BEING ATTACKED by spiders!

Have a FANTASTIC WEEKEND ppl...I will...hehehe :D Take care!

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Thursday. 1.27.05 3:00 pm
Happy 21ST Birthday Fernando!!!

May all your wishes come true! Hope you had a great time with your friends and your family ^_^

I love you...


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Responsibility overload
Tuesday. 1.25.05 2:41 pm
mood: fed up
Have you ever felt so dragged down by things that u have to hold responsibility for? It's too many roles taken on at once, trying to help everyone, please everyone and in the end what's it for? I have been feeling quite overwhelmed by how ppl are willing to pass on the blame, when it is really their fault. That just shits me!!! I have to get use to it around the new job cuz it's all about protecting your ass, and having the evidence to back yourself up. But isn't that the disgusting side of human nature to be SELFISH! It makes me sick... and there's other things too which I would rather not bore u about :)

Plus the new house...it's nice to stay, but it needs a bit of life in it. It is so lonely and boring. I might just decorate it this weekend when I have a chance and my pay check! haha! It doesn't feel like home just yet...maybe some retail therapy and a trip to IKEA will make me happy.

Went to Jason's house yesterday and was so happy to see Mel, Gail, and esp. Michelle :) Then there is Jason's new man, Brant who is a sweetie... I could see him fitting in with our group :) Even though I wasn't in the mood to go anywhere or spend any money...I went along for the social aspect. Cuz u can never turn friends down...errmmm maybe I'll turn them down tonight, cuz they wanna go clubbing at the Leedy.

I'm in a sleepy mood more than a party mood! I miss my tv, I would've liked to stay at home last night and just watch 'south park' and 'QAF'. :( Nuthin like good ol tv to keep me happy ^_^ I'm glad it's a public hol tm. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!!! :p

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Home is where the heart is
Sunday. 1.23.05 2:52 pm
mood: hot and tired
I guess it doesn't really matter where you move to, or where you go becuz home is where the heart is. As long as you are comfortable being with "yourself" I think that is all that matters. But to be secure like that...u must know your strengths, your weaknesses, what are your habits etc. I will learn a lot about myself in the next coming months I think...

I'm quite tired from a day just cleaning and prepping the new place. And it was done after a night of club hopping. Yes it was club hopping, not "clubbing". Cuz clubbing would include dancing, staying in one place, drinking. But my friends and I couldn't decide. Something struck a chord with me when one of my girls said "We are too good for northbridge clubs now aren't we? We need lounge bars and classy joints to keep our white shoes white". Hehehe, I thought it was funny and I didn't realise it. But I'm still very much a Metros, Church girl. Gimme Luxe any day...but hey..a girl's gotta dance ;)

I'm feeling in a much better mood right now, weekend always does the trick ;) I caught up with Adel and Ams yesterday. Had yumcha at Emperor's court and had lovely conversations. I hope I can see these girls more often, becuz it seems like months we only have these sessions. :( I miss them!! I'm just glad that we have kept in touch :) We have to do that pj party and IKEA (I love IKEA!!) trip guys...hehehe! Oooo and don't forget our plan to go to the Church hahaha!

But one thing about that Emperor's court yumcha house, was the waiters were like seagulls, so annoying...instead of scabbing ur food they are placing it on the table. Sometimes there are like 3 at the same time asking "sui mai, har gao, tan tart etc", no time to eat or breathe!!! And who serves char siu (bbq pork) and roast duck for morning tea??? It's soooo wrong! Gotta give it to them though, their service is pacy and pleasent. :) I would go back again.

It is 40 degs today and I'm dying...gotta keep up those fluids!! I'd Iike to go back for work for just the aircon hahaha...but on Monday they will be putting me into the role alone with no more training...let's just hope I don't stuff things up for the dept. :/ Wish me luck on my solo-venture ppls. :p

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Something is happening..
Thursday. 1.20.05 6:43am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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